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RIP Toti Mayor

We were deeply saddened to hear that Gregg Andersson, known in Superbru as Toti Mayor, passed away a few weeks ago after a short illness. We appreciate his good friend Riaan (Ligblou Daisy) reaching out to let us know.

At the time of his passing, Gregg held the coveted position of most-capped Superbru player, having made 74,926 predictions on our platform since becoming a member way back on February 1st, 2007.

Gregg's very first pick was for the first match of Super 12 2007, a Kiwi derby that saw the Blues host the Crusaders. He picked the Crusaders to win by 8, a pretty solid selection given the Crusaders' pedigree, but he must have forgotten that old adage "the Crusaders always start slow in Super Rugby" because the Blues won the match 34 - 25.

Unperturbed by this setback, though, Gregg cracked on and became a famous member of the Superbru community, taking part in no less than 860 tournaments and participating in 5,961 pools. He was a popular figure who made connections with Superbru players around the world.

His last pick was for our T20 World Cup fantasy game, where he had Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi to do the business for Pakistan against Afghanistan.

At just three years older than me, we lost Gregg way too soon, and from all of us here at Superbru HQ and in the Superbru community, our thoughts go out to his wife, children, parents, wider family and friends.

RIP, Toti Mayor.
35,034 caps
Very sad news, was very honoured that he joined my club and entered my pools, as saw he was a superbru legend at the top of the caps leaderboard
3 Dec 11:15
77,417 caps
RIP Bud!
3 Dec 12:41
76,540 caps
He was virtually in every tournament that I played in.
So sad to hear of his passing.
Condolences to his family.
3 Dec 13:03
4,888 caps
RIP Bru. ????
3 Dec 13:27
74,347 caps
MHDSRIP - was indeed a Super Bru legend
3 Dec 13:28
26,210 caps
Gregg will be sadly missed from my Club's pools. He easily passed the vetting process. He actually had a Global FIRST in the Pakistani Super League T20 this year! Another notable finish was Global 4th in La Liga a few years back and numerous Top 1%s. He did all the sports with golf seemingly a favorite, going by his teeing-off profile picture. Rest in peace Gregg & deepest condolences from all our club members.
3 Dec 13:45
57,590 caps
R.I.P. Gregg was awesome to play with you. Will leave a huge hole in many clubs and pools. Condolences to family and friends, goodbye to a legend!
3 Dec 14:01
49,621 caps
RIP Bru! Condolences to your Family!
3 Dec 14:08
28,951 caps
Rest in peace Gregg. The sweet waters of Amanzimtoti are poorer for the loss of you. Watch over us, as we struggle to make our picks. Remind us, as we fume over unlucky breaks and poor refereeing, that life is short and should be lived with a smile, a laugh, and grace.
3 Dec 14:57
21,326 caps
The Bible doesn't mention sports so its likely there is none At THE MOMENT. Greggs up there starting pools on something.
3 Dec 16:19
11,279 caps
4 Dec 10:30
891 caps
Sad news, especially in the run up to Xmas. Sympathies to his family.
4 Dec 10:46
1,041 cap
RIP ????
4 Dec 13:21
1,770 cap
RIP Gregg! Condolences to Friends and Family!
5 Dec 06:37
69,543 caps
RIP Gregg. What a legend. Condolences to his loved ones.
5 Dec 06:53
4,216 caps
So sad. RIP Gregg.
5 Dec 17:36
54,987 caps
74926 predictions and a Superbru member since 2007 and by all accounts a formidable opponent.
Enough said. R.I.P.
5 Dec 23:32
1,825 cap
RIP... Toti Mayor
6 Dec 10:11
71,873 caps
RIP My thoughts are with his family and friends
6 Dec 21:43
51,857 caps
RIP Toti Mayor ... fellow SuperBru
7 Dec 07:35
34,114 caps
RIP Toti Mayor ... A True Legend ..... Condolences to his family
7 Dec 10:16
78,173 caps
:( RIP Toti Mayor. I've "known" you since I started here in 2007. it is sad to see your name slipping down places on the most capped log. My condolences to family and friends.
8 Dec 10:16
3,106 caps
Rest In Peace Toti.
9 Dec 16:27
43,714 caps
Rest in peace Toti Mayor!
10 Dec 04:23
25,620 caps
i saw the news on facebook as i went to school with his brother. Saddened that a regular on my amanzimtoti affiliates pool has left us. RIP champ.
10 Dec 22:58
4,536 caps
RIP my precious friend ?? You will be missed
15 Dec 20:24
9,529 caps
Sad to hear this. RIP friend
16 Dec 05:53
20,226 caps
I pray that God will comfort his family.
17 Dec 05:43