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Rugby World Cup 2023: Round 3 Predictions

A couple of exact picks made Round 2 pretty decent, although I wasn’t brave enough to pick Fiji to beat Australia.

Round 3 has an early start, so don’t be caught out with your picks! It’s also an extra challenge in the Fantasy game where not all of the lineups will be announced before the deadline - we know the teams for the Italy and France games, South Africa, and likely Argentina v Samoa, while Ireland, Wales, Australia and Scotland should all be at full-strength, so it’s really just whether you take a risk on England’s second-string against Chile.

I don’t think I will based on their attacking showcase so far, and they might be at full-strength anyway given they have a week off after this one.

Here are my Rugby World Cup predictions for Round 3.

Italy v Uruguay

The Azzurri are looking good as they continue to warm-up for their crucial games with New Zealand and France, and although they should beat Uruguay, it might not be a cricket score. Italy by 18

France v Namibia

Namibia’s tournament doesn’t show any signs of getting easier here, and the French will try to be a little more fluent than they were against Uruguay last week. France by 58

Argentina v Samoa

This is a crucial game for the Pumas having lost their opener to England, and Samoa will not be easy to beat. Don’t rule out an upset here, but I expect Argentina to come through this test. Argentina by 9

Georgia v Portugal

This is a crucial game to determine who will finish bottom of Pool C. My money is on Portugal coming 5th. Georgia by 13

England v Chile

England should now go on and win Pool D and this ought to be a bonus point win - whether they can get their attack into better shape remains to be seen, however, and if they continue to hoof the ball away, they might not score too many tries. England by 33

South Africa v Ireland

This is a tough pick with plenty at stake - the loser will likely play tournament hosts France in the quarter-finals, whilst the winners get the pleasure of facing the All Blacks. They should give it everything, and from what I’ve seen so far, the Springboks are looking very difficult to beat. South Africa by 4

Scotland v Tonga

Tonga were well-beaten by Ireland in their opening match last week, and whilst they’ll be a physical threat to the Scots, they are unlikely to match them on the scoreboard. Scotland by 18

Wales v Australia

This is a great fixture with the Wallabies in danger of crashing out in the group stages. My hunch is that they’ll come out fighting with that in mind, and I think they’ll edge it. Bonus points could be critical here whichever way the game goes. Australia by 2

How do your predictions compare? Let us know in the comments!

1,909 cap
Wales to beat the Aussies by 3 😁
20 Sep 09:01
146 caps
Wales to beat Aussies by 9 or 10 20 Sep 10:00
16,404 caps
Agfeed 20 Sep 10:02
5,916 caps
Wales to beat Australia. 20 Sep 11:21
3,310 caps
Uruguay can cause an upset...
20 Sep 09:19
146 caps
????? 20 Sep 10:00
1,741 cap
No they won't
20 Sep 09:37
776 caps
Totally agree with the scores
20 Sep 11:52
63,582 caps
I think the only game that could be a toss up is Wales vs Aus. I've gone with Wales, so hopefully I can have a full house. Go Bokke. Good luck all.
20 Sep 12:08
1,410 cap
Ausies have a lot to prove, will have to be carefull here
21 Sep 13:16
131 caps
20 Sep 13:00
49,160 caps
Don't underestimate Ireland 🍀
20 Sep 13:16
1,410 cap
one game that scares me
21 Sep 08:04
5,741 caps
Ireland are a strong team. They should win by at least 5 points or lose by more than 10. I'm going with Ireland to upset the Boks
20 Sep 13:34
5,041 caps
Larrrrryyyyyy.... Honestly, I did not know who to go for Springboks......? Ireland.......? But after seeing your post it became as clear as day. SPRINGBOKS ALL DAY..... and I am IRISH!!!!!!!!!! 21 Sep 08:16
1,410 cap
depend on who we want to play in semis...lol 21 Sep 11:24
5,041 caps
Would much rather want to play New Zealand! Then France. 21 Sep 12:22
1,410 cap
agree, France is dangerous
21 Sep 13:12
299 caps
Ireland will go all out for win as this is the spirit of a sportsman at this level, but strategically given latest French injuries and the Scotland game still coming up, it would have made more sense to go low key against SA, avoiding injuries and fatigue, and then go full out against Scotland and France. 23 Sep 06:37
321 caps
Samoa game will also bring concerns i think. Ben lamb is also in the mix for samoa on the wing i see
20 Sep 15:02
1,410 cap
think Samoa will be take it 22 Sep 10:27
5,741 caps
@Hennessy I agree.
20 Sep 17:17
33,475 caps
The cards lottery might decide both SA v Ire & Wal v Wallies.
20 Sep 17:29
321 caps
Jersey-puller so you are sure who will win arg vs sam??? 21 Sep 06:17
33,475 caps
Argentina by 12 but I'm doing crap! Far better with the Fantasy though, FAR less luck involved.
21 Sep 16:34
85,232 caps
GSP this round will elude most brus, probably including me.
21 Sep 13:31
41,389 caps
62 Gsp winners. U called it. R u 1 of the 62? 25 Sep 08:30
85,232 caps
I wish. 25 Sep 21:47
5,741 caps
@TheVikingKing, I thought you had disappeared lol. You must pick with who you KNOW who will win and NOT who you WANT to win! Don't get me wrong, I want Springboks to win, but sadly, Ireland are a tough opposition and will take ALOT and mean ALOT of discipline from the springboks not to concede any yellow (or red) cards and penalties. Ireland fly half is very good. It will come down to winning or losing within a penalty or 2. I've put my money on Hollywood Bets for Ireland to win so that is also partly why I have said Ireland lol
21 Sep 13:48
33,475 caps
The number of injuries & recently back from injury players for Ireland concerns me. Tactically in a 'Coin-toss' near 50/50 match you should go Ireland as there are far fewer Ireland supporters than Boks' one on here. If you are doing well (Global Top 25%) then Boks, lower down Ireland, bottom 5% a DRAW! 21 Sep 16:41
1,410 cap
Also scared...Libbok VS Sexton - NO MATCH 22 Sep 10:28
0 caps
France beat Namibia by 68
21 Sep 16:47
321 caps
Rayleigh i went for a 77 margin and it did not seem to be enough 22 Sep 06:48
35 caps
How can you erase someone from a league ? Someone entered in our private league and we dont know him!
21 Sep 20:09
1,410 cap
contact superbru 22 Sep 10:29
1,741 cap
Rayleigh no they didn't
22 Sep 09:23
5,741 caps
@lolos, do you mean that Sexton is better?
23 Sep 11:43