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Premier League: Round 38 Predictions

We've reached the final round! It's been a strange and very long season with the World Cup sandwiched in the middle of it (that Tuchel v Conte match early in the campaign feels as if it was at least two seasons ago) and we also have an unusually low key final day in terms of the title race and Champions League places with both of those already sewn up.

However, there is of course set to be plenty of drama in the relegation battle and I would not be looking forward to Sunday if I was an Everton, Leicester or Leeds fan. On Superbru, this is the time to be tactical as if you're behind in a few pools, now is the time to risk some upsets in the dead rubbers.

Personally, I'm doing OK in most of my pools so I'm looking to keep things fairly 'normal' with the odd bold pick to try and gain some extra places. Here are my predictions for Round 38 of the Premier League Predictor.

Arsenal vs. Wolves

I think there'll be a fairly positive atmosphere at the Emirates for this one as looking back at this season as a whole, there's no doubt it's been a good one for Arsenal and I expect them to finish on a high with three points. Wolves haven't been good away from home all season and there's a lot of players who may well be leaving them this summer as they need a squad refresh. Prediction: Arsenal 3-0 Wolves

Aston Villa vs. Brighton

This is one of very few games that matter in the top half as Aston Villa will be very eager to maintain their spot in 7th and qualify for the Europa Conference League which would be a remarkable achievement given where they were when Emery took over. I think they can get the win they need now that Brighton have already secured Europa League football. Prediction: Aston Villa 2-1 Brighton

Brentford vs. Manchester City

I think City will be eager to finish with a win as well so that they have positive momentum heading into their two cup finals. Brentford have of course already beaten City this season and could make it a double given their home form and the fact that they do have some motivation because of their outside chance of finishing 7th, but I still think an away win is likely and we'll see a fairly strong City team as we did at Brighton. Prediction: Brentford 1-2 Manchester City

Chelsea vs. Newcastle

Chelsea will just be relieved the season is finally over after this game and Newcastle will likely be on the beach now that Champions League football is secured so I'm not expecting a classic here. Newcastle have obviously been the stronger side this season and are more likely to win but I think we might see a draw - perhaps since it's the final day and final home game of the campaign Chelsea will raise their level slightly and manage a goal/point. Prediction: Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle

Crystal Palace vs. Nottingham Forest

Nothing to play for here and Forest can put their feet up after that brilliant win over Arsenal so I think Palace will come out on top in a pressure-free game. I'm excited to see who's in charge of the Eagles for next season as we've seen some really bright displays from Olise and Eze under Hodgson. Prediction: Crystal Palace 3-1 Nottingham Forest

Everton vs. Bournemouth

Here we go then, time to switch from carefree, fun fixtures to the three matches that have more riding on them than any other matches these teams have played all season. Everton need to win and I've spent all week thinking they will do, but that's mainly just based on it being 'inevitable' because of what's at stake and the fact they found a way last season rather than any real logic. With Calvert-Lewin likely out and Bournemouth winning games on the road in recent weeks, there's plenty of danger here. I still feel the Toffees will just about do it but it is hard to know where there goals are coming from. To me, Tarkowski and Mina are a more likely source than their attackers? Prediction: Everton 2-1 Bournemouth

Leeds vs. Tottenham

Leeds are in big trouble as I can't see both Everton and Leicester failing to win. Last week was such a big chance for them to pick up 3 points and they had several opportunities to score in the first half at West Ham but now that they've lost that, I think they're gone. In terms of this game, Tottenham have been terrible recently so are very beatable but when you've got Kane you're always dangerous in attack and Leeds heads could easily drop if they hear either Everton or Leicester are ahead early on? Spurs can obviously still get European football too so there is a carrot there, albeit a small one since it's the Europa Conference League. Prediction: Leeds 1-2 Tottenham

Leicester vs. West Ham

As I've just said, I felt Leeds should have beaten West Ham last week and though the Hammers fielded a stronger side than I expected and played well in the second half of that match, I think this is a great opportunity for Leicester as David Moyes' priority is the upcoming Europa Conference League final. It could easily turn into a chaotic affair, given Leicester's defence this season, but I'm going with a high scoring win for the Foxes which if I'm right about Everton winning won't be quite enough. However, it will be if the Toffees only manage a draw and imagine the scenes at the King Power if Bournemouth get a late equaliser and I'm right with this scoreline! Prediction: Leicester 3-2 West Ham

