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Premier League: Round 38 Predictions

After only 6/13 in Round 37, I'm playing catch up in most of my leagues on Superbru so this Sunday is one final chance to roll the dice and hope for a few Exacts!

It's been quite a season, and though the league table is indicative of a fairly underwhelming campaign with the top two so far ahead and the bottom three a fair way behind, it feels like there's been a lot of entertaining matches and the quality of so many clubs continues to grow (hence why it's been so tough for the newly promoted sides).

Here are my thoughts on Round 38 of our Premier League Predictor game. Good luck in your own leagues as you chase victory in this final round!

Arsenal vs. Everton

If Heung-min Son had scored that chance on Tuesday night, I'd be really hesitating on this prediction as Arsenal could well have crumbled under the pressure of the title being in their hands, but now that it's all on City, I think the Gunners will comfortably beat Everton. It's been a fantastic end to the season for Everton who would be pushing for a top half finish if it wasn't for points deductions but I don't see them causing Arsenal much trouble on this final day. Arsenal 3-0 Everton

Brentford vs. Newcastle

I'm quite torn on this one because I really don't like predicting away wins for Newcastle (especially after getting stung again in midweek) but they are of course the team with more to play for here. Their record against Brentford is very strong so at least that justifies keeping faith in them and let's hope for the best. Brentford 1-2 Newcastle

Brighton vs. Manchester United

Brighton have won a lot of recent meetings with Manchester United, and though their form isn't great, they played fairly well against Chelsea and certainly didn't look like a team already on the beach. United will be eager to finish in the top 7 but they also have the Cup final coming up which they'll surely be prioritising for their players returning from injury rather than rushing them into this game. I think I'm going for a draw. Brighton 1-1 Manchester United

Burnley vs. Nottingham Forest

A tricky one since there's little jeopardy for either team but as the side who have obviously ended the season on the right side of the relegation line (assuming there isn't a ridiculous goal difference swing), I feel like Nottingham Forest will come out on top. Burnley will naturally be disappointed with last week's result at Spurs and the consequence. Burnley 1-3 Nottingham Forest

Chelsea vs. Bournemouth

Chelsea have done really well in these last couple of months to get themselves ahead of Newcastle and Manchester United and they should be able to secure that 6th spot with a victory here. It's tough to pick Bournemouth for an upset after that home loss to Brentford. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

Crystal Palace vs. Aston Villa

I think Palace's excellent recent form could well continue here given how strong they've been plus the fact that Villa have had a fair amount of celebrating to do since Tuesday. Qualifying for the Champions League really is an excellent achievement for Unai Emery and his team who have earned the right to not need to care about this final fixture. I'm sure they'll still compete and it's clearly not impossible that they win the game, but Palace are the more likely in my opinion and let's go with a fun scoreline because there tends to be one on the final day and both teams should attack. Crystal Palace 4-2 Aston Villa

Liverpool vs. Wolves

You'd expect Liverpool to see Jurgen Klopp off with a win. There'll rightly be a great number of tributes for Klopp throughout Sunday after the fantastic job that he's done with the Reds, so much so that the game will probably feel like a warm-up for all of that. I can see Wolves scoring but would be surprised if this isn't a home win. Liverpool 3-1 Wolves

Luton vs. Fulham

This feels a bit like the Burnley vs. Forest game and it's tough to pick a winner because Fulham have been ordinary for a while. It makes sense that Luton will want to end their debut Premier League season with a home win but they've had even more reason to be motivated in previous weeks without managing any wins. We might actually see a team that's just completely run out of steam at this point and with Ross Barkley now injured too, I'm going with Fulham. Luton 0-2 Fulham

Manchester City vs. West Ham

It's funny that Pep Guardiola has said in his press conference that he feels like this game could end up very similar to the Round 38 Villa match in 2022 because I've had the exact same feeling (admittedly the similarities between the way we are able to think about and comprehend football probably end there). Relentless as City always are in the run-in, they often make a meal of this final game before eventually winning anyway, so I think there'll be some drama.

However, it's very unlikely West Ham deny them all three points. With the title literally being at stake there's always going to be nerves, particularly with City on the verge of history by winning 4 in a row, but this is still a West Ham team that have conceded 5 goals in each of their last two away games at Palace and Chelsea. I feel like the Hammers might score first, but City to win. Manchester City 3-1 West Ham

Sheffield United vs. Tottenham

Spurs' form during this run-in has been woeful, but they'll surely hold onto 5th place with a win here? This has been a very disappointing season for Sheffield United and I would assume most of their fans are actually looking forward to the Championship again since there hasn't ever really felt like there's been any hope for them in this campaign. An away win seems likely and Ange Postecoglou can at least feel assured that Spurs supporters will definitely want to win this one. Sheffield United 0-2 Tottenham

Good luck with your own final predictions and thank you to those of you that have read these articles throughout the season and got involved in the comments!

