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Premier League: Round 11 Predictions

7/10 in Round 10 brought me quite a few green arrows, so let's hopefully build on that this week!

Since there was no European football in the week, we have a packed Saturday schedule and then the big match of the round is Spurs v Chelsea on Monday night.

Here are my thoughts on each Round 11 game.

Fulham vs. Manchester United

A horrible game to start with because predicting Manchester United games is about as fun as watching them at the moment. I'll be honest and say I've no idea what will happen. I can't see United playing well, but they didn't against Brentford or Sheffield United and still somehow managed wins. That could easily happen here too because Fulham don't have many goals in them, but I'll go for a draw and back the hosts to score once. Fulham 1-1 Manchester United

Brentford vs. West Ham

It looks like this might be another season where West Ham are an excellent Cup side but that their league form may suffer once more as a result. Brentford look to be getting back to themselves after a rough start to the season and after that win at Chelsea I think they can probably manage a home victory here as well. Brentford 2-1 West Ham

Burnley vs. Crystal Palace

Lots more people are talking about Vincent Kompany's need to change approach as Burnley continue to lose games but I'm not sure he'll do so, especially for this game. The Clarets have a chance here but I'm going with Palace who are likely to be far more pragmatic. It doesn't sound as if Eze or Olise will be back but the Eagles should get some chances handed to them regardless and so far in their 5 games on the road this season they've only lost at Villa and Newcastle which are very tough places to go. Burnley 1-2 Crystal Palace

Everton vs. Brighton

I'm interested to see this game because it's obviously a big contrast in styles but Everton are actually the form team coming into the game which is a surprise. The Toffees have become tricky to score against again which is exactly what Sean Dyche will have been aiming for but there's plenty of quality in the Brighton team and they've had a couple of good results at Goodison in recent years. Everton 1-3 Brighton

Manchester City vs. Bournemouth

Only one team to pick here and it isn't Bournemouth, grateful though I am that the Cherries finally repaid my faith in them last week! Manchester City 4-0 Bournemouth

Sheffield United vs. Wolves

This will be another interesting one because like everyone else I've been very impressed with Gary O'Neil at Wolves, but being able to call upon Pedro Neto in attack has been a massive help. Now that Neto is back to being injured again (which is a massive shame as he's great to watch), it will be interesting to see if Wolves can remain as sharp going forward. This is a favourable fixture for them and I'm going to give Wolves the benefit of the doubt. Sheffield United 1-2 Wolves

Newcastle vs. Arsenal

All three potential outcomes are very possible here, but Arsenal tend to do better than most at St James' Park and I think they might win this. There's no doubt it'll be difficult and Newcastle showed in midweek how well coached even their second string is with that League Cup win over Man Utd, but Arsenal tend to bounce back from poor performances quickly which is what we saw from them at West Ham in midweek. Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal

Nottingham Forest vs. Aston Villa

Villa are favourites here and I think I'm going with them, but they aren't as strong on the road as they are at Villa Park and not many teams go to the City Ground and win. It feels like we need to start seeing more from Forest though, as their current shape doesn't seem to get the best out of attacking players like Morgan Gibbs-White and Anthony Elanga? I think that'll happen before too long as Steve Cooper has been doing excellently with Forest, but I'm not sure they're strong enough at the moment to get anything against Villa. Nottingham Forest 1-3 Aston Villa

Luton vs. Liverpool

I'm noticing that I'm predicting quite a few away wins this week but this one really is likely to be a struggle for the hosts! Part of me wonders if Luton end up doing OK in their home matches against the really big guns because their fans will be so up for the rare fixtures against the likes of Liverpool but this should obviously be a win for the Reds. Luton need to be careful if they go a goal behind early as well because Liverpool can be very ruthless once they smell blood. Luton 0-3 Liverpool

Tottenham vs. Chelsea

The headline match to finish, and I think I'm going for the upset with yet another away win (I appreciate they're unlikely to all be correct but I just pick each game individually!). Spurs are flying and they're undoubtedly favourites but I just can't see them remaining unbeaten forever and Chelsea very often beat Spurs. With the Pochettino return factor thrown in as well, I just wonder if this ends up being one of those games that seems to go with narrative rather than form. Very unusually for the Blues, they seem much better away than at Stamford Bridge at the moment. Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea

