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Premier League: Round 8 Predictions

The Premier League returns this evening following the postponed Round 7 and though there are still a few postponements this weekend due to complications relating to HM Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral, we still have 7 games to predict in Round 8.

Like Bournemouth, I had a surprisingly good round back in Round 6 with 7/10 which included 3 Exacts. Let's hope the week off hasn't ruined all my momentum going into this week!

Here are my thoughts on each game in Round 8 of the Premier League Predictor.

Aston Villa vs. Southampton

A very tricky one to start. Villa haven't been great but desperately need a win, while Southampton are just a nightmare to predict every week, really. I think a home win is probably slightly more likely as Villa should be really up for this under the lights in front of their own fans. If they don't pick up three points, I think Gerrard might be in trouble. Prediction: Aston Villa 2-1 Southampton

Nottingham Forest vs. Fulham

A couple of weeks ago I'd probably have gone with Forest here since they're at home but their defeat to Bournemouth is a concern and Fulham have been fairly strong and consistent in their opening 6 games. Mitrovic is on fire and Fulham also have a great recent record at the City Ground so let's go with an away win. Prediction: Nottingham Forest 1-2 Fulham

Wolves vs. Manchester City

First things first, Diego Costa being back in the Premier League should be great fun! I'm not sure he'll make his Wolves debut in this game, and he probably won't get the ball much even if he does, but I'm very interested to see how he does. This match is obviously likely to be won by City but I'm not sure they'll score as many as they did last season at Molineux as Wolves have been pretty strong defensively so far this season. Prediction: Wolves 0-2 Manchester City

Newcastle vs. Bournemouth

Perhaps Bournemouth will continue to surprise us under Gary O'Neil but I think Newcastle should finally get another win on the board here. This is a great opportunity for three points and then with the international break coming up after this, Eddie Howe should have his big players back fit for October so that the Magpies can start building some momentum. Prediction: Newcastle 2-0 Bournemouth

Tottenham vs. Leicester

I'm actually quite tempted by an upset here as Tottenham haven't been amazing for a few weeks now and that was finally reflected in a result in the Champions League in midweek, but Leicester's defence at Brighton was a horror show and Richarlison's form means I'm going with the expected home win. Brendan Rodgers is another manager who will be in big trouble in the upcoming international break if Leicester don't win this weekend but the Foxes really would have to turn things around quite a lot if they're to get a result. Prediction: Tottenham 3-1 Leicester

Brentford vs. Arsenal

This is a really tough fixture for Arsenal and I think Brentford might be able to get a result. It sounds like Zinchenko might be out for the Gunners which would be a big blow and if Partey still isn't fit enough to start, that leaves Arsenal even more vulnerable. An away win is obviously the more expected outcome and I feel Arsenal will score a goal or two with the talent they have in attack but I think Brentford can match them as they're so strong at home and Ivan Toney is flying. Prediction: Brentford 2-2 Arsenal

Everton vs. West Ham

A difficult one to finish with. Everton have made themselves very competitive this season but they clearly need to start winning games. I think West Ham are the stronger side but Everton's home advantage perhaps cancels that out somewhat and I actually think the Toffees might finally get a win on the board if Calvert-Lewin is fit enough to make the squad as they've had a lot of time to prepare for this game. Jordan Pickford's absence is a concern, and if Calvert-Lewin remains out I think I'll switch to a draw, but for now let's go with a narrow home win. Prediction: Everton 2-1 West Ham

Good luck with your own Round 8 picks!

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29,645 caps
I've never quite understood the scoring system for football on Superbru, recently highlighted by the match between Forest and Fulham today. I picked 2-2, it ended 2-3 to Fulham. I got zero points, even though I was one goal off the exact score. Someone who picked 1-2 (two goals off) gets a close (1.5 points)?!?! Even someone who picked 0-1 or even a crazy 0-9 to Fulham still gets 1 point for the result. Surely a fairer system would be to get, say, 1 point or half a point for not getting the result but being one goal off?
17 Sep 00:12
23,399 caps
It is the same in any sporting prediction games.. If you get it wring, it is wrong. The only exception, which may give you some street cred in your argument is the rugby scoring where if you are within 5 points in a losing result, then you get a margin point! But then again, rugby is a game where a team win by anywhere between 1 and 100 points points (if not more) so far harder to get the margin point. I think you are grasping at straws though.. You picked the wrong team and should not be rewarded for the loss regardless of your scoreline. 17 Sep 11:36
1,125 cap
seriously? they didn't draw that's why you got 0...LOL 17 Sep 16:51
29,645 caps
You're all talking about the result. I don't disagree with you there. If you get the result wrong you should get zero, absolutely. But the football prediction games you have to pick the exact result also, and you get points based on how close you are. If you pick 3-1 and it ends 2-1 you get points for being one goal off. Why should you not get points for picking 2-2 and it ends 3-2? I'm not saying full points, but at least something to reward you for getting as close to the exact score as my first 2-1, 3-1 example. 17 Sep 17:13
42,594 caps
If you get the result wrong, it's not close at all. Does it really merit anything?

