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Premier League: Round 2 Predictions

My draw pick for Leicester v Brentford dragged me up to 5/10 which was in line with the community average, but Round 1 wasn't great for me thanks to that Wolves own-goal and Chelsea finally winning at Goodison!

So while it's still incredibly early days, let's hope this week is a little better.

Here are my thoughts on each game in Round 2 of the 2022/23 Premier League Predictor.

Aston Villa vs. Everton

This should be a fairly even game to start as we have our first Gerrard v Lampard battle in the Premier League for quite some time. Villa are favourites, particularly with the attacking talent they have available, but last week's defeat at Bournemouth is a concern. Everton, in contrast, haven't even got a striker available really but I think they should be much improved defensively this season with Lampard now able to select a back three involving both Conor Coady and James Tarkowski. Villa are the more likely winners but I'm going 1-1. Prediction: Aston Villa 1-1 Everton

Arsenal vs. Leicester

Arsenal should find another 3 points here. Leicester's first XI remains strong but they'll have been disappointed to have lost their 2-0 lead last time out to draw 2-2 with Brentford and it's hard to tell whether or not the likes of Fofana and Maddison are distracted by transfer rumours. Arsenal appear in a good place at the moment and looking at their fixtures, they have a great opportunity to keep winning throughout August. Prediction: Arsenal 2-0 Leicester

Brighton vs. Newcastle

This should be a great game between two decent teams. Brighton were excellent at Old Trafford last week but as a few of the pundits said post-match, United are actually one of the easiest teams to play against in the league at the moment. This will probably be more difficult for the Seagulls and I actually have a feeling Newcastle might sneak it. It's more a hunch rather than based on any kind of stats as Brighton's record in this fixture is sound but it feels as if Newcastle have quite a few players who can find the net. Prediction: Brighton 1-2 Newcastle

Manchester City vs. Bournemouth

Well done to Bournemouth on an excellent result last week but if City are at it here, it really could be any score. It's pretty difficult to predict an exact scoreline so let's go with 3-0. Erling Haaland was as excellent as expected last weekend and will likely find ways to score from inside the six yard box in this match regardless but you'd like to think Bournemouth's game plan for this one won't include giving him a chance to run through one-on-one with the keeper. Prediction: Manchester City 3-0 Bournemouth

Southampton vs. Leeds

I'm a little concerned for Southampton and so while I'm still not too sure about Leeds either, this is a good opportunity for Jesse Marsch's side to make it 6/6 points to start the season. It feels like both teams might not be at their best for a number of weeks yet as new signings work their way into the first team. Some of Leeds' new players already did a fairly good job of that last week, so I'm more tempted to go with them than Saints, but I think I'm going to pick a high-scoring draw as both can be got at defensively. Prediction: Southampton 2-2 Leeds

Wolves vs. Fulham

Fulham deserve huge credit for that result against Liverpool and the signing of Issa Diop this week is another piece of good news that strengthens their chances of staying up. It won't be easy at Molineux though and I think Wolves will edge this. The hosts have an exciting new signing of their own in Goncalo Guedes who will of course fit in with the squad rather nicely as a Portuguese international. Prediction: Wolves 1-0 Fulham

Brentford vs. Manchester United

Just like last season, here I am once again thinking that there's no real reason why Manchester United will win this match at all based on how little they offered last week, before picking them anyway because they surely can't be that bad again. United will get pressed again, they'll attempt to play out again which will probably result in David de Gea kicking the ball out for quite a few throw-ins, but can they take their chances to make up for those defensive issues? Christian Eriksen was one positive for them last week (Rashford really should have finished a couple of his passes) and since he'll be creating chances for the visitors rather than former club Brentford here, I'm going with United to edge it. They already really need a victory as they won't be winning next week. Prediction: Brentford 1-2 Manchester United

Nottingham Forest vs. West Ham

Forest posed no real threat to Newcastle last weekend so it's hard to see them beating West Ham despite the strong atmosphere there'll be for this one. If this match goes truly on narrative then it'll be a 1-0 win for the hosts with Lingard scoring but I think it's unlikely. The news that Forest are expected to sign Emmanuel Dennis and Remo Freuler in the coming days is definitely good news for their fans though - they'd both really strengthen the starting XI for future rounds in my opinion. Prediction: Nottingham Forest 1-3 West Ham

Chelsea vs. Tottenham

We've heard plenty of people talking about how strong Tottenham will be this season, and there's a chance they're right because of how good Conte is, but this is the first chance Spurs have to actually put down a marker and prove it. Tottenham almost never win at Stamford Bridge and we saw Chelsea win 4/4 matches against them in a single season last year. Perhaps this weekend will be the time things start to change for Spurs but I'm not ready to suddenly believe they can beat Chelsea away given how many times we've seen them fail in this fixture. Prediction: Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace

Anything other than a Liverpool win would obviously be another huge upset for this final match. I expect Darwin Nunez to start after his impressive sub appearance at Fulham and previous meetings certainly suggest the Reds will have too much for Palace. Prediction: Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace

Good luck with your own Round 2 picks!

