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QUIZ: Test Batsmen that have scored a double hundred

Today's quiz requires a good knowledge of cricket and an even better knowledge of certain player's top scores! We're asking you to pick out the names of players that have managed a double hundred in a Test match innings.

Once you click play, you'll see a list of 24 cricketers. 16 of them have managed a double hundred in their Test career but I've added 8 who haven't to catch you out - some of them known as the being among the greatest batsmen to have never quite managed an innings of 200+.

BE AWARE that the main issue you'll face is that if you click on an incorrect answer, the quiz is over! The aim is to complete the challenge in the fewest attempts possible - it'll obviously get easier as you go as you'll be able to memorise the correct answers.

Let us know in the comments how many attempts it took you to complete this!

Similarly, if you haven't yet joined the gang on Twitter and/or Facebook who have been posting screenshots of their results then feel free to get involved - our social media pages are a great place to maintain the bru community while we wait for tournaments to resume.

Instructions: After clicking 'Play' simply click on the players that you think have scored a double hundred in a Test match innings.

The quiz will end as soon as you click on an incorrect answer. The goal is to finish the quiz in the fewest attempts possible. To try again if unsuccessful, refresh this page.

Got a quiz idea? Feel free to leave it in the comments and we can put one together for everyone to enjoy!
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Brian Lara
Brian Lara
6 May 13:07
2,950 caps
Very interesting....
6 May 13:29
47,560 caps
13/ 16 Don't know the others.
6 May 13:31
57,490 caps
very tricky
6 May 16:10
43,665 caps
10/16 Kallis
6 May 16:34
43,578 caps
Kallis took 30 years to score a double hundred 6 May 17:35
43,578 caps
Took a while.....at least two bowlers in there.
6 May 17:38
22,768 caps
got 14 after 3 tries.
7 May 07:10