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Premier League: Round 36 Predictions

I was disappointed with only 4/10 in Round 35 and have slipped down a few leaderboards as a result but there are still 3 rounds to try and get back on top so let's hope for a better weekend this time!

The remaining rounds are of course going to filled with a few huge fixtures at each end of the table and some 'dead rubbers' which are often harder to predict.

Here are my predictions for Round 36 of the Premier League Predictor.

Leeds vs. Newcastle

I think this will be a real battle as Leeds will put up a fight as they try to save themselves in Allardyce's first home game in charge but I'm just not sure they're good enough defensively to get a result. I was tempted by a draw but Newcastle should be taking the points, particularly since Liverpool are suddenly threatening the Champions League places. Prediction: Leeds 1-2 Newcastle

Aston Villa vs. Tottenham

Tricky one. Villa are good at home and Spurs aren't good away so it feels simple in that sense but after a couple of defeats for Villa there's some doubt there and Tottenham's record at Villa Park has also made me hesitate! You can't really ignore how badly Spurs have defended in recent away games though so I think Ollie Watkins might enjoy his afternoon. Prediction: Aston Villa 2-1 Tottenham

Chelsea vs. Nottingham Forest

Chelsea finally have a win to their name so it makes sense that they can follow up with another one here given how bad Forest's away record is. This still represents a chance for much needed points for Forest in my opinion, but they always seem to lose on the road and Lampard will want a home victory during his interim reign. Prediction: Chelsea 2-0 Nottingham Forest

Crystal Palace vs. Bournemouth

The pressure is off for both of these sides so hopefully we see some goals and Palace look better equipped for that kind of game. Eberechi Eze has been a joy to watch recently and I'm going with a home win. Prediction: Crystal Palace 3-1 Bournemouth

Manchester United vs. Wolves

It's still hard to pick against United at home despite their recent away defeats, particularly when they're hosting Wolves who haven't been good when playing away from Molineux. Julen Lopetegui deserves plenty of credit for already ensuring Wolves are safe but that should make this fixture easier for United. Prediction: Manchester United 2-0 Wolves

Southampton vs. Fulham

Will Southampton fight their way to a win to keep their tiny chance of survival alive? Or are they already resigned to relegation after the Forest defeat? I think the latter is more likely and they haven't been scoring many goals at home. Prediction: Southampton 0-1 Fulham

Brentford vs. West Ham

I think a Brentford win makes sense here, particularly now that West Ham are essentially safe and can fully focus on their European semi-final. Even if that wasn't the case, Brentford is a tough place to go. Prediction: Brentford 3-0 West Ham

Everton vs. Manchester City

This should be interesting as it's an awkward fixture for City at an inconvenient time - by that I mean in between their Champions League semi-final legs vs. Real Madrid though more specifically, Guardiola has also understandably complained about being made to play on Sunday. City should of course win regardless but I didn't see Everton's result at Brighton coming in a million years and I"m sure many of their fans are the same so it should be quite an atmosphere at Goodison. Prediction: Everton 0-2 Manchester City

Arsenal vs. Brighton

Brighton will be very eager to respond to that surprise scoreline against Everton on Monday and I think they'll compete well here but Arsenal are the more likely to win after that win at Newcastle which I didn't expect them to get. Martin Odegaard has been really impressive all season but especially in the last few weeks and he could well be the difference again. Prediction: Arsenal 3-1 Brighton

Leicester vs. Liverpool

Leicester are now in deep, deep trouble and I can't see them winning this. Their defence has just been so poor which really doesn't bode well ahead of facing Liverpool. I think Dean Smith side's will score and they need to go on the attack but Liverpool will likely score more so let's go with a bold scoreline to end the round. Prediction: Leicester 2-4 Liverpool

Good luck with your own predictions - feel free to let me know what they are in the comments!

Newcastle vs. Brighton

This has become a massive fixture after the weekend results - Brighton have shown how capable they are of winning this match with that victory over Arsenal and Newcastle are under pressure to maintain their top four place having dropped points at Leeds. It's a really tough pick and my main thought is just that I'm looking forward to watching the game! I think Newcastle will be strong enough in front of their home crowd to avoid defeat but I'm not convinced they'll take all three points so I'm going with a draw which wouldn't be too bad a result for either side? Newcastle 1-1 Brighton

