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RWC Fixture Cancellations: The Effect on Superbru

As many of you will have already heard, Typhoon Hagibis is expected to hit Japan this weekend and the potential damage such dangerous weather can cause has meant that the Rugby World Cup has been forced to cancel two pool stage matches. Let us start by saying that we hope everyone in Japan and all other areas affected by the typhoon remain safe.

So far, New Zealand vs. Italy and England vs. France have been cancelled (both had been scheduled for Saturday). It is quite possible that there will be further disruption and the tournament has announced that a late decision will be made for some of Sunday's planned fixtures:

"Every effort is being made to ensure Sunday’s matches will be played as scheduled. A thorough assessment of venues will take place after the Typhoon has passed before a final decision is made on Sunday morning."

Due to the format of a Rugby World Cup, for tournament purposes cancelled fixtures are considered 0-0 draws and therefore each team receives 2 pool stage points in such a situation. As a result, it has now been confirmed that England will top Pool C with France qualifying for the quarter-finals as runners up, and New Zealand have topped Pool B with South Africa progressing in second spot.

At Superbru, if a match is called off, it is treated as null and void in our Predictor game. No points are earned, even though the matches are officially recorded as a draw for the tournament's purposes.

The ability to make picks for the matches that have been cancelled will shortly be removed and all picks that have already been made will be cleared. Regardless of whether you've picked New Zealand, Italy or a Draw, everyone will be receiving 0 points. For this reason, don’t pick a draw for Scotland v Japan in the hopes that it will be called off. If it’s called off there will be no Superbru points. You’re much better off making a pick as normal in the hopes that the game will go ahead.

We appreciate that this unfortunate situation has more of an impact on our fantasy game, however, the same kind of thing applies. As has been the case when previous fixtures have been cancelled, affecting our fantasy games, players who were due to play in matches that have been cancelled will not receive any fantasy points, just as a player would receive no points if they were not selected for the match.

