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Premier League: Round 37 Predictions

Round 36 of the Premier League Predictor was an average one for me with 6/10, but results wise there wasn't anything too crazy to dramatically shift the way that the title race and relegation battle are looking.

This round should be very different in that respect, as I expect almost everything to be all but settled ahead of Round 38. There are some huge fixtures coming up in the next few days, so it will be fascinating to see how things play out.

Here are my thoughts on the first 10 matches in Round 37 of our Premier League Predictor game. I'll update this article early next week to include the rearranged midweek matches that are also part of this round.

Fulham vs. Manchester City

It's not often that Manchester City have a free midweek before a Premier League fixture, but that extra time to rest and prepare should ensure this is a comfortable victory ahead of their likely more difficult test at Tottenham on Tuesday. Fulham have little to play for and I'd be surprised to see them cause too many issues. Fulham 0-3 Manchester City

Bournemouth vs. Brentford

I think in these games of less significance in these last couple of rounds it makes sense to go with the home side. The final home fixture of the season is a big day for supporters and clubs obviously want to go into the summer on a high note so it makes sense that they'll have that extra little edge in comparison to the visiting side. On paper, Bournemouth are the logical team to pick here anyway and Andoni Iraola fully deserves his Manager of the Season nomination. Bournemouth 3-1 Brentford

Everton vs. Sheffield United

This is a nice fixture for Everton to end their home season with and though there's still plenty for Toffees fans to be concerned about on the horizon, there's also reason to celebrate in this game as they've avoided relegation despite points deductions and have looked very good outside of that period between Christmas and the end of March! Their strong run of form at Goodison should continue. Everton 2-0 Sheffield United

Newcastle vs. Brighton

Brighton finally got a win last weekend against Villa but I'd still be shocked to see them get anything in this game. Newcastle are a real handful at St James' Park and they need the points as they look to secure Europa League football. Newcastle 3-1 Brighton

Tottenham vs. Burnley

Huge game. Burnley must win to avoid relegation this Saturday, while Spurs need a victory simply for their pride after recent results as well as keeping their slim hopes of a top four place alive. I'd love to see Burnley win this game and spice up the relegation battle but I'm not sure they quite have it in them despite some impressive performances of late. They needed something from that home fixture last weekend which ended up being an ugly scoreline against Newcastle. Tottenham 2-1 Burnley

West Ham vs. Luton Town

Even though they'll fancy their chances of a win on the final day, Luton pretty much need at least a point here in order to stand a chance of survival given their goal difference, but it's a very difficult pick. West Ham's shocking recent displays mean Luton definitely have a chance of three points let alone one, but now that we know this is David Moyes' farewell game at the London Stadium it does feel like the atmosphere will change quite considerably.

If that context means West Ham play to the level that we know they can, this should be a home win but it's so hard to tell. I'd like to think we get some drama in the relegation fight but realistically it looks like the newly promoted sides are all going straight back down. West Ham 2-1 Luton

Wolves vs. Crystal Palace

Palace are a joy to watch at the moment and feel like the more likely winners here but I can see Wolves getting a point, especially if Pedro Neto is back which reports suggest is likely. I think both clubs can feel pretty positive about next season as both Gary O'Neil and Oliver Glasner have impressed in this campaign. Wolves 1-1 Crystal Palace

Nottingham Forest vs. Chelsea

If I'm right about Luton losing, Forest will know that they're pretty much safe regardless of what happens here but they will of course want to ensure that they're mathematically safe with a victory in this final home game either way. However, Chelsea are suddenly looking a lot, lot better thanks to some tactical tweaks from Mauricio Pochettino. A Luton win would change the atmosphere for this fixture quite considerably given the pressure Forest would suddenly be under so I'd consider changing my pick if that happens but for now I think Chelsea will edge it as they're fighting for a top six finish themselves. Nottingham Forest 1-2 Chelsea

Manchester United vs. Arsenal

OK, time for the controversial one. I think Arsenal might slip here. Don't get me wrong, there's a chance this ends up 0-4 or 0-5 as I'm aware that United have been terrible and Arsenal have been very good, but I also feel there's a chance that United just somehow get a result as they so often do in big games at home and I could do with an upset on some of my Superbru leaderboards.

