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Premier League Round 20 Predictions!

Whether I'm using the excuse of Christmas distractions or simply the fact it was a round full of surprise results, the reality is Round 19 didn't go very well for me as I managed the average score of 5/10 with 0 exacts and just 2 'close' picks. The fact it was a tough round means I haven't lost too much ground in my pools and I'm now determined to finish 2018 on a Premier League predictor high before kicking on in the new year.

Here are the Round 20 fixtures along with my picks for each of them. It's hard to keep up with the crazy amount of football taking place over this festive period but the general summary is that it has been a very good few weeks if you're a Liverpool or Leicester fan! I believe that will still be true come the end of this round as well.

Brighton vs. Everton

It could have been easy for Everton to start sliding under Silva after that 6-2 embarrassment against Spurs at home so to win so convincingly just a few days later at Burnley was a great effort. This is a very even match to call and I'm tempted to pick 1-1 which would be the same scoreline Brighton managed on Boxing Day against Arsenal but I just fancy Everton now that they've shown such goal scoring ability. Confidence must be fairly high in the Toffees' camp and Brighton have a goalkeeper issue to worry about while Mat Ryan is away at the Asian Cup. Prediction: Brighton 1-2 Everton

Fulham vs. Huddersfield

This is a huge game. Fulham have done well to string a couple of draws together but it's the poor quality of other teams around them (not least Huddersfield) that is giving them hope of survival this season and a win here would get them right back in the mix. I really worry for Huddersfield - it's highly likely they won't score enough goals and therefore win enough games to finish above 20th yet alone survive. The Terriers may have won the reverse of this fixture at home but I'd be surprised to see them beat Ranieri's Fulham at Craven Cottage. Prediction: Fulham 2-1 Huddersfield

Leicester vs. Cardiff

Leicester are back in dream land for the time being after two excellent results. They'd have been happy with a single points from their last two games and they've managed 6! Cardiff at home feels like a well-earned gift after those games and you have to expect them to win again. Cardiff managed their second away point of the season at Palace last week but I can't see them getting lucky and not conceding again. Prediction: Leicester 3-1 Cardiff

Tottenham vs. Wolves

They may not have beaten Chelsea and City like Leicester, but winning 6-2 and 5-0 in consecutive games certainly won't have harmed Tottenham's confidence! This is a huge task for Wolves to try and overcome and I expect it to be routine for Spurs. I said in my R19 piece that I didn't think it would be a battering against Bournemouth so I'm just hoping Wolves play with a little more defensive care than the Cherries to give me more chance of an exact in this one. Prediction: Tottenham 2-0 Wolves

Watford vs. Newcastle

Watford weren't awful against Chelsea but certainly can't complain about not getting anything from the game while Newcastle got dominated by Liverpool as expected. I see the Hornets winning this one with home advantage but the Magpies will certainly give them a game. Newcastle won the reverse fixture 1-0 at home despite Watford having several huge chances early on so lets go with the same scoreline but in Watford's favour here. Prediction: Watford 1-0 Newcastle

Liverpool vs. Arsenal

This is a big game in the sense that it's two big clubs and should be entertaining but I'd be surprised to see Arsenal walk away with three points. Liverpool's unbeaten run will face it's biggest test at the Etihad on Thursday but I just see them having too much for Arsenal's defence for this match to be too competitive. There's more chance of Emery's Arsenal proving me wrong than the Wenger teams of recent years and I can see the Gunners scoring but they'll have to improve a fair bit defensively to get anything. Prediction: Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea

Palace's confidence shouldn't decrease too much after that 0-0 with Cardiff following their win over City and they seem to get right up for a game against one of the big six at home. They've done OK in recent years against Chelsea too so this certainly isn't a guaranteed three points for the Blues. I know Palace scored 3 at the Etihad just before Christmas but this is still a side that lacks goals and I feel that could cost them again in this one. Things will be tight and Chelsea are unlikely to be able to play Hazard centrally with Pedro and Hudson-Odoi injured but I'm backing them to find an all important goal regardless. Prediction: Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

Burnley vs. West Ham

Burnley are in trouble but now have four games to try and turn things around against relatively favourable opposition. This game certainly isn't easy and they aren't favourites but it's arguably more winnable than their games against Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton. However, after losing so badly at home to Everton I struggle to see the Clarets defeating the Hammers who have enjoyed some great recent form. Pellegrini looks to be getting things right and Declan Rice signing a new contract today is another huge boost for the Club and supporter morale. Prediction: Burnley 1-2 West Ham