This is an unfortunate scenario for the tournament, but once again we send our thoughts to those in Japan that will be affected by this devastating storm.
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10 Oct 09:45
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Why not give to every player who will not play cause Hagibis's problem the points per game that they made in the previous (single) matches? Sevuloni Reece palyed 2 matches and totalised 33 points, so 16,5 point for the match against Italy ! 10 Oct 13:45
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Void all the matches in this 4th round otherwise it will make a mockery of the whole competition. This will make a level playing field .Superbru should TRY to do this & not PENALISE others for no fault of their own. It would make SCORES of disappointed players happy. No TRY no SUPERBRU 10 Oct 19:04
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biggest sport competition of the year and you have to guess which players are gonna be in the team for group matches, should have been 6 transfers after every 3 days not enough rounds and now we're gonna be penalised because matches have been cancelled. I AGRRE SHOULD VOID ALL OF ROUND 4 ... or let us change all players from matches not being played 10 Oct 19:41
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! My Fantasy Captain, Flyhalf, Centre, Wing and Loose Forward all score zero. Suicide bombing Zeroes!
10 Oct 09:51
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Luckily you did so well in the previous round Red, I doubt your leaderboard rankings will change much. 10 Oct 10:25
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True Panda, very true! Everyone probably had All Blacks as Captain's or Kickers, so we're all in the same boat - sinking together. 10 Oct 11:40
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Is'nt Hagibis on the Scottish side?
10 Oct 10:23
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Ha ha 10 Oct 10:44
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I think he's Scottish but playing for Japan, they'll qualify!!! 10 Oct 14:39
Thanks for the info.
10 Oct 10:42
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10 Oct 10:49
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Looks like the strength of the substitutes bench is going to come in to play for a lot of people. All I can say about that is...oh dear ;)
10 Oct 10:51
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Damm, I targeted these games to improve my superbru score!
10 Oct 10:57
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should be allowed to change any player picked for these games
10 Oct 11:04
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RWC must make more days available for a rematch, even if it's pool stages. It will be sad to see anyone kicked out of the RWC by a storm. If Ireland's game gets canceled and Scotland beats Japan, Ireland will find themselves going back home.
10 Oct 11:26
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agree with u 100%.Super planning by the rugby bosses.Apparently its typhoon season in Japan.I guess the big bosses were calculating the profits instead of thinking about the weather conditions this time of year in Japan!!!! 10 Oct 12:08
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I fully understand the situation. Everyone must be kept safe.
All the best to the Wallabies tomorrow night.
10 Oct 11:28
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You should be allowed to change your fantasy teams as this is a benefit to all players, otherwise we have a stupid round like we are going to have. My continuous complaint about Superbru and why a lot of my friends have left Superbru is that a lot of Superbru games and winning is based on luck not skill as soon as Superbru realise this, your membership numbers will grow at a far higher rate.
10 Oct 11:52
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Yip I felt like leaving after the second round of fantasy picks.3 teams had byes and I had nine players that didn't play but you could only make 6 transfers.Thats without the injuries and team changes.I loved the excuse I got from the superbru team.I guess this will be my last round. 10 Oct 12:12
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How would this be possible as some of round allready been played, yeah I have 3 England players and 2 French in my starting lineup be great to replace them with highest scoring players from games allready taken place, but can't see that would be fair. Maybe would be fairer to not count this round. 10 Oct 12:15
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i totally agree .... the whole round should be null & void on fantasy game
10 Oct 13:02
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i agree, Superbru must give us until tomorrow to replace our players that are not going to play this weekend. now we have 4 or 5 selected players that wont get any points, it already hard enough to pick players on Tuesday when more than half of the teams have not even announced their squads yet. 10 Oct 13:15
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I do think for the Rugby World Cup Fantasy game in future the rounds should be shorter and the transfer limits increased. This way you will have to re-do your team every three or four days which is fun, plus you will be forced to pick players from the weaker teams, which will up the challenge. And team lineups will have been announced so there is no pick and hope scenario. These rounds for Fantasy are way too long and picking without knowing team sheets is pure guesswork and luck. 10 Oct 13:26
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I think the superbru decision is correct. Our fates are tied to the fate of the Cup. What happens to them, happens to us. 10 Oct 16:40
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Mark: if you don't like the game anymore then don't play - it's your choice, no one is forcing tyo uto play it.
10 Oct 18:51
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that's a good idea ... why play when it's not down to skill
10 Oct 19:45
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what will happen to the point that is lost for not playing the games for the various teams???wil the games be replayed on a later stage???
10 Oct 11:52
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Aiiiiiii nooit
10 Oct 12:12
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What about autosubs for those not playing?
10 Oct 12:31
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Got to feel sorry for the Jocks..............nah!
10 Oct 12:50
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Thanks for information
10 Oct 13:03
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Superbru must give us until tomorrow to replace our players in the fantasy game that are not going to play this weekend. Now we have 4 or 5 selected players that wont get any points, it already hard enough to pick players on Tuesday when more than half of the teams have not even announced their squads yet.
10 Oct 13:16