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1,730 cap
No draws? Villa game will be tight
12 May 13:51
3,993 caps
I can't believe Newcastle game ended in a draw, I didn't think there would be any draws this weekend, due to how late it is in the season. Once again I was wrong. 13 May 13:49
1,730 cap
Newcastle v Brighton on Thursday too
12 May 13:52
5,882 caps
i can see the brentford vs west ham game either ending in a draw or west ham picking up an away win. i can also see the aston villa vs tottenham game either ending in a draw or tottenham picking up an away win. the rest of the predictions look ok though more goals could be scored in some of those games which you have predicted.
12 May 13:54
1,730 cap
West ham euro focused so naturally they lost with a depleted side 18 May 15:05
1,227 cap
Decent scores, I'd put a higher scorline for the City game but maybe not as the Blues might keep a few fab players out of the squad to save them for Wednesday against Real Madrid. Although, if you are a United or Liverpool fan, you won't know much about the Champions' League any more, will you. Haha. BTW, that was a joke.
12 May 16:42
20,663 caps
City could end up without a trophy this year. The title race is far from over.
13 May 05:26
3,993 caps
I think Man City will win the Premier League Championship , but it will come down to the last match. 13 May 13:53
20,663 caps
I will take the Champions League. 13 May 14:46
5,882 caps
where you very serious when you made this statement? the only major title which manchester city may miss out on is the uefa champions league. the fa cup and the english premier league are already in the bag. arsenal and manchester united are not teams to be taken very seriously and are not an obstacle to manchester city in anyway. 14 May 18:23
1,730 cap
Knew leeds would get something.
13 May 14:23
20,663 caps
It's all a lottery. 13 May 14:46
20,663 caps
Psychic Fleeto. You can start doing the horoscopes. 15 May 00:40
1,730 cap
Haha I didn't say draw though... 15 May 08:52
1,730 cap
Arsenal bottle job complete.
14 May 18:25
1,227 cap
Yeah. I think City are definitely going to win the treble!!!!! 15 May 17:22
1,227 cap
Haaland (a.k.a. Mr. Goal Machine) is world class!!!!! 15 May 17:23
3,993 caps
I watched the second half of the Arsenal game and they looked weak I think they only had one shot on goal the whole second half, can't win playing like that.
14 May 19:33
1,730 cap
Jack, Any prediction for Newcastle v Brighton?
16 May 08:54
51,965 caps
Just updated now! A really tough one to finish with... What are you going with? 16 May 14:17
1,730 cap
Tough one alright. Maybe draw as well.
17 May 07:40
3,993 caps
Newcastle to win 2-1, but most experts are saying a draw. Good luck all
16 May 20:39
20,663 caps
4 -1 to the Dolphins.
17 May 03:55
3,993 caps
Had to look up who use to be called The office Dolphins. I learn something new every day . Thanks for the trivia Gunslinger. 17 May 19:04
20,663 caps
Thanks Marko.. Brighton were called the Dolphins between 1974-until 76. In 77 they became the Seagulls.
Who are the office Dolphins? 17 May 23:37
3,993 caps
I don't know who the office Dolphins are, I must have made a typo. Sorry for my mistake. I guess I need to read my writing before I post it. Lol 18 May 00:58
20,663 caps
No worries Marko. 18 May 06:56
2,389 caps
I don’t see the Newcastle vs Brighton game available to predict a score
17 May 13:59
51,965 caps
Hi Tony, the Newcastle v Brighton game was added to the bottom of the current round when it was rescheduled following its initial postponement. It's possible that you'll already have a prediction made for the game as you may have made one in time for the original date, but you can edit your prediction if you wish as all locked picks were unlocked when we updated the fixture with the new date and time. 17 May 14:31
1,922 cap
So far i got 6 exact and 1close for round 36 not to bad i guess
17 May 17:53
3,993 caps
That's awesome Etho, getting 6 exact in one round is great. I have never gotten 6 exact in any round this season. Keep up the good work bro 17 May 18:47
1,730 cap
6 exact?? Which ones?
17 May 21:58
1,922 cap
AVL 2 vs TOT 1
MAN 2 vs WOL 0
SOU 0 vs FUL 2
BRU 2 vs WHU 0
EVE 0 vs MCI 3
LEI 0 vs LIV 3

18 May 04:25
1,730 cap
jeez fairplay 18 May 09:47
48,884 caps
You used to get a cash prize for getting that many right in a week, I think.
18 May 13:27
1,686 cap
Yes, but you had to predict 7 exact scores not six. If he can get another exact score tonight, then he has 7 exact scores. Maybe, they'll reward him with some cash.
18 May 17:28
1,922 cap
True Hussein, but i've read for 6 exact they use to give a premier league jersey of your choice in the past.
18 May 20:43
5,882 caps
i knew that newcastle would easily beat brighton to cement their place in the top four. liverpool and brighton will be playing europa league football next season.
18 May 20:50
20,663 caps
I had Brighton to win 4-1 20 May 04:55
1,686 cap
Etho that's right. Did you get yesterday's game correct? 🤔 If you didn't, then they might send you a premier league jersey. I hope Jack will respond to this thread.
19 May 13:15