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Premier League Predictor: 2019/20 Season Predictions!

Ahead of this Friday's kick-off, it's time to make some overall Premier League predictions before you start making your actual Superbru picks each week in our Premier League Predictor game.

Last year, we saw Manchester City narrowly beat Liverpool to the Premier League title by a single point, will Pep Guardiola's men extend their title-winning run to three on the bounce in this campaign?

We've each named our expected top six, bottom three, Golden Boot winner and Player of the Year for the 2019/20 campaign. Have a read through our predictions below and add your own in the comments! If by the time we've reached May you recall that you were actually spot on with your comment, you can let us know and we'll no doubt give you the chance to gloat on social media or something.

2019/20 Premier League predictions by Superbru team members:

The General

Top Six: Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Man United, Arsenal

Bottom Three: Newcastle, Sheffield United, Brighton

Golden Boot winner: Sadio Mane
Player of the Year: Marvelous Nakamba


Top Six: City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, United, Chelsea

Bottom Three: Brighton, Sheffield United, Newcastle

Golden Boot winner: Harry Kane
Player of the Year: Kevin de Bruyne


Top Six: Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton

Bottom Three: Norwich, Sheffield United, Southampton

Golden Boot winner: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Player of the Year: Raheem Sterling


Top Six: Liverpool, City, Chelsea, United, Spurs, Arsenal

Bottom Three: Sheffield United, Norwich, Southampton

Golden Boot winner: Mohamed Salah
Player of the Year: Harry Maguire


Top Six: City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd

Bottom Three: Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield United

Golden Boot winner: Harry Kane
Player of the Year: Raheem Sterling

Don't forget to join any games you are interested in before Friday night's opener between Liverpool and Norwich! Just as last season, we have a predictor game, full fantasy game and daily 5-a-side fantasy game available.

We look forward to hearing your predictions!
2,930 caps
Top 6
Liverpool, Man City, Wolves, Arsenal, Chelsea. Spurs.
Bottom 3
Sheffield United
West Ham
New Castle
Golden Boot.
6 Aug 18:46
2,930 caps
Player if the year
6 Aug 18:48
47,693 caps
Top six. M City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, M United,
Bottom 3 : Newcastle. Norwich.Sheffield United
Golden Boit Sa lah
Player of year. Firmini
6 Aug 21:21
27,083 caps
Man City
Man United
Golden Boot Kean
Player of the Year
cant wait to start! its my first year with serious attention to this tournament as an Everton fan since 1986!!!
I have 2 pools if anyone keen to join - Christian SPort's Pool open to anyone and a select teams of 6 pool. anyone wanna enter a team of 6 players? we try keep even 3 girls and 3 guys? be good - Waycat
7 Aug 02:49
21,166 caps
Gut feel says Chelsea not going to be there. As a Wolves fan, love your prediction Munchy!
7 Aug 07:09
50,106 caps
Top Six: Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Everton (curveball), Man United, Aston Villa (please, please please! But actually Chelsea)

Bottom Three: Newcastle, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace

Golden Boot winner: Harry Kane
Player of the Year: Raheem Stirling
7 Aug 07:29
1,319 cap
Top Six: Liverpool, Man City, Spurs, Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea
Botttom Three: Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton
Golden boot: Harry Kane
Player of the year: Sadio Mane
7 Aug 09:49
3,495 caps
Top 6.
Man City,Liverpool,Arsenal, Spurs,Chelsea,Man Utd.
Bottom 3. Sheffield Utd,Norwich,Villa.
Golden boot Harry Kane
Player of the year Bernard silva
7 Aug 10:36
340 caps
Top6 Arsenal, Man city, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man utd,Spurs
Bottom 3 vlla , Newcastle, Sheffield United
Golden boot Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Player of the year Nicolas papa
7 Aug 11:13
399 caps
Obviously a gooner who needs to get in the real world 15 Aug 22:11
20,147 caps
Top 6
1st Man City
2nd Liverpool
3rd Spurs
4th Arsenal
5th Leicester
6th Chelsea

Bottom 3
18th Norwich
19th Brighton
20th Sheff Utd

Golden Boot.