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That wont happen Superbru does not cater for these situations. With the mosque bombing in Christchurch and the cancellation of the super rugby fixture that wkd we didn't even get an average score on the players for that fixture. So brace yourselves for a ****ty round again. 10 Oct 13:40
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What "mosque bombing" in Christchurch?
10 Oct 18:12
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We are all in the same boat and this is not the only issue. Not getting team lineups before the deadline also brings a certain amount of luck into this game. I made my player selections based on which teams were playing which and made calculated guesses plus I made sure I had backup on the bench in case of players not playing. I will still be short though as I have an NZ and an ENG lock. 11 Oct 01:17
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Yip "Mosque shootings" in NZ!!!!! 11 Oct 06:53
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Bunch of ****s!
10 Oct 13:48
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To all these moaning about Superbru:
- The weather and its side-effects is beyond the control of mere mortals
- Superbru has predefined rules in place to deal with cancelled matches
- Similarly, the IRB has such rules in place; as do the bookies
- All sport has an element of luck, as does predicting sports
Applying knowledge and research is fundamental to prediction success. The cyclone was common knowledge, being shared on every platform leading up to the Round. I knew that the storms were expected, but chose to believe that no matches would be cancelled. I selected All Blacks based on this presumption. A risk, no doubt. However, I believed that it was too risky to only select players from matches scheduled before the expected bad weather. Faced with the same decision again, I would make the same call. Very few games are ever cancelled. 99% chance of Beauden Barrett is better than 100% chance of AJ MacGinty, etcetera. Risk v reward is central to sporting success. That applies to predi
10 Oct 14:25
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… ctions. 10 Oct 14:28
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100% agree. I'll have all my players playing this round except Himeno from Japan. But have a bench player for him that unfortunately only made 4 haha. Reason is I kept looking at the news and made the decision to pick players that most likely won't be affected if games are cancelled. As for the transfer limits, I prefer it as I plan accordingly and so must everybody. If we had too many transfer limits anyone would be able to play the game without any planning or research on which players are struggling with injury, might be rested ect. And yes, luck does play a big role but hey, the bounce of the ball is lucky. At least Superbru is consistent unlike the ref's! 10 Oct 14:52
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Well done Lou! A risk that paid off handsomely. A bit like picking a Draw, not very likely, but lucrative if it comes off. You deserve any reward that comes your way. 10 Oct 16:35
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Great comments guys. Research and planning are the key to these games. If it was too easy (with loads of transfers available) then the element of skill would disappear and anyone could win. 11 Oct 01:20
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You research and planning guys should have a go at horse race betting and see where that gets you. 11 Oct 04:42
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6,103 caps
Spikey - No thanks, too many unknowns. Of course, if I was keen to bet on horse racing, I would improve my chances of winning by researching, rather than picking based on names that tickle my fancy. 11 Oct 07:21
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MUFC1 - Yes I do have all the Lotto Numbers for every Lotto in the World, both past and future. I'll not give you the numbers though, but I will give you a hint. They are all contained in Pi. Every single one of them. Good luck! 11 Oct 07:27
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Geez do you have the sports results book from 'Back 2 the future' I BET U LUV MANURE!!!! 12 Oct 13:21
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Yep. Have to agree with Cysmithy. I had three England players picked and two Kiwi players picked instead of France.
10 Oct 14:25
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What if I picked a Draw legit before the Typhoon even started forming? I should be rewarded.
10 Oct 15:02
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Team announcements/ line-ups weren't even released yet for these cancelled matches, so there was no guarantee all our fantasy players would have given us points. So what actually are we losing. . .
10 Oct 15:05
It's so annoying
10 Oct 15:18
1,007 cap
Should Scotland and Japan play, I predict a draw!! Why do you say I cannot predict a draw?
10 Oct 15:37
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Hey Ouballie!
You can predict a draw. If the match is drawn, you'll get 1 match point, a Margin half-point, and a share of the Bonus point in all pools.
However, if the match is called off, you will get zero points no matter what result you predicted, even a draw.
Superbru are advising us to only predict a draw if we expect the match to be played to a draw. Picking a draw in case the match is called off is however, folly. 10 Oct 16:32
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I had Bridge, Ioane & Beauden Barrett ready to get me 10 tries & over 100 points! Never mind I planned ahead eh! I've got Cokanasiga & Farrell to get me loads of tries & kicking points from the bench instead! EXCEPT NOW I HAVEN'T. How can this be effin well fair? DELETE THE ROUND as you should have done back in March after the horrific Chch shootings. Failing that, re-open the transfers. Is this a game of sports prediction skill or weather forecasting?
10 Oct 18:35
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England and New Zealand were going to win there pools no matter what so playing there super heroes was negotiable. Everyone is going to get 'klapped' this round in the fantasy pools but those who loaded up with Welsh and Scottish players will dominate! See you in the quarters .... Paul! 10 Oct 19:11
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I wouldn't mind so much James but I had Laidlaw down to kick for Scotland in the Daily, unaware Hastings would instead, then my Back-up kicker Biggar goes off early with concussion. Not my year. I'm still sore about the Tour de France stage stopped early by flash flood and mudslide when 2 of my 4 picks had broken clear with 20 kms to go! Un-bleedin-be-lieve-able. Just shut the roofs and lock the spectators in for 48 hours. It sort of worked in New Orleans for Katrina! 11 Oct 00:40
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sad movies. build a bridge and get over it. if you aren't happy then don;'t play these games anymore instead of whinging when things don't go your way. it's impacting everyone - most of all the Japanese who have to live through these typhoons every year. 11 Oct 01:23
