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Premier League Round 4 Predictions!

Like Round Two, Round Three saw me score another 5/10 correct outcomes but I was pleased that 3 of those 5 were exact meaning I still had a relatively strong weekend on my pool leaderboards. Though a repeat of my Round One 8/10 is appearing increasingly difficult to match as the season goes on, I'm confident that we as the Superbru community can improve on last week's average of getting 50% correct in Round Four.

In case you missed this recent article, we had yet another Exact Score Challenge prize winner in Round Three meaning there has been a prize awarded in each round of the Premier League season so far! Make sure you submit all of your own picks to stand a chance of winning something in this round.

Here are this week's fixtures along with my predictions for each of them. As usual, feel free to let me know which you think I've got wrong in the comments!

Leicester vs. Liverpool

Liverpool looking a little less convincing last week and the fact this is the early kick-off makes a draw a possibility in this game but I expect the Reds to break Leicester down eventually. Many abide by the unwritten rule to 'never bet on the lunchtime kick-off' as it seems as though the big sides often struggle to win when playing early on a Saturday but I just feel Liverpool will create so many openings that they're bound to score a couple. I do think Leicester will deny Alisson a fourth consecutive clean sheet but you'd be brave to pick them to win. Prediction: Leicester 1-2 Liverpool

Brighton vs. Fulham

There should be goals in this as Fulham play in such an open manner and Brighton have already proven against United that they can score numerous times in a game at home. I'm leaning towards Brighton because of how good they were at the Amex last season and because of Fulham's defensive frailties. Though Mawson is now back the Whites are still without Ream and Jokanovic doesn't seem to know which of his three goalkeepers he likes best. Fulham will have a real go but Hughton's Brighton will be too organised in my opinion - Cairney is also a big miss for the away side. Prediction: Brighton 2-0 Fulham

Chelsea vs. Bournemouth

After a lot of hesitation I was delighted to get Chelsea's 1-2 win at Newcastle exact last week but this is another tricky one. The first time Newcastle actually decided to attack the Blues they scored a goal which must be so frustrating for their supporters as the signs of Chelsea's defensive weakness were clear for all to see against Arsenal. Bournemouth look strong this year and have done well at the Bridge in recent seasons but I feel Chelsea could score a few in this one. The possession football and pressing that Sarri has introduced means the Cherries won't have much of the possession they too like to base their game around and that could be a problem for Eddie Howe. Prediction: Chelsea 3-1 Bournemouth

Crystal Palace vs. Southampton

I've picked Palace for this one as I see them as the better team. The Eagles need a win (albeit not as much as Southampton) and I find the Saints very ordinary whenever I see them play. Things are never going to be too inspiring under Mark Hughes and I think the best Southampton can hope for this season is narrow survival. Prediction: Crystal Palace 2-0 Southampton

Everton vs. Huddersfield

Huddersfield look as though they're going to really struggle for goals this year but Everton are a side that you have as much chance of scoring against as anyone else in the league at present. The problem for the away side is that Everton are not short of goals and will outscore plenty of teams this season anyway. Even without Richarlison, I can only see a home win here. Prediction: Everton 3-1 Huddersfield

West Ham vs. Wolves

Still without a point, but I think this is the week that changes for West Ham. Wolves proved their abilities last week with that draw against City but away from home things are more difficult and the Hammers should be right up for this. The away win at Wimbledon in the Cup should have helped settle a few nerves for Pellegrini and his side ahead of this one and now they just need a Premier League win to get themselves going. They probably should have won at Arsenal last week and though those defensive errors will likely see them concede again this weekend, I think they can beat Wolves. Prediction: West Ham 2-1 Wolves

Manchester City vs. Newcastle

A case of how many. Sergio Aguero alone has scored eight goals in his last two games at home against Newcastle and judging by how Benitez set his team up against Chelsea last week, the Magpies will be lucky to have 5% of possession. Rafa would probably tell you that if he was to open the game up this would be 6 or 7 - and he's probably right - but I still expect City to find their away around the bus a few times. Prediction: Manchester City 3-0 Newcastle