In practice, your suggestion would mean that the common 2-0 and 2-1 scorelines would pick up bonus points simply for predicting the most popular outcomes. I don't think that would be a good thing.
17 Sep 00:52
15,919 caps
Agree with you. 17 Sep 06:33
29,645 caps
In the example I gave, the common scoreline of 2-1 DID get the bonus points. The prediction of 2-2 was closer to the actual score but that gives you no points. 17 Sep 09:52
13,163 caps
Forest lost a 2-0 lead again. Thanks Forest for nothing, Their defense isn't solid enough.
17 Sep 03:54
1,125 cap
they were 1-0 up then 1-3 down... 17 Sep 16:50
13,163 caps
My bad. 18 Sep 14:28
1,125 cap
haha no worries ;) 18 Sep 15:31
13,163 caps
There is a difference between right and wrong. It is just about luck sometimes.
17 Sep 03:56
77,269 caps
Yet in rugby, you can get the result wrong but still get 0.5 points if your prediction is within 5 points of the result. So there is no consistency in the scoring methodology in SuperBru. I have challenged them for years to improve their scoring system but the dumb members say "if it aint broke don't fix it" so I have given up
17 Sep 10:06
1,125 cap
different sports. seems to work well. 17 Sep 16:52
77,269 caps
Like I said - the dumb members say "if it aint broke don't fix it" 18 Sep 11:22
1,125 cap
It is a lot harder to get an exact result right in rugby though. They give close points to reward this. Dunno why a change is needed in football. You either get it right or don't.
19 Sep 13:45
13,163 caps
The debate continues.
17 Sep 10:42
1,125 cap
Waratahbre you're digging a hole mate. Just leave it.
18 Sep 10:15
29,546 caps
I've banged on & on for YEARS about this. Waratahbre is right to feel aggrieved. I wrote the other day that a 'Dumb-lucker' can basically fluke an Exact (or 4) while a more knowledgable Bru with a much better TDM can lose out time & time again by a 96th minute winner (when the added time sign often read 4). Its to do with scores like 2-1 or 1-2 being UNFAIRLY over-rewarded as they sit in the middle of an overlapping Venn Diagram of scores. How can it be fair that 2-1 is classed as close for BOTH a 1-0 AND a rare 3-2? Going 1-0 is literally a 'Mug's Pick' as its ONE-ENDED. Only rewarded as close by 2-0 & 2-1, with 2-1 getting extra bites at 1.5 with 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 AND 3-2! They have kept the 0.5 margin in the NFL and the 'dare not mess with it' Rugby, so a complete DOUBLE STANDARD. At least the Odds-based Fantasy rewards 'Risk-taking'. So why not the Predictor?
There needs to be the exact same number of ways to get Close points per score. REGARDLESS of outcome. You get rewarded for those
19 Sep 16:01
1,125 cap
I think you get rewarded enough with 1, 1.5 or 3. It's only a game. No point changing it just because points are scored differently in Rugby and NFL.

20 Sep 12:00
13,163 caps
I play just for the fun and the challenge to beat other participants regardless of the rules. After all ,it is a free game.
20 Sep 03:51
36,815 caps
I can find no fault with Jersey-puller’s logic in this matter. We have discussed it many times before. I’m also not fond of the 3 Point Exacto, but I do accept that it gives the also-rans a chance to win by being a bit lucky. 20 Sep 07:43
13,163 caps
Nothing is perfect in this world. There will always be something that we disagree with.
20 Sep 08:55
1,454 cap
25 Sep 21:30