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NEW: Virtual Premier League Predictor at Superbru

OK, it’s time for something a bit different! Not one of you will need me to go into the detail of the current crisis caused by the global pandemic, and it goes without saying that with no sport on at the moment, there’s no Superbru either.

Everyone’s priority right now is the health of the global population and sport is rightly on the back burner. However, while we at Superbru are busy working remotely and self-isolating like the majority of the rest of the world, we’ve decided upon a way in which we can (hopefully) provide you all with some entertainment during this difficult period.

Many of you have helpfully been in touch with suggestions of tournaments we can run during these upcoming weeks and an area that often comes up (even before this crisis!) is that of E-Sports. Next week, for the first time ever, ‘E-Sports’ will arrive on Superbru. Sort of.

While we remain open to potentially including actual E-Sports events on Superbru, many of the current tournaments that are taking place across various sports due to the coronavirus only provide details of participants and structure at very short notice meaning they’re not ideal for Superbru where time is needed to build the event, generate an audience and give people time to make picks. As a result, we have a Virtual (rather than E-Sport) tournament of our own to bring you.

We are today introducing the 2020 Superbru Virtual Premier League (VPL) Predictor

The format

Simply put, this will be straightforward Superbru picking in very frequent and hopefully enjoyable rounds. A tournament that will probably be forever remembered in Superbru history as ‘limited edition’, the VPL season will take place across 38 days. That’s right, a round a day for 38 days. We’ll be starting the season next Tuesday (7th April) and crown our Champions on May 14th.

There will be a full VPL round to predict each and every day with all games kicking-off concurrently at 3pm BST (UK time) and results will then be posted a couple of hours later. We're hopeful of streaming certain games for you to watch live on Superbru and any games that are shown live will be available to watch back at any time as well as some highlights of key action such as standout goals being posted on our social media pages.

Scoring will be done in the same way as our real Premier League predictor and you’ll be able to see form guides etc. as usual as the season progresses.

How it works

We will be simulating the entire Premier League season via FIFA 20 'Tournament Mode' on a Playstation 4. Each game will take place with the AI controlling either side meaning there’s no human intervention affecting scorelines and the season will play out as realistically as FIFA 20 and it’s algorithm decides it should.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with FIFA 20 and how it works, it’s a football video game played by millions of people globally. The game is used for numerous E-Sports tournaments as participants take each other on but in this instance we’ll be putting the computer against itself to determine results.

Using 'Tournament Mode', the game can simulate a season in a realistic fashion on a round-by-round basis. FIFA uses numbers to display how strong players and teams are with each player's individual attributes marked out of 99 to create an overall rating of a certain number. The higher these attributes are, the more likely players are to score a goal/make a tackle etc. and thus the teams with the best players are the more likely to win each game, just like in real life.

No season is the same but my (and I’m sure others!) experience of Tournament Mode has largely seen the ‘usual suspects’ occupy the top spots in each big European league and each club's form and playing style is fairly realistic.

Our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) will be important to follow for all news regarding how the VPL season is playing out. Though key content will be made available inside our Superbru tournament and news articles, additional info such as the players with the most goals, cards and assists will be posted now and again on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to add to the fun of this rather bizarre experience.

Play in pools

As always, you’ll also be able to create your own pools and play against mates. Let’s face it, this one is worth winning as it would be a crown you hopefully won’t be forced to defend in a new VPL season for a very, very long time.

Pool captains, we're hoping this gives you the chance to get your mates back involved in some entertainment during this pandemic and we can perhaps even find some new brus since most people are looking for something to do at the moment!

The tournament will run like any other in that pool standings will be finalised and kept in the Superbru archives at the end of the VPL season and pools can be ran by Superbru Clubs.


We want this tournament to be fun and worth having a go at each day for as many of our brus as possible so we also have prizes on the line. It may feel like a lottery at times (although so does Super Rugby and every other Superbru tournament!) but we think this will be a good laugh and we’ll be handing out a year’s worth of Superbru Premium every day in this tournament to whoever manages the best picks in each round.

