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Rugby Championship Team Ratings

New Zealand won the Rugby Championship at a canter, and seem to be streets ahead of every other team on the planet at the moment.

Looking at the results of SuperBru's 'Rate the Match' feature, we can look back at how the tournament unfolded and the performance of each team.

The chart below plots the average team rating out of 5 for each side across each round.

And here is the data, along with the overall average.

New ZealandAustraliaSouth AfricaArgentina

Argentina finished bottom of the overall table, but it was South Africa's performances that were most disappointing. There was a brief peak in Round 5, when Morne Steyn was reinstalled at fly-half and the Springboks beat Australia - although their rating was only just higher than Australia's in the same game. Overall, South Africa's average rating was the lowest of all four teams.

It's not surprising to see the black line at the top, with no other team enjoying a better rating than the All Blacks in any of the six rounds.

Despite finishing bottom of the table, Argentina had the second highest average rating, suggesting that they are enjoyable to watch, but haven't been able to turn those performances into results in this tournament - except for that one victory in Round 2.

Australia started the tournament poorly, but once Quade Cooper was installed at fly-half in Round 2, and Bernard Foley's form returned in Round 3, the average ratings improved significantly.

How did you rate each team's performance in the tournament?

There are some more stats on the tournament on the excellent Vodacom Rugby website here.
31,009 caps
Actually a very accurate reflection. The boks were pathetic to say least.
10 Oct 09:39
1,214 cap
I agree totally, the Springboks are an extremely talented unit, but they lack direction - they don't know what style of game they are playing and until that changes we are in for some serious beatings.......
10 Oct 15:02
6,477 caps
I say lets give the Boks a change,and we will see.
17 Oct 10:02
32,270 caps
Stats don't lie. Springbok supporters are pissed-off to say the least. The All Blacks will remain on top for many a year to come. I'm just afraid it all can turn out to be a bit boring.....All Blacks win, All Blacks win, All Blacks win etc.......rest of the Rugby fraternity has some catching up to do.
19 Oct 08:47
21,221 caps
Perhaps, just perhaps something might pop-up with the new help. lets hope for the best and maybe just maybe there will be a few surprizes.
31 Oct 09:11
2,480 caps
Sadly SAFFER arrogance, political interference, non rugby management, et al is coming home to roost. I am passionate about the game. I watch what ever I can. Local, overseas, schools. I am frustrated, disappointed, hurt, angry at the lack of leadership at SA rugby. Everyone seems to be pulling in a different direction NO consensus, NO unity. What a mess.
25 Nov 08:32
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