Cardiff vs. Arsenal

Cardiff have done well to get two points so far this season considering they haven't scored a goal but nothing has made me change my opinion that they'll finish rock bottom this season. Will they find their first goal of the season in this one? Possibly. But there's very little chance of them finding their first win. Now that Arsenal have found their first victory, this should be a nice way to get to six points before the international break. Prediction: Cardiff 0-2 Arsenal

Burnley vs. Manchester United

The hardest game to call in Round Four in my opinion! I felt sure that United would win last week but after being beaten by Spurs I, like everyone else, am beginning to question whether or not the wheels are truly coming off. I'm wary of picking United because in that infamous 2015/16 season at Chelsea that everyone keeps comparing this Mourinho campaign to I was sure that Chelsea would bounce back each week only to find they never did.

United have a great defensive record at Turf Moor but can we really take that into account when they've been awful at the back so far this season? Now that Burnley are out of the Europa League I have just one weekend left to let myself be swayed by the issue of their fatigue and since that strategy worked for me last week, I'm going with it again here. Prediction: Burnley 0-1 Manchester United

Watford vs. Tottenham

Two teams that have each won all three of their opening games and look strong! Spurs have never lost to Watford in the PL though and after such an impressive display at Old Trafford last week you have to believe Watford will struggle. Tottenham will find this tricky but Kane looks in strong form and will likely score. Prediction: Watford 1-2 Tottenham
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Hi Jack. Lots of 2 goal margins this round from you. Are we past the early rounds settling in period? Can we see defences more organised and managers starting their best XIs after experimenting and new signings gelling. Burnley rested many top players. You got the feeling they didn't want the burden of the Europa League as EPL survival is the priority. Do the Man U players hate Mourinho, he seems to be a bitter bully these days. So a loss might see him replaced by someone softer?
31 Aug 12:08
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Hey Paul, think defences will start to improve but there are a lot of teams (Everton, Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Bournemouth) who I think will be great going forward throughout this season but will also concede plenty! Very interested to see what happens with Mourinho but can't see him being sacked this far away from a transfer window with no great options to replace him. Zidane would be a massive gamble - anyone else you think they could turn to on a permanent basis? 31 Aug 13:12
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No I think the Manager's influence is massively overstated. Why waste money on better quality mortar when the bricks are at fault? I read somewhere (might have been in 'Soccernomics'?) that changing a manager can give teams a short-term lift for 4 to 6 games, as new players try to impress and regulars need to prove themselves all over again. When you look back after the next 30 odd games it often 'reverts to the mean', in terms of average points per game. Managers are often picked based on their contacts and access to certain countries players though. Networking chances etc. So Zidane for a year? 31 Aug 23:08
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Picked the same winning teams and 6 games exactly the same scores as you. Good luck!
31 Aug 12:42
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Interesting! That must be a good sign.. Good luck to you too. 31 Aug 13:13
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I think we only differ on the Watford Spurs game: I could havr went for a home win Watford but its too much of an ask so i went for a 2 all draw
1 Sep 06:21
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Leicester 1 n Liverpool 1...
Brighton n Fulham stalemate...
The rest we on same lane I suppose...
1 Sep 08:27
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liverpool will win with more than two goals.
that's all jack
1 Sep 09:10
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Great picks Jack, I think from this week onwards all teams will settle and believe they can still turn it around especially the Hammers and the Red devils. Everyone team know if you drop more than 9 points this early you will definately struggle to keep up especially this season where there are definately no more so called small teams but will the top 6 settle?
1 Sep 09:25
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It's a shame Alisson ruined my perfect 0-2 prediction... I'm so gutted!!!
1 Sep 13:32
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Dear Superbru. Your score for the Zebre v Kings Pro14 game is wrong. The final score was 34 -16. Alot of players were outdone. Please rectify it.
2 Sep 09:54
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Dear Superbru Curriecup 1st division. Scores as follows. Leopards v Kavaliers 35-12 for Leopards.
SWD v Bulldogs 37-22 for SWD.
GRIFFONS v Falcons 52 - 56 for Falcons. Please rectify.
2 Sep 10:41
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I got 3 exact scores and 7 correct scores. Congratulations to me.
3 Sep 05:35
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