You see, we’re eager to reward both the support you are showing by playing along in this virtual tournament and the supreme knowledge of virtual football that obviously many of you will prove to have.


I’m expecting a few of you may well have questions about this so feel free to fire them in below and I can respond to them for all to read.

We appreciate this might not be for everyone but if you’re enjoying the Premier League predictor then you may well enjoy this and for everyone else it’s a good chance to re-add Superbru picks to your daily routine until the real stuff returns.

We hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy. You can join the 2020 Superbru Virtual Premier League predictor via any of the links in the above or via this button right here:

Join the Virtual Premier League Predictor

How to join

To join the 2020 Superbru Virtual Premier League predictor, close this article, then click the app menu button (top left on your screen) and choose Join a Tournament. Good luck!
17,925 caps
Are you thinking about any other virtual leagues/sports
31 Mar 12:44
19,232 caps
Hey Chris. We're keeping an open mind! It'll be exciting to see how many people decide to get involved in this tournament and if things go well then we may consider adding some more virtual tournaments depending on how the world and the sporting calendar is looking at that moment. 31 Mar 13:00
60,314 caps
Hi Jack

I see over 6 000 players

Think we are ready for another virtual tournament 7 Apr 20:57
17,925 caps
Think virtual F1 might work
31 Mar 13:08
57,981 caps
Thanks for doing this!
31 Mar 14:27
4,224 caps
Thanks for doing this virtual tournament. Club Presidents have been setting up our fun internal club competitions, but yours will open up to a lot of players until the real sport starts again! Once again, thanks.
31 Mar 14:42
1,047 cap
Brilliant idea. Shall get my son to set up a league. Thanks.
31 Mar 14:56
1,028 cap
Sounds a great idea! However I have no knowledge at all of FIFA 20. While it’s reasonable that the top teams will generally come out on top, is there also scope for shock results, i.e. Norwich beating Man City & Watford beating Liverpool?
31 Mar 15:10
19,232 caps
Hi Mark, thanks for the question! Yes, I'd personally say FIFA is quite realistic in the sense that shocks are about as likely to happen on this game as they are in real life. Whilst there's a chance Norwich will beat Man City for example, you'll still likely find yourself in a 2 or 3% minority at Superbru if backing Norwich. We aren't the first to simulate FIFA 20 results so you might be able to find some news articles doing the same for this suspended season if you search the web. We're also hoping to show some 'pre-season' gameplay to you all as a demo ahead of the first round. 31 Mar 15:24
17,647 caps
Is there a way to see each of the ten matches in either a speeded up or Goals or highlights only package? I have a PS4 and PS Network membership (£50 for 12 months) and people post clips of car races etc. I mainly do car racing myself (Gran Turismo, Project Cars, F1 and the highly addictive Blur! on PS3) but haven't played online for a while - I guess the network traffic might be huge right now though. Anyway perhaps you can share highlights on other social media? I think Virtual F1 would be great. How a-bout Boxing? I sent you the BBC News clip the other day.