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I agree important games must be rescheduled pool A is a important one as Ireland must have they game and the Japan must face Scotland so that we can see who deserves to be in the top 8
10 Oct 18:38
11,384 caps
all games should be played otherwise it's a farce ... let's face it WORLD RUGBY had only 4 YEARS to make contingency plans for something like this happening, After all they obviously didn't know it was typhoon season (sic) yet they have days where there are no games like today .... piss poor planning if you ask me
10 Oct 19:56
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Superbru is the worst designed and run fantasy competition. This is another example of the uselessness and lack of thought in the design. What a joke
10 Oct 20:28
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ZTSW: Member Since 17 Sep 2019... 11 Oct 00:12
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ZTSW - Have you ever played any other Rugby Fantasy competitions?
If not, how would you be able to know which was the worst?
If you have played others, then why have you made such senseless picks this time? Or is this another example of the uselessness and lack of thought in your design?
What a joke. 11 Oct 04:53
1,277 cap
Fair call really. We all knew the storm was coming before the cut-off for this round, so smart managers will have spread their risk accordingly. Just a shame that I wasn't one of the smart ones!
10 Oct 20:55
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Hey superbru a bit of common sense here.
The cancelled games make a mockery of the fantasy competition with 4 maybe 6 teams involved. You have to null and void fantasy round 3. Your job is to run the fantasy game fairly and not talk about the typhoon so much
11 Oct 00:25
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I mean typhoon round 4 ^^^
11 Oct 00:27
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Excellent. SuperBru emulates real life!! Sometimes doodoo happens and you just have to roll with the punches. It is a game people, enjoy it, take the rough with the smooth. EVERYONE is affected by this, for some it may be more for some less, I know it may hit me hard, but really doesn't change my life :-). So, again, I think SupeBru has made the most sensible decision to just carry on with it the way it actually is. Well done, and I will continue playing as I have done for many years. Now if they could only get rid of or radically reduce the very unfair early pick 2 points for MotoGP and F1 life would be great!
11 Oct 02:12
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Let's just hope everyone is safe in Japan over the weekend! At the end of the day as much as I love fantasy Rugby it is just a game!
11 Oct 02:25
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Spot on - someone posted a comment that is actually real. 13 Oct 23:20
21,468 caps
The games should be played regardless of the weather.I thought the refs and sidekick TMO's would win the cup but now it's looks like Health and Safety win hands down.What a load of sushi.
11 Oct 04:33
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Look up WindGuru and see when they PREDICT the gust of wind and gentle drizzle are anticipated.
So what's the problem?
11 Oct 04:58
4,320 caps
Well done Superbru on the info!! I disagree with most of you that says round must be voided or that you should get the chance to substitute players ect. As per all the previous rounds when making your picks you should make them taking into consideration the next round of games as to who is playing who and which teams is not playing. With the games being called off how could you have been certain that the players you picked would have played? Fantasy predictor over all formats is a guessing game as with football you only know before kick off who is playing same with cricket ect. I do believe that 99% of Bru's will be affected on fantasy and this makes it still a level playing field, as for the guys that had more scots and argentine players kudos to you!!!! Superbru is about having fun on picks and even though frustrating at times I love the excitement of the unknown when picks are made blind and hoping you have picked the correct starting player. To everyone in Japan be safe.
11 Oct 05:37
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Great comments. 13 Oct 23:22
4,216 caps
Its more suggesting than moaning... Yes everyone is affected, but still some more than others and thats the fact here. then trolls come and say yes there where news about the typhoon. so what if you knew it, and so what if you didn't. Everyone plays this game because they want to and like it. Everyone plans ahead and try to have substitutes in case their first choice don't play. yes risk and reward. if you got it wright this round good for you. if you got it wrong this round bad luck. but don't come and boast when you see a comment about some "suggesting/mouning/complaining" how ever you see it. don't come and make that person inferior to yourself and say yeah you should have planned and be clever like i did, how do you know he did not plan or just could not let his plan get to work. Tuff round , thats all.
DONT MAKE THE REST OUT AS STUPID if you got it more right than your fellow guy
11 Oct 06:42
27,981 caps
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time” Quote by John Lydgate:
11 Oct 07:38
12,966 caps
Was not saying they should cancel the round just saying that made more sense than trying to sort out replacements number of subs/country limits and knock on for transfers next round, think only way is how they are doing it just wish I had checked weather as well as trying to find out team news at start of round liva and learn 11 Oct 10:18
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Geesh, the rivers are full already...
11 Oct 08:36
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11 Oct 09:11
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Some ppl on here take things/superbru far too seriously. get a life
11 Oct 09:12
729 caps
No option to select Matt Tomua as kicker when he is starting!!!!!
11 Oct 09:39
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If anyone fed up of the rugby and typhoon thoughts I do a small soccer predict game 4 games a week from top leagues 1 point for correct outcome, 3 points for correct score. This week international week so just predict Czech rep vs Eng, Norway vs Spain, Wales vs Croatia, Bulgaria vs Eng. Mail me scores if interested thanks Chris (is in week 3 so will be a little behind but plenty of time to catch up)
11 Oct 10:28
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Anyone know due to this; do we get our bench players points instead of the player's not playing in the cancelled games?
11 Oct 19:07
31,685 caps
Yes 12 Oct 00:03
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Why don't we all pray for the people who may lose their lifes and property while we enjoy our beatiful sunshine and safety? Afterall...superbru...which we all love to play is only a game? Pray for those who are in peril in the path of the storm...
12 Oct 05:51
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Thanks 'professor'... Agreed DoubleCab
12 Oct 06:19