Good luck with your own Round 11 predictions and feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments!
1,741 cap
Think Burnley and/or Sheff u will get something
3 Nov 15:03
6,513 caps
Chelsea you cant be serious
3 Nov 18:29
49,160 caps
The game against Chelsea will be heated - Poch will not get a warm welcome; the stadium will be a cauldron of boos, befitting the visit of a club that sings how much they hate the home team before every game they play. It's going to be a hostile game with crunching tackles. I can't see Chelsea getting anything out of a game where Spurs are so up for it.
3 Nov 19:22
85,232 caps
Spurs for the win
3 Nov 23:54
33,475 caps
Every week there seems to be 'at least' one upset match picked by fewer than 10%, that goes against reason & logic. So why not Chelsea at Spoz? I'm seeing signs of improvement, Chelsea could have been 2-0 up vs Brentford and got sucker-punched twice in the second half, so 2-1 might have been a more fair scoreline than 0-2. Cup Tie atmos so maybe 1-1 (to be picked by 20% with a Chelsea Win by 8%).
4 Nov 05:12
49,160 caps
Paul - you're using reason and logic to argue that there are times when reason and logic don't apply. Yes there will always be shock results, and yes it's perfectly possible that Chelsea could cause a surprise, especially since Spurs will be aggressive rather than sitting back and hitting them on the counter attack like Brentford did. You're a Chelsea fan though, right? Hence the use of 'Spoz'.
4 Nov 06:42
33,475 caps
Damn! You've foiled my 'Mind Games' tactics! 6 Nov 03:54
34,850 caps
Yes I know. LOL! 6 Nov 15:56
2,475 caps
Not a chance chelsea beat spurs
4 Nov 11:01
1,741 cap
prob draw 6 Nov 12:19
34,850 caps
Logic and reason, Jersey is a pud puller.
4 Nov 14:39
1,741 cap
Man u were always winning that
4 Nov 15:05
295 caps
West Ham win all day📈🫡
4 Nov 16:16
1,741 cap
LOL...that aged well 4 Nov 17:20
1,741 cap
Home teams in form this week lol
5 Nov 15:12
2,475 caps
Make you cheslea and spurs combined X1 we need to add this for the big games
6 Nov 07:34
1,741 cap
6 Nov 09:33
2,475 caps
Cause it would be interesting
6 Nov 10:28
1,741 cap
This is a prediction league not bbc sport 6 Nov 12:19
2,475 caps
There's no need for that I thought it would just be a cool idea
6 Nov 14:47
52,294 caps
Agree it's a nice idea as a debate for the comments now and then, Kyle! Based on this season and players likely available for tonight, in Spurs' 4-2-3-1 shape I'd perhaps go with Vicario; James, Silva, Romero, Udogie; Bissouma, Enzo; Palmer, Maddison, Sterling; Son. Lots of 50/50s though and I'm not 100% sure. Who would you swap? 6 Nov 14:53
2,475 caps
Thanks jack it feels so nice to be praised by the person in charge of all this
I agree with your team to be fair
I would play 4-3-3 with a left cam, vicario, James, silva, romero, udogie, bissoma, sarr, maddison, mudryk on the left he has improved, Sterling on the right and with striker being son
Again thanks for the praise means a lot u could make a poll for it
6 Nov 15:36
49,160 caps
It's at times like this that I really feel like quitting this game
6 Nov 22:28
33,475 caps
Ah, the perennial early season optimism of the classic Tottingham fan. One of he EPL’s great truisms. Lasted a bit l longer than usual. However it was nice of Arsenal and Liverpool not to capitalise. Left Udogie (minus 4) on my FPL Bench luckily but also rested Gordon too dang it! 7 Nov 13:10
6,513 caps
Well done im a chelsea supporter and i had them to lose
7 Nov 06:30
6,513 caps
Looks like ill have to listen to you a bit more jack
7 Nov 06:31
2,475 caps
Don't know what happened yesterday with spurs
Ita gonna be hard to do biggest upsets this weekend there's been a few
7 Nov 07:26
1,741 cap
Lol that combined team Jack. Yikes
8 Nov 17:24
2,475 caps
Damm, what other big game are there this weekend
9 Nov 08:08