Cheers, this is a GREAT idea. Paul C
31 Mar 15:19
19,232 caps
Hi Paul, glad you like the idea! We'll be posting details about the 'broadcasting' of the VPL nearer KO but we're likely to start off by committing to showing a big game in each round live on our site via YouTube. These games would obviously also be available to watch back for those who can't make the live KO time and we're hoping to post the highlights/goals on other social platforms. Footage for any games we don't show live won't be available as they'll be 'quick simmed' on FIFA to generate the results. It's possible we'll show more than 1 per round in full but don't want to commit to that for the moment since the rounds will be coming thick and fast! 31 Mar 15:35
51,279 caps
Great Superbru. Anything to pass time
31 Mar 15:28
60,314 caps
31 Mar 15:35
17,647 caps
Hey Jack. Will we get 'Actual Virtual' Team Line-ups available when we go in to do our picks? It should be pretty easy to display as the PS4 game will generate it. I'm also thinking you might get random line-up changes to mimic real life. This would be worth checking before deciding your score pick.
31 Mar 16:06
19,232 caps
Hey Paul, yes, the plan is to make starting lineups visible on Superbru quite a few hours before kick-off. 1 Apr 10:56
53,104 caps
This is gonna be fun and interesting
31 Mar 16:07
54,215 caps
Well done guys.Can relax a little bit!!
31 Mar 17:02
44,118 caps
Het Superbru baie gemis, dankie will be fun..
31 Mar 17:48
9,285 caps
I presume that picks must take into account the player lineups. If so can we have them displayed at least 6 hours before kickoff. This would assist us on the other of the world.
31 Mar 18:13
19,232 caps
Hey Cameron, yes, the plan is to make starting lineups visible on Superbru quite a few hours before kick-off with time zones in mind! 1 Apr 10:57
36,650 caps
A prerequisite for this VPL tournament therefore would be ensuring brus have notification of the playing X1s prior to kick off.
Your comments??
31 Mar 19:16
19,232 caps
Hi Mark, yes, the plan is to provide you all with starting lineups on the picks page. 1 Apr 10:58
58,132 caps
31 Mar 20:15
39,220 caps
Well Done guys! A world without sport is DEAD! Thank you for bringing us back to life!
31 Mar 20:25
19,305 caps
From experience most people on Superbru take part in the Rugby comps (maybe you have some stats - I just have a general impression). I for one can't be bothered spending time on a sport where 22 people struggle to score for 180 minutes. Please give us a virtual Super Rugby. I can get behind that.
31 Mar 21:19
4,224 caps
I believe there is a demand for football... after all, it is the world's most popular sport as I think it eclipses Rugger. Kind Regards, Neil. 1 Apr 05:52
60,358 caps
We'd love to do virtual Super Rugby. The problem is finding a decent way to simulate results - we're not aware of any of the rugby equivalents to FIFA being anywhere close in terms of that capability, but we are looking into it. 1 Apr 09:09
35,766 caps
Yeh they have not created a realistic rugby game as of yet. They are dismal at best. F1 on the other hand is in par with FIFA so that is a real virtual gaming option. Just downgrade Mercedes before every race...thanks dudes. Empty dashboard page was getting me down. About to kick my girlfriend out due to the stress... 5 Apr 06:38
31,750 caps
If not, why not.
Let's give it a go...
Good luck fellow Bru's
1 Apr 03:02
58,077 caps
Awesome initiative, pools almost full
1 Apr 07:36
16,244 caps
Yebo. Do this whenever needed in rugby and other sports too.
1 Apr 08:08
22,754 caps
if I run the game with your line ups will I get the same result?
1 Apr 08:28
19,232 caps
Hi Dave, no you wouldn't. The way FIFA works means that the likelihood of this happening is about the same as if two teams met in real life with certain lineups and then played the exact same fixture again a week later. The scoreline would likely to be different with different goal scorers etc. 1 Apr 11:01
35,766 caps
Different algorithms for each game. 5 Apr 06:39
35,766 caps
Maybe Liverpool can finally win the league on Superbru at least. 5 Apr 06:40
40,398 caps
Love the idea! I'm in!
Some questions:
Will the players performance be based on 18/19 season or the start of the 2020 season?
It can make a big difference for a player like Rashford, that was injured for a big part of this season.
Will injured players miraculously recover?
1 Apr 09:46
19,232 caps
Hey Anton, the plan is to make starting lineups available on the picks pages quite a few hours before kick-off so that half answers some of your questions. The lineups will confirm but I believe the squads each virtual team will be picking from will be the squads each team had at the start of the 2019/20 season. All players will begin the season fit but injuries and suspensions can occur in the virtual world meaning there will be some changes to lineups from week to week. 1 Apr 11:03