Southampton vs. Manchester City

Manchester City have to win this game. It seemed almost impossible for them to lose a game before Chelsea away but they've now lost 3 in 4 and another loss here would trigger media calls of a crisis and a gap between themselves and Liverpool that would be incredibly difficult to make up. However, whilst the Delph red card was a signal of frustration and lack of composure among the City team, I still feel the two recent losses can be relatively well explained by the fact that both included an unbelievable goal from an opposition player and the absence of Fernandinho. Of course it's an issue that Fernandinho is such a big miss (especially when he's a doubt for this game too), but I'm backing them to get back on track with a little more luck in this game and either Gundogan or Stones should have the ability to put a good enough shift in in that holding role against the Saints.Prediction: Southampton 1-3 Manchester City

Manchester United vs. Bournemouth

Bournemouth have failed to trouble the big teams on many occasions this year and have been conceding plenty in the process. Last week's result at Wembley was a dreadful one and they are now facing a Manchester United team that's being urged to attack by the fans and their manager. This isn't a good time to be playing United and I think OGS will see his team win a third on the bounce on Sunday. Prediction: Manchester Utd 3-1 Bournemouth

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Best of luck to all. Let me know how your own predictions compare in the comments. I'm interested to know if you feel Liverpool can finally go all the way! The next two rounds should give us a very good idea..
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Hi Jack I hope you had a great Christmas and got that Crystal Ball I sent care of your office! Its used and a bit battered after it failed me so badly. Perhaps you can 're-tune' it? I see you are following our mutual pool leaders lead and avoiding draws. Your three 3-1s and a 1-3 are a bit risky but you may cop a Close if there are a few tonkings? Perhaps toning it down to 2-0 is better?
29 Dec 02:05
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2-1 2-0 3-0 3-1 are the ones that delivers u the exact result its my first year on premier leage and im first in most of my pools with 213.5 points and 75 close
29 Dec 07:42
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That's Interesting... 29 Dec 10:11
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Here are Last Season's Score Frequencies (Rounded) - it doesn't vary much season to season or across the Top 5 European Leagues incidentally (I checked)

Bru's favorite 2-1 is 50% less common than 1-1 or 1-0 and just as common as 0-0. Apparently.

1-1 12%
1-0 12%
2-1 8%
0-0 8%
2-0 7%
1-2 6%
0-1 6%
2-2 5% (So 0, 1 & 2 goal draws 25%).
0-2 ONLY 4%,
3-0 4%
3-1 3%
0-3 3%
2-3 3%
4-1 3% - 11 times.
5-0 & 4-0 both 2% - 9 times each out of 380.

Just sayin'. 30 Dec 02:43
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Perhaps we should start taking note of this statistics. Yep and the 2-1 / 1-2 scores always pop up in my head when I make predictions, I try to avoid them as much as I could even though they make 50% of my exacts. ;- ) 30 Dec 16:01
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Yeah but the 2-1 & 1-2 picks put you in the middle of one off Close extras. 1-0 gets you only 1 for a 3-1 for example. Its not as simple as just aiming for 3 pointers. 30 Dec 19:40
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Here are my picks for round 20.
Brighton vs. Everton 1 - 1
Fulham vs. Huddersfield 1 - 0
Leicester vs. Cardiff 4 - 0
Tottenham vs. Wolves 2 - 0
Watford vs. Newcastle 2 - 0
Liverpool vs. Arsenal 2 - 1
Crystal p. vs Chelsea 0 - 3
Burnley vs. West Ham 0 - 1
Saints vs. Man City 1 - 3
Man Utd vs. Bournemouth 2 - 1
And good luck to all!!
29 Dec 10:26
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Here are my picks for round 20.
Brighton vs. Everton 1 - 2
Fulham vs. Huddersfield 2 - 1
Leicester vs. Cardiff 2 - 1
Tottenham vs. Wolves 3- 1
Watford vs. Newcastle 2 - 1
Liverpool vs. Arsenal 2 - 1
Crystal p. vs Chelsea 1 - 2
Burnley vs. West Ham 1 - 2
Saints vs. Man City 1 - 2
Man Utd vs. Bournemouth 2 - 1
And good luck to all!!
29 Dec 14:19
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Today's game is unexpected result let double more in our statistic 29 Dec 17:46
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29 Dec 17:46
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