It doesn't feel like it, but United have only lost 1 home game in 2024 and Arsenal very rarely win at Old Trafford. Monday's result at Palace was just straight up embarrassing for Erik ten Hag and his players, but if the likes of Lisandro Martinez, Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes are fit to return in a game that they know is huge for Arsenal, we might just see them snatch something as they have done this season at home against Liverpool a couple of times, Aston Villa and Chelsea? Arsenal have obviously been better than all three of those teams this season but hopefully you can all at least see where I'm coming from before laughing at me when Arsenal batter them. Manchester United 2-2 Arsenal

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool

Villa just need one more win to seal a Champions League place which I think they'll get regardless of their final results in truth, but they do look like they're really running out of gas which is understandable given their schedule and number of injuries. As a result, I think Liverpool will get at least a point. The fact that this is on Monday will help Villa slightly but Olympiacos away is a pretty draining fixture to have had just a few days before this. Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool


UPDATE: Just the 5/10 for me so far after the gamble on Man Utd getting a draw didn't pay off. In truth, as soon as I saw the United lineup I thought there was no chance of them getting anything but still didn't change my pick. That's probably half just down to superstition as if I changed it the chances of a draw would dramatically increase (at least in my head).

The weekend results mean this midweek is absolutely huge though! Here are my picks for the remaining games:

Tottenham vs. Manchester City

The psychological element to this game is fascinating. On the one hand, of course Tottenham's players and manager can hardly go out and deliberately lose a Premier League match because it goes against everything you work and stand for as a professional, and a slim chance of Champions League qualification remains, but at the same time, I genuinely understand some of their fans feeling as if they'd rather see City win. Part of what makes football so great is rivalry, and if I was a Spurs fan, the idea of being the reason why arch rivals Arsenal were able to win a league title for the first time in 20 years would be pretty sickening.

Ultimately, when making this prediction you have to just go off what you see playing out if each team is at their best, and if that's the case, City should win comfortably. Their record at Spurs is famously terrible, but they already broke the 'curse' in the FA Cup earlier this season and they haven't lost a single match in 2024. A twist is certainly possible, but the sheer consistency and relentlessness we have seen from City during title run-ins over recent seasons means they are big favourites. Tottenham 1-3 Manchester City

Brighton vs. Chelsea

A small rivalry has formed between these two sides since Chelsea decided to try and buy all of Brighton's players and staff, so I think the Seagulls will be really up for this. Chelsea have looked quite good of late, and have some key players back from injury now, but their victory at Forest still wasn't the most convincing at the weekend and I'm not sure they'll take all of the points. I'm torn between a draw and 1-2 Chelsea but leaning towards the former for now. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

Manchester United vs. Newcastle

This is another similarly tough prediction and also a very significant game in the battle for Europe. You'd like to think United would raise their game knowing that 3 points will draw them level with the Magpies but things just felt so hopeless for the Red Devils on Sunday. The fact that Alexander Isak is now a doubt for Newcastle has made me slightly hesitant, but it's hard to back United to get anything based on the whole feeling left by their lineup on Sunday, their recent performances and their stadium falling apart. Manchester United 1-2 Newcastle

Good luck with your Round 37 predictions. Feel free to leave them in the comments!
1,729 cap
Man U always raise their game for the big ones. Not a bad prediction imo.
10 May 11:43
716 caps
What are your predictions
10 May 11:47
20,540 caps
Rubbish as usual. 5555 10 May 12:15
20,540 caps
Man City, Bournemouth, Everton, the Seagulls, Spurs, W. Ham , Forest and the Red Devils to win. 10 May 12:18
20,540 caps
Man United to win. Maybe
10 May 11:49
716 caps
1-4 city
10 May 12:08
716 caps
3-1 Newcastle
10 May 12:08
716 caps
3-1 Bournemouth
10 May 12:08
716 caps
2-0 Everton
10 May 12:09
716 caps
1-2 burnley
10 May 12:09
716 caps
2-0 west ham
10 May 12:09
716 caps
0-2 Palace
10 May 12:09
716 caps
0-3 chelsea
10 May 12:09
716 caps
1-4 arsenal
10 May 12:09
716 caps
3-1 villa
10 May 12:09
716 caps
Jack what are your weekday predictions
13 May 06:43
1,729 cap
8/13 here. Not too shabby.
15 May 22:37
20,540 caps
6/13 for me. Very shabby indeed. 16 May 00:26