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Premier League: Round 34 Predictions

The midweek round was a rough one for me with just 3 correct picks out of 10. The tactic of picking teams that really need to win to actually do so hasn't been going well so perhaps it's time for a re-think in this round!

Here are my predictions for Round 34 of the Premier League Predictor. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Crystal Palace vs. West Ham

Not an easy start but I think I'm going with Palace despite West Ham's recent improved away form. It sounds as if Zaha will be back for Palace which is obviously a significant boost and they're always tough to beat at Selhurst Park. Prediction: Crystal Palace 2-1 West Ham

Brentford vs. Nottingham Forest

Forest got that impressive win over Brighton in midweek but I still don't trust them on the road so I'm backing Brentford here. Winning at Stamford Bridge isn't quite the achievement it usually is this season but it was still important for Brentford to get back to winning ways and now that they have I think they'll be OK in this game. Prediction: Brentford 2-0 Nottingham Forest

Brighton vs. Wolves

Another one where home advantage makes sense to me as Brighton are the stronger side and Wolves are far better at Molineux than they are on the road. There's still lots at stake for Brighton so I expect them to bounce back from that loss at Forest. Prediction: Brighton 2-0 Wolves

Bournemouth vs. Leeds

Bournemouth deserve so much credit for the position they've got themselves in, I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking they'd be bottom of the pile this season. This is a difficult pick though as they can't stop winning away but have actually been poor in their last two home games. Leeds aren't a team I pick very often as you can't really trust them for a result but I feel like they could manage a point? I think there'll be goals. Prediction: Bournemouth 2-2 Leeds

Fulham vs. Manchester City

Manchester City look absolutely top class at the moment so I'm obviously backing them over Fulham. The constant treble chat at this stage of every season is tiresome but the fact that they're in a position to be in with a chance so consistently is very impressive and it's certainly hard to see anyone stopping them from winning another Premier League title now. Prediction: Fulham 0-3 Manchester City

Manchester United vs. Aston Villa

I think this might be where Aston Villa's unbeaten run finally comes to an end - they've been slightly less convincing in their last couple of games (though still getting results!) and Manchester United's home form is impressive. A draw is tempting but United tend to find a way at Old Trafford. Prediction: Manchester United 2-1 Aston Villa

Newcastle vs. Southampton

I think Southampton are down after that Bournemouth loss and it's certainly unlikely they'll find any points at St James' Park. Newcastle are on fire at the moment - Alexander Isak continues to be a joy to watch. Prediction: Newcastle 3-1 Southampton

Liverpool vs. Tottenham

Tottenham almost never win at Anfield and it definitely doesn't feel like this is the season where they can change that. Liverpool are finally finding a bit of momentum and it never feels wise to go against them at Anfield. Prediction: Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham

Leicester vs. Everton

A massive fixture for both teams but I feel like Leicester are quite strong favourites at the King Power. The Foxes seem to be making steady progress under Dean Smith whereas you've got to fear for Everton given their recent performances and remaining fixtures. Prediction: Leicester 2-0 Everton

Arsenal vs. Chelsea

It feels like Chelsea might not even manage another point all season (or a goal!) so you have to go with Arsenal here even after their disappointing loss at City. It's not often Arsenal will see a derby fixture against Chelsea as a favourable match to have when trying to get back on form but the Blues really are a mess this season. Prediction: Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

UPDATE: A fairly kind round so far in terms of predictability and I've managed 8/10. More home wins to come?

