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Group: A W L D Pts
4 0 0 19
3 1 0 16
2 2 0 11
1 3 0 5
0 4 0 0
Group: B W L D Pts
New Zealand
3 0 1 16
South Africa
3 1 0 15
2 1 1 12
0 3 0 2
0 3 0 2
Group: C W L D Pts
3 0 1 17
3 0 1 15
2 2 0 11
1 3 0 6
0 4 0 0
Group: D W L D Pts
4 0 0 19
3 1 0 16
1 3 0 7
1 3 0 5
1 3 0 4

World Cup Day 21 Preview

It's quarter-final time

Excitement is building about the four huge games of rugby coming up in Japan this weekend. With the Superbru Win Point increasing to 1.5 points (and 2 for the semis and bronze final and 3 for the final), it becomes more important to pick the correct winner.

Prevailing wisdom has England defeating Australia, New Zealand besting (see what I did there?) Ireland, France losing to Wales, and a lot of uncertainty about the last match which sees the in-form, quick-passing hosts go up against the He-Man level power of the Springboks. But as any student of RWC history will know, the quarter-finals are notorious for upsets.

Good luck with your picks!


Sat 19 Oct 07:15
40 - 16
England have had the better of recent meetings with Australia having won the last 6 in a row, but this is an old rivalry and in a World Cup quarter-final, anything can happen. England start as slight favourites, but this should be a cracker to kick off the knockout stages.
Sat 19 Oct 10:15
New Zealand
46 - 14
Ireland have won 2 of the last 3 matches against New Zealand, but as with any World Cup match, the All Blacks are favourites to win it. Ireland have been slightly underwhelming so far in the tournament, but it wasn't long ago that they were the Number 1 team in the world, and they know they can beat New Zealand.

RWC quarter-final weekends only come around once every four years. Clear your schedule and enjoy!

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18 Oct 13:03
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Completely agree 100% with marnorr
18 Oct 20:08
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Good on you Soutie. Think outside the square 19 Oct 01:20
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I believe in my springboks a lot of fans do not have faith in there team doubt and more doubts 20 Oct 13:25
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What a terrible prediction that was 20 Oct 21:23
1,011 cap
Ireland to topple All Blacks.....Aussie to squeeze out England....Frenchies to send Wales packing
18 Oct 13:20
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Yeah right???? 18 Oct 15:32
3,310 caps
You wish! 19 Oct 01:14
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In opposite world that may happen. 19 Oct 09:29
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Must say all the Games have been pretty easy to predict to predict so far or am i just good.
To me from tomorrow (Sunday) the World Cup begins . ?? 19 Oct 20:38
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A bit of a stutter there ?? 19 Oct 20:40
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AB, England, Wales and SA to be semi-finalists !!
18 Oct 13:24
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good assumption.. 19 Oct 01:19
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Surely hope it is not a weekend of the underdogs! Personally I do not like Rassie focussing on the forwards only, if Japan does an trick of taking of a prop for some or other reason and scrums are non-contested, the Boks do not have any advantage. Would definitely have Willemse as utility back, because he has a X-factor which can change a game.
18 Oct 13:28
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A perfectly sane assessment Wilby. If the Jap management do do something like that the 'Boks will be able to steamroll the Jap forwards in the tight loose exchanges, the only advantage Japan will have is in the set scrums. I somehow doubt if the Jap management will go to those lengths. Only time will tell 19 Oct 06:20
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AB, Aussies, France and SA
18 Oct 13:41
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My picks too 19 Oct 06:15
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Spider spin your web. Go, Go, Go. 19 Oct 06:21
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The results will go with the favourites this weekend. Upsets are likely in the semi-final.
18 Oct 13:57
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Hi general I think you maybe made an error with a word I think it's not beating it's "beating "read up but I like superbru it's an awesome app well done ??????????????????????
18 Oct 14:58
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Semi's easy apart from one. Australia, New Zealand, France ( they will turn up at last ) &what about Japan v South Africa ? No idea, I guess they could still be in extra, extra, extra time on the Rugby World Cup Final day with them both having used all their subs, having fabulous Japanese food delivered to the players on the pitch & tents erected pitch side for rest breaks
18 Oct 15:37
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I am inclined to fully agree with you. NZ to beat Aust and SA/Japan to beat France in semis. All Blacks win final. 19 Oct 06:52
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Everybody writing the Welsh off ??
Let’s see how it’s plays out but would love Ireland, Australia, Wales and Japan to proceed and make it an interesting Semi Final weekend for all to enjoy...
C,mon Wales ??????????????
18 Oct 15:56
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Typical Scotsman:-)) 18 Oct 21:38
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Ireland hopefully, England for the win over Australia just dont have enough, Wales over France as they also dont seem to have enough, then the crunch, unfortunately and fortunately I know the boks will take it... before I get poached, its just my opinion...
18 Oct 18:03
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Pretty clear results folks... wont be any surprises unfortunately ( to make it interesting)... NZ, Eng, Wales and SA are your semi finalists with an NZ - SA repeat final which NZ win by 6-9. Game over and was on the cards from the beginning
18 Oct 20:10
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Yip I actually fancied Ireland v Sa in the Qt wouldve made for a proper test for SA to see where they actually at. 18 Oct 21:52
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I have been following an England fan group chatline for about 3 months. From the outset they are convinced that the final is England > > 'Boks, England winning comfortably. 19 Oct 06:27
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The mixed team of Japan going to get a whipping from the Bokke??????????
19 Oct 06:19
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19 Oct 06:56
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Go The Bokke.
19 Oct 06:56
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What score
19 Oct 06:58
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19 Oct 06:59
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Now watch tomorrow South Africa completely monster and physically put Japan to the sword.
19 Oct 13:57
I'm predicting bit bigger scores for tomorrow. Looks like the favourites are going all in
19 Oct 16:46
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GO!!!BOKKE GO!!!!!!!
21 Oct 08:30
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Bokkie all the way to the final against All Black
22 Oct 06:42