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Lots of surprise results, maybe. City to bag a load of goals
12 Aug 11:22
605 caps
"Leicester's first XI remains strong but they'll have been disappointed to have lost from 2-0 up last time out". They drew 2-2...
12 Aug 13:00
38,153 caps
Ha sorry, made a mess of this sentence. Have updated! 12 Aug 14:44
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:) 12 Aug 22:21
1,305 cap
This is my first full season predictioning the EPL scores and WOW this is difficult, but I look forward to the challenge. I also look forward to understanding the game of Football. I didn't grow up watching or playing Football. I must say I like what I have seen so far. Love the passion from the English fans, it's crazy to see a whole stadium of people singing songs as one. I can't wait to watch the EPL this season and good luck to everyone.
13 Aug 03:00
30,255 caps
Hey Marko. Yeah, it is really difficult. When I joined Superbru it was to play the EPL Predictor. I expected to score highly. Actually, in about half of the 38 rounds I'm unable to get 5 correct results. Exact scores are the key to winning one's pools, but over the season I can only average 1 or 2 per round. Yet, as each round begins, I still hope/expect to get 4 or 5 exacts, and the balance close. Hope springs eternal! 13 Aug 11:15
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WHOOPS! I corrected yeterday's post now its deleted the TWO cooments by Fleeto2021 & DreadedRed? Sorry!

The key is identifying the upset games of course. Jack's decided it will be Brighton losing to visitors Newcastle 1-2. I think he is basing this on Man U being bum-wipingly bad, rather than Brighton being brilliant. But then he goes & picks Man U to win away at Brentford? Its either a big upset hedge or he expects Man U to suddenly improve, as Brentford looked good coming back against Leicester for 2-2.

Is it wise to have a 'quota' of upsets or draws out of the 10? You never know where they will occur. Typically there are 2 or 3 draws a round. In the EPL we have have had 5 or 6 game outcomes picked by fewer than 30% quite often. Seldom do we get all 10 going according to the script. I'm 'trialling a new system' this year, my old one got me nowhere, as it was far too favorites oriented. It worked OK in Week 1 but Week 1 is a bit like Week 38 and atypical. C'mon The Bees!! Man U rem 13 Aug 11:44
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Continued from above. I never know when to shut up!

Man U remind me of Madonna, still thinking they can still milk their past and get away with dressing sexy. "Put it away!" 13 Aug 11:47
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I used to see people rave about betting, I decided to play Superbru for free and see if I can get all wins never mind the exact score. I've not managed in like 5 seasons. I knew that betting wasn't easy. I settled for trading financial markets, easier than betting if one puts in the work of learning. 13 Aug 12:33
1,305 cap
Thank you DreadedRed and Jersey-puller I really appreciate the advice. I am really enjoying reading and learning about all the different teams. I wish you guys all the best and thanks again for your advice.
14 Aug 12:32
605 caps
3/9 right so far Jack. Not great...
15 Aug 09:34
1,305 cap
I am going to take Jack's picks and also try and look at others predictions too. I think this might work. I won't know how it works until next week and beyond. Thanks again to everyone your advice gentleman.
15 Aug 12:35
1,305 cap
Thanks again to everyone for your advice gentleman.
15 Aug 12:36
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https://www.windrawwin.com/statistics/full-time-scores/england-premier-league/ 15 Aug 13:55
26,760 caps



This last link gives reasons why goals have increased. Scroll about 3/4s down for scores analysis.
15 Aug 14:36
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Jack can we please OMIT THE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE result for Chelsea! Yes I too had 2-1 until the ref decided to keep playing until Spoz eventually 'scored' their second TOTALLY ILLEGAL GOAL! Made worse by 75% Fantasy pick Kane getting a follicle to it in the 97th minute! So apparently its totally OK to PULL A DEFENDER TO THE GROUND BY THEIR HAIR!?? Romero on Cucurella. This after play went on after AN OBVIOUS HACK on Havertz in the lead up to Tottingham's 1st. Richarlison was CLEARLY OFFSIDE as he was blocking Mendy's view, thus INTERFERRING WITH PLAY! No wonder Tuchel was LIVID with both he & former Chelsea Manager Conte getting RED CARDS as Tuchel tried to pull the Sperms' manager's arm from its socket!
15 Aug 15:06
24,155 caps
The hair pull I agree should have been at least a yellow or possibly a red card. As for the other two, the Havertz hack that went unpunished, I see this as justice served. Havertz played really dirty the whole game and many of his seriously bad tackles got waved off as well. He could easily have been sent off himself a number of times during the match. Richarlison did not impede the goal in any way. When the ball was struck Mendy had a clear line of sight and Richarlison didn't make any obvious movement towards the ball that would impact the goalkeeper. 16 Aug 22:50
26,760 caps
What a surprise Brendan, coming from a Spoz fan! Both sides commited 9 fouls each yet the only yellows were for James, Mendy & yes Havertz. Nothing for Betancur or more amazingly Cristian 'De-tangler' Romero. (Hair) apparently the refs can only give a Red or nothing for 'Violent Conduct' offences, there is no inbetween oddly. According to the Sky pundits. So pulling someone off the feet backwards, rather just a short tug, was not deemed a Red, so under the 'rules' had to go unpunished! The Betancur 'tackle' was more marginal but Havertz was bearing down on goal at the time so a 'professional foul'. I still think Richarlison knew exactly what he doing and almost touched the ball from Holberg's shot as both he and the ball moved to the right. Anthony Taylor cocked up. Spurs have a good front 3, the rest need to improve. 17 Aug 19:35
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Thanks for the info Jersey-puller and I thought that hair pull was total bull**** and I don't even know the rules that we'll. To me that is a chicken Shit move in any sport.
15 Aug 19:27
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Sorry for the cursing but sometimes that's the only way to express ones frustions and I have pick 2-1 also.
15 Aug 19:28
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Some oddballs on here...
17 Aug 13:03
36,614 caps
18 Aug 11:47