Player of the season
7 Aug 12:24
19,907 caps
Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Wolves
Golden Boot- Salah
Player of the Year- Salah
Bottom 3- Aston Villa, Sheffield Utd, Brighton
7 Aug 12:25
2,806 caps
top 6 Spurs City Liverpool Arsenal United Everton
Golden Boot: Harry Kane
Player Of The Year: Salah
Bottom 3 Aston Villa Brighton Newcastle
7 Aug 12:59
4,812 caps
Top 6:
Manchester United
The Red Devils
United Youth
United Women
Newton Heath
Bottom 3:
Man City
Not 100% sure about the order of the Top 6... there or thereabouts.
7 Aug 14:19
14,497 caps
3.19 in the afternoon. Bit early to be off your head on Boddingtons with your Mancfester Eunuched optimism Angus? 7 Aug 22:04
4,812 caps
Ooh my head hurts! Please whisper, Paul. Well, at least I've sobered up enough to remember that Newton Heath have left the stadium. That leaves 12 teams fighting over best-of-the-rest 6th spot. Just off to the fridge for another tin, I'll get back to you with that final prediction. 8 Aug 04:33
5,540 caps
GO MAN UNITED!!!!This is the season xmaz is over!!! 8 Aug 09:42
835 caps
Top Six: Liverpool, Man City,Man United,Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs
7 Aug 15:22
835 caps
Golden boot: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
7 Aug 15:24
835 caps
Player of the year: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
7 Aug 15:25
835 caps
Bottom 3: Unknown
7 Aug 15:27
2,891 caps
Top 6: Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal
Bottom 3: Sheffield United, Brighton, Aston Villa
Top goalscorer: Harry Kane
Player of the Year: Kevin De Bruyne
8 Aug 04:21
60 caps
My Prediction of top six

1. Liverpool
2. Arsenal
3. Spurs
4. Man City
5. Chelsea
6. Wolves

Bottom Three
18. Brighton
19. Sheffield United
20. Norwich City

First game of seaon:
Liverpool 6-1 Norwich City

Golden boot: M. Sarah
Player of the year, Van Dijk
Coach of the year: Klopp
8 Aug 11:02
13,021 caps
My prediction for Top Ten:
1. Manchester City
2. Liverpool FC
3. Tottenham Hotspur
4. Chelsea FC
5. Arsenal
6. Manchester United
7. Wolverhampton Wolves
8. Everton
9. Leicester City
10. Watford FC

Bottom Three:
Norwich City
Aston Villa
Sheffield United
Golden Boot: Sergio Aguero
Player of the Year: Roberto Firmino
Coach of the Year: Pep Guardiola

8 Aug 11:28
14,497 caps
Top 6 - City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spoz, Ars, Man U. Yep same as last year! Far too early to forecast anything changing much. Bottom 3 Newcastle 18th, Sheff Utd, 19th Norwich bottom. Don't buy this negative Brighton attitude. Newcastle are in a right mess. Golden Boot was going to be Salah until I saw him miss 5 sitters in the Comminity Shield! So Kane. Player of the year Mr VAR who should contribute 30 goals!
8 Aug 21:22
7,075 caps
Top 6 man city, Arsenal, liverpool , Man United, chelsea , wolves

I am an Arsenal fan but eish foing to be a tough one...

Bottom 3 newcastle, sheff united and Burnley
9 Aug 04:53
309 caps
Top 6: City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, United
Bottom 3: Southampton, Norwich, Sheffield United
Golden boot winner: Raheem Sterling
10 Aug 16:38
2,798 caps
Top 6: Liverpool,Man U,Man City,Spires,Chelsea, Arsenal
Bottom 3: Sheffield United, Burnley & Norwich
Golden Boot Winner:Harry Kane
Player of the yr:Kante
10 Aug 21:02
192 caps
Top Six:- Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea.
Bottom 3: Newcastle, Sheffield United Norwich.
Golden Boot Winner: Kane
Player of the year: Maguire
Coach of the Year: Ole Gunnar Solsjaer
17 Aug 05:28
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