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NEW: Superstars format changed to Daily Fantasy Rugby

In a slight format change that we feel will add a greater level of pick differentiation and interest in a wider number of matches, we have decided that our rugby 'Superstars' games will now be set up in daily rounds. Just as is already the case in our Premier League 5-a-side fantasy tournament, our 5-man fantasy games for the Six Nations and Super Rugby will now be broken down to include an individual round for each day of action meaning the majority of weekend's will require you to pick two daily fantasy lineups.

Why the change?

Given that we already run full fantasy games for many rugby tournaments including the Six Nations and Super Rugby, we feel that the 'Superstars' tournaments we had also been running failed to provide enough variation for those of you who are keen to play both formats. Each game would cover the same round with the same key players to pick from meaning you were likely to be cheering on the same set of players all weekend long.

A key and exciting difference that will be added to the re-named 'Daily Fantasy' games is that certain matches that would have perhaps been ignored or avoided by fantasy players will now need to be thought about if played on a day of fewer fixtures.

For example, on the weekend of the 23rd of February, it would have been quite easy to 'play safe' and select a full 5-man team of Ireland players since the majority of us will expect them to defeat Italy quite heavily. However, since that game will be the only Six Nations fixture played on Sunday the 24th of February, you will now also have to select a team of players featuring on the Saturday which is likely to be far more challenging and see far more pick differentiation as France host Scotland and Wales entertain England.

This format also means that 'lesser' fixtures you perhaps wouldn't have been too interested in before may now become far more relevant. The Friday schedule of a Super Rugby weekend might not involve your favourite team or an especially important clash, but you'll likely be cheering on one of the teams involved even more than usual when the team you've picked at Superbru also features one of the daily fantasy players you are hoping will score a try!

The format

Scored in exactly the same way as our full fantasy games, each daily fantasy round requires you to pick a Front Five player, a Loose Forward, an Inside Back, an Outside Back and a Kicker. Here's an example team that you may pick for Day 1 of the Six Nations which features just one match - France vs. Wales.

As you can see, in addition to picking a starting five, you also pick a backup player in each position. These backups act as substitutes if your main pick does not feature at all in their fixture.

Best of both?

As previously mentioned, a key factor in deciding to introduce daily fantasy rounds was to stand this game out as something that's different from our full fantasy game. It's a great tournament to be involved in if you aren't interested in selecting a full squad and managing transfers each week in our 15-a-side game and prefer the far more 'Superbru' format of simply making picks.

However, we like to think that there are now two great fantasy game options to go alongside the predictor tournaments we run for the Six Nations and Super Rugby, and if you're anything like us here at HQ, you'll be getting involved in all three!

Our fantasy games for both tournaments are now live and you can join each of them via these links:

Play Six Nations Daily Fantasy
Play Six Nations Fantasy

Play Super Rugby Daily Fantasy
Play Super Rugby Fantasy

20,783 caps
I like it!!
23 Jan 13:36
14,328 caps
Takes away NZ/Oz Timezone advantage for the only games you could be certain of the starters for, i.e. the earliest NZ home game. Unless you set the alarm clock in the UK for 6.30 a.m. Now those in the Europe & Africa Timezones can be certain of the earliest Sat (& sometimes Sun) game's starters, whereas those down-under need to be up in the 'wee-small' hours. Mu-HA-HA Revenge!!
23 Jan 15:33
32,100 caps
Time zones must factor of course, but regardless I'm also quite chuffed. Good job guys!
23 Jan 17:43
3,071 caps
How can I easily resign from a tournament with a tablet? Why no easy button?
25 Jan 00:52
50,014 caps
Please get in touch with us on support@superbru.com and we'll be able to help you. 25 Jan 10:00
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