Manchester United vs. Fulham

Pretty much anything could happen here as it's a total dead rubber so I'm wondering if it's worth going for a draw as a potential upset? United weren't great against Chelsea on Thursday, it's just the Blues are much worse, and Fulham seem to be playing fairly well recently despite nothing being at stake for them for a while? United will likely win but let's chance it. Prediction: Manchester United 1-1 Fulham

Southampton vs. Liverpool

Finally, this should be a win for a Liverpool as Southampton fall away without much of a fight. It sounds as if Klopp will be rotating (as I'm sure many other managers will) but the Reds will have the stronger lineup regardless and there's plenty of competition for places in their forward line so I think the attackers will be hungry. Prediction: Southampton 1-3 Liverpool

Good luck with your own predictions and a big thank you to those of you that have taken the time to read these prediction pieces this season. It's been great to have plenty of you sharing your own thoughts in the comments each week and getting involved with the Superbru Football Fans group on Facebook. I hope you all have a great final round and hope to see you back next season!

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1,741 cap
Man U will make several changes so could easily lose. Draw is a good bet though.
26 May 12:10
21,004 caps
Fulham to win 2-1 27 May 01:57
1,741 cap
easy man u win 28 May 19:41
4,081 caps
I agree with you both on a draw for Man U., Also draws for Everton vs Bournemouth and West Ham vs Leicester. Thanks for all the advice this season Jack and you too Fleeto. Really enjoyed the season and can't wait for next season to start.
26 May 19:28
4,081 caps
I scored 321 points so far in the Premier League. I was wondering if you Jack and Fleeto could tell me what you have scored so far. It's cool if you guys don't want to say, but I just wanted to see how I compare to two experienced people. Thanks again for your advice this season.
26 May 19:54
1,741 cap
I'm on 343. 321 is good though! hope the final games go well for ya ;) 26 May 21:51
4,081 caps
Wow 343 is an awesome score. I am hoping to get to 50% win percentage. I need to win at least 7 this last week to be right at 50%. Thanks for all your advice this season and good luck with the final games bro. 27 May 00:48
82,719 caps
FYI - Hutch is on 375.5 points and I am a lowly 15th in the pool with 335.5 points
28 May 12:48
21,004 caps
291 points, a pile of pants. Hope to do better next time around.
27 May 01:56
4,081 caps
That's not bad Gunslinger, I appreciate the advice and the pools you have run this season, good luck for the final games bro. 27 May 11:00
49,160 caps
It's been a very unpredictable season
27 May 07:11
21,004 caps
Totally agree. 27 May 10:29
625 caps
Thanks Jack your insights have been great and really helped me a lot
27 May 09:24
21,004 caps
I concur with you. He has worked very hard to encourage us to participate. I hope to do better next season. 27 May 10:31
4,081 caps
Yes , Thank you Jack for your insight and predictions for this season. I took your advice over other so called experts on other websites. Thank again bro. 27 May 11:02
687 caps
Why can I not select teams for last games of season 3 teams I haven't selected it keeps spinning
27 May 15:52
4,081 caps
Sounds like the app isn't loading, reboot your phone or tablet and try it again. If you're on the website it could be they are updating the website and you should try again at a later time. Hope this helps you. 27 May 22:21
21,004 caps
Technology is never perfect.
28 May 02:25
49,160 caps
Sometimes the app doesn't display fixtures - best to check the website as well
28 May 09:49
13,949 caps
I am on 336.5 so hoping for a good round to end off.
28 May 14:13
7,705 caps
Dudes! what a final day! bloody Everton just won't die! Chelsea nearly beaten Newcastle and Saints - not too shabby for a relegated club!!!
28 May 17:57
1,741 cap
7/10 right. not bad season at all.
28 May 19:41
4,081 caps
4 out of 10 to end these season which sucks, but overall I had a good season for my first time making predictions for the Premier League.
28 May 21:02
21,004 caps
1 out of 10. Another quality performance.55555.
29 May 00:01
1,741 cap
1??? wtf 29 May 08:54
11,688 caps
1 Jun 11:30
1,741 cap
? 1 Jun 13:35
549 caps
Man city
9 Jul 03:14