With such a busy summer coming up, there will of course be plenty more to talk about in the coming weeks so make sure you've joined the Euros Predictor and keep checking in on the Superbru Football app where there's plenty of app-only content including the Euro 2024 squads which have already started dropping ๐Ÿซก
1,749 cap
Cheers Jack! Enjoy the summer! :)
17 May 15:30
52,320 caps
Cheers Jonathan, you too! 19 May 07:12
21,034 caps
I do expect Man City to win, but not taking it for granted. Cheers Jack for your hard work. I hope to do better next season.
17 May 15:34
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Thanks Andy, good luck this afternoon. 19 May 07:13
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17 May 20:13
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so do you want us to answer these questions for you? 18 May 01:52
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That is a long list. I'll pass thanks. 5555 18 May 02:57
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Let's add Best sub to that and Best ref (if there are any). 18 May 03:17
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I agree
Let's please answer it
Its end of season
Just for fun
You do it with your mates on those WhatsApp group chats or at a pub
18 May 08:41
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Hi Jack , thanks for your predictions, much appreciated, enjoy the break, had my worst SB , hope to improve next season, go well๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป
18 May 11:04
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Thanks Clive, Iโ€™m also hoping for a better 2024/25 season! 19 May 07:15
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Thanks Jack lad. Always love your insight
18 May 11:17
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Cheers Jakes, appreciate that 19 May 07:15
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So in the play off final who do you want to win
18 May 12:33
21,034 caps
Crewe 19 May 11:53
34,876 caps
Crawley! 19 May 12:59
21,034 caps
Come on Crewe! Penalties 7-6 19 May 13:15
582 caps
Who is the winner? 19 May 18:09
21,034 caps
You are. 5555 19 May 23:32
34,876 caps
You are a loser, CRAWLEY! 20 May 16:08
21,034 caps
Don't support either team. I follow Stockport County a.k.a. the Hatters.
20 May 23:37
34,876 caps
Even more of a loser. Mad Hatters, come on Luton the real Hatters! 21 May 10:26
21,034 caps
You are the loser because Stockport got promoted into league one. Overall, Luton played really well. 22 May 01:17
34,876 caps
FYI, I am a Arsenal fan. 22 May 15:12
21,034 caps
I see. Good luck next season. I am a Man City fan. 23 May 11:44
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Man City fan here. They are the best. 28 May 23:19
39,461 caps
Hey Jack, I read your post every week, thanks for putting in all the hours to keep us informed. Let's hope Gunners win for a change.. and hope Utd win next year :-)
18 May 18:57
52,320 caps
Thanks Johan, really appreciate that. Might take a little more time than that for United but should be a very interesting summer - excited to see how INEOS move in the market. 19 May 07:17
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8 out of 10. 17 points not bad way to finish up! 3 exacts too
19 May 17:30
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Who is the winner?
19 May 18:09
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19 May 19:34
4,089 caps
Thank you Jack for all of your hard work through out the PL season. Much appreciated and enjoy your summer.
19 May 20:42
21,034 caps
And the award for the worst predictor goes to me.๐Ÿ˜
19 May 23:34
34,876 caps
You got 1 correct. LOL! 20 May 16:12
21,034 caps
I do believe I got 7/10. LOL! 20 May 23:35
49,186 caps
Thanks Jack and the rest of the team - another EPL season consigned to history; as the site gets ever more popular, the competition gets even more fierce. Hoping for better next year. We've still got the Euros to get us through the summer!
20 May 06:32
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Can I get invited to next year's comp
20 May 06:46
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I will gladly invite you to my pool next time. In fact, I will invite you to the Copa America today. 22 May 01:10
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Cheers JACK! Always enjoy reading these previews - AFTER I've made my picks, to be on the safe side eh? You slumped to end up 81/168 in my TOP200/2% 'Elite' pool, 'Mid-table disrepectability' Hutch was only 50th. I went on a great late run, fluking 10th.
21 May 03:14
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Fluking, Jersey-pud-puller! LOL! 21 May 10:30
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Thanks gunslinger
22 May 07:25
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23 May 17:39