Liverpool vs. Fulham

I don't think there'll be an upset here, despite Liverpool's defensive issues. Fulham are missing a few key players so they aren't as well placed as usual to take some of the chances they'll likely get. Prediction: Liverpool 3-1 Fulham

Manchester City vs. West Ham

A similar story here as we should see a fairly routine home win. West Ham need to be slightly careful because of their tough remaining fixtures but if they're looking at prioritising where their points are likely to come from, they've far more of a chance of beating Man United at home on Sunday than they have of beating City here. Prediction: Manchester City 3-0 West Ham

Brighton vs. Manchester United

This is a much more difficult pick to finish with but I think I'm sticking with the home win trend as Brighton have had the better of United in recent league meetings and probably deserved to edge the recent FA Cup semi-final too. The Seagulls were excellent at the weekend and United aren't always great on the road. Prediction: Brighton 2-1 Manchester United

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1,730 cap
Once again Jack 8/10 home wins? There's gonna be more away wins in there...
28 Apr 14:30
51,965 caps
Maybe! Who have you picked to win away (besides City)? 28 Apr 14:37
1,730 cap
Meant draws too...
Gone Everton to win (good record away to Leicester) and palace/brighton games as draws 28 Apr 15:47
1,730 cap
I'm 74th in Ireland so must be doing ok! ;p 28 Apr 15:48
5,882 caps
i am one of the few people backing aston villa to beat manchester united at old trafford. 28 Apr 15:52
1,730 cap
haha changed my brighton and palace scores to home wins 29 Apr 15:36
3,993 caps
That was a good choice seeing they both won, I was wondering why you had them as draws. Still not sure about Everton winning, but good luck bro
30 Apr 12:31
1,730 cap
Gone Leicester 1-0. 1 May 09:52
1,730 cap
They won't beat them
28 Apr 16:51
5,882 caps
hopefully i will be coming back to you with the what can you say now comment after the game finishes. 28 Apr 18:19
1,730 cap
Man u won... 30 Apr 17:41
2,138 caps
29 Apr 10:34
34,505 caps
Fleeto2023, you are 74th but there are only 70 in that pool. LOL!
29 Apr 15:07
1,730 cap
Hilarious 29 Apr 15:36
620 caps
Yeah I’m going back in to work
30 Apr 05:01
3,993 caps
I went 8 out of 8 this weekend, I have never started a round this good. Hopefully I can get the last 5 correct, but not counting on it.
30 Apr 19:38
1,730 cap
7 for me.
1 May 07:55
3,993 caps
I didn't see a draw coming in the Leicester City vs. Everton match. First loss of this round for me.
2 May 00:10
1,730 cap
Was tough to call alright 2 May 09:57
3,993 caps
Fleeto2023, What are your thoughts on the Brighton vs Man United. I am considering a draw at 2-2, but not sure.
2 May 12:50
1,730 cap
Draw maybe. Brighton are very hard to predict this season! 2 May 14:42
3,993 caps
Thanks for your input bro it's much appreciated 2 May 16:40
1,730 cap
No problem!
2 May 17:33
3,993 caps
Home win in the Brighton match is what I am going with, I have changed my mind for the last time on this match
3 May 20:42
5,882 caps
these are reasons why most of us have lost some points in most superbru polls because we overthink too much about some predictions which we make for certain games. as a result of overthinking a correct prediction may end up been a wrong prediction. 3 May 22:18
3,993 caps
Thanks for the advice bro
4 May 00:49
2,190 caps
Manchester united win will win against brighton.
4 May 18:50
3,993 caps
Brighton win 1-0 over Man United, I was right to go with Brighton. 4 May 21:11
3,993 caps
I had my best round ever. I had 12 wins out of 13 matches. Wish I could do that well every round.
4 May 21:07
20,663 caps
You are a superstar. Nice work man! For real. 5 May 05:06
3,993 caps
Thanks bro, I am really stunned I did that well. Just wish I could do that good every round, which I know is unrealistic. Thanks again Gunslinger and good luck in the next round. 5 May 07:56
1,730 cap
Nice work man! I changed a lot of mine so got 11/13 5 May 08:25
3,993 caps
Good work Fleeto2023, 11/13 is a great round, keep up the great picks bro. 5 May 19:20
2,304 caps
@the reds... Hahahahahahaha
5 May 10:30