40,398 caps
Thanks - can't wait!!
1 Apr 14:13
17,647 caps
Look at you Anton! Getting all tactical on us examing the minutiae of player form and history. Great stuff! 1 Apr 15:32
34,980 caps
Well done Andy , Jack and everyone at Superbru. I know nothing about E-Sports but I’m all in . I’ve really missed playing against everyone here as well as all the good natured banter . Stay safe brus , we will get through this !
1 Apr 09:53
53,516 caps
Great idea chaps,pool filling up nicely,although not an exact science,like sport in general its something to occupy us through this wasteland of no sport,so lets get behind the effort.
Join the Bat Pool :)
1 Apr 16:03
1,881 cap
Great ide athis. Maybe you could include a fantasy tournament based on these results as well??
2 Apr 06:50
54,349 caps
Thanks for bringing a different game format to the table. Going to be quite interesting. Anything to not get stale when the real sports strat again. {thumbs up}
2 Apr 14:29
36,650 caps
Hi Jack great job with the daily quizzes and the upcoming VPL
Have u guys given any thought to starting picks on The Belarus premier league? Seems to be only sport operating atm. Cheers
3 Apr 03:10
50,112 caps
3 Apr 08:27
30,856 caps
3 Apr 11:08
30,856 caps
Hi,any other tournaments in the pipeline?
3 Apr 11:09
3,511 caps
Not sure if this has been asked already, But what is stopping someone who has fifa20 ( I don't) from running the games before you and the algorithm will be the same so there results will be very very close to yours on every match ?
3 Apr 17:43
750 caps
It looks like Belarus is playing it's premier league. There are a couple of decent teams in there. Any chance you can create a game for what may be the only top level live league left. Nicaragua may be playing as well.
5 Apr 02:00
2,733 caps
Haven't picked football games for a while but looking forward to seeing how I do. Would love a virtual rugby union game too!
7 Apr 09:51
11,697 caps
7 Apr 11:23
14,316 caps
Hey team, thanks for the awesome initiative !
Few us are just a tad curious:
What are the Tournament Mode setting you guys are rolling with?
Half time length?
How will subs be done?
How will injuries in the season be handled?
What weather setting?
Going for legendary / world class difficuly?
Also probably most importantly how are line ups chosen - is everything just default/automatically chosen?
7 Apr 11:25
19,232 caps
Hey Dean, glad you're excited for the VPL. The answer to most of your questions is that things will be automatic. The computer will be controlling each team's lineups/subs and other squad management as well as the gameplay itself. The halves are 6 minutes long, weather is random and difficulty is set to legendary (only really affects keepers in this case). The lineups that have been auto generated by each team within the Premier League tournament mode are made visible on Superbru several hours before the pick deadline meaning you'll have the squad information you need. Injuries/suspensions will also crop up now and then and we'll be providing further information about those on our social media pages - though the team lineups visible on site will of course reflect those too. 7 Apr 11:35
14,316 caps
Thanks for feedback Jack!
We're all eagerly awaiting the 4pm kick-offs!
7 Apr 12:17
23,835 caps
7 Apr 16:10
2,461 caps
Great idea team, something to look forward to. WELL DONE. CHEERS
8 Apr 08:13
8,138 caps
A Big Thanks To You All For Organizing This Kind Of Tournaments To Keep Us Update In Sport.
8 Apr 12:38
0 caps
jankie. Awesome even though I'm not sure about the game I wil ask for help from my son
8 Apr 19:54
1,270 cap
Please,I wanna know how are we going to be rewarded or is it just for fun and if yes,how are we going to be rewarded?Thanks.
9 Apr 15:04
1,311 cap
Do players statistics (ability, rating etc) change as the season progresses, or are they the opening season figures?
9 Apr 21:50
1,311 cap
I'm just as bad at this as I am at the real thing !!!
9 Apr 21:51
750 caps
I cannot find the tables. I saw them yesterday. Help!!
11 Apr 04:26
1,523 cap
Please put up the virtual league table
18 Apr 08:50
20,641 caps
Virtual league table - please!
18 Apr 19:53
642 caps
Where can we see the table? It should be available by now
22 Apr 12:02
19,232 caps
Hi Dennis, the table has been available to view since the start of the tournament (like all other tournaments). By heading to 'Info' and then 'Standings' you will end up on this link: https://www.superbru.com/virtualpremierleague/log.php

It's also visible on the side of the picks page when picking on a desktop PC. 22 Apr 12:06