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NEW: Superbru Premium users can now play in a greater number of pools

A few months ago, we ran a survey for our Premium users so that we could gain some feedback on the membership that we offer. Thank you to those of you that got back to us!

We were delighted to receive lots of responses and that almost all of you were pleased with your Premium memberships and the benefits that are included.

However, we also asked what else you would like to see added as additional perks for being a Premium user and plenty of ideas were provided which we're very grateful for - they’ve all been taken on board.

By far the most requested additional feature was for Superbru Premium users to be allowed to play in an additional number of pools in each tournament. As a result, we’re delighted to say that from today, Superbru players with an active Premium membership can do exactly that.

At no additional cost to existing Premium members, and with no increase to the usual price of Premium for those of you that are yet to upgrade but now might want to do so, we have today raised the number of pools a Premium user can play in from 10 to 15 in all future Superbru tournaments.

By 'all future tournaments' we include tournaments that have already launched but are yet to begin with their first fixture meaning this new benefit applies to the upcoming Premier League Predictor, Premier League Odds-based Fantasy game, Rugby Championship Predictor and other such tournaments.

How it works

This is obviously a pretty straightforward new benefit for Premium users but for those who would like more information, here's how the added pool limit works.

As nearly all of you will know, currently all Superbru players can play in a maximum of 10 pools per tournament. Once you try to join another, you are prevented from doing so.

With this new benefit for Superbru Premium users, an extra 5 pool ‘slots’ are allocated meaning you can join an additional 5 pools so that you’re competing in up to 15 overall.

However, it is important to note that the 5 additional pools you join will be marked with an * to indicate that they are additional pools you have been permitted to join because you’re a Premium user.

Though this has absolutely no effect on your experience on Superbru within that pool, it does mean that you will be withdrawn from said pools if your Premium subscription expires or is cancelled during the tournament you are playing [you will only be withdrawn at the end of a 7-day grace period so that you have time to renew your subscription if unaware it had expired/been cancelled].

Thanks again to all who provided feedback in our Premium survey and we hope you're pleased with this new feature.

If you're not currently Premium but now wish to upgrade to benefit from this pool limit increase as well the ad-free and Superbru Insights features, you can do so on this page or through the App Store or Play Store if you're using our app.
28,928 caps
Happy days! Thanks Superbru. I was already very happy with the perks of being a Premium member, now I’m over the moon. Cheers!
19 Jul 12:44
63,655 caps
Mine still show 10 Pools as maximum on Premium.
19 Jul 12:56
28,928 caps
Hey Andre, same here. I tried signing up to 10 pools in the Scottish Premier League Predictor, but still no extra pool allowed. Perhaps it's not on-line yet, or else some teething problems... 19 Jul 14:23
63,655 caps
Thanks for confirming that you have the same issue :) 19 Jul 14:50
77,891 caps
Sorry folks - this is fixed now! 19 Jul 15:43
28,928 caps
Yup, it's operational, thanks Superbru! 19 Jul 15:52
61,240 caps
I don't think I saw any survey, but if I had, that is exactly what I would have asked for. It's a win/win for SB and members, and should result in many more Prem Memberships I hope...For those of us who have been here for a while, it hurts to knock back invites from guys in struggling or new clubs because you are committed to the same ones you have a history with. Hopefully this goes some way to fixing this...
19 Jul 13:51
26,204 caps
Yeah?! Where was MY survey eh? Let's face it Dan, we are Pariah Brus! Like those 'Repeat Year' secondary school pupils (with beards!) down the back of the class, causing chaos and spreading dissent! "What you rebelling against Johnny?"..."Whatcha got?". 19 Jul 18:52
61,240 caps
Down the back of the class is good! BC, Squonk and DreadedRed are up the front, and I just flicked a booger in that general direction...bound to hit one of them! If they create a scene I can blame you! Like I said Win/win! 21 Jul 12:01
28,928 caps
Comments from the peanut gallery are wide of the mark, just like that booger. BC, Squonk and myself are merely an illusion. We are all WFH! 21 Jul 15:49
3,663 caps
Will Spain and Italy football predictions leagues be coming soon
19 Jul 15:26
36,856 caps
Yes, LaLiga and Serie A will both be available in the next few days 19 Jul 15:46
26,204 caps
Thanks SB. I would gladly sell my children for medical experiments in order to pay to remain a Premium Member! "But J-P, you haven't got any children?"...."Exactly".

(Poor taste) Jokes aside, this is helpful to us 'Vintage' Brus that have accumulated regular club's like skin tags & liver spots down the years. We can now avoid that 'awkward' and very 'Un-British' unpleasantness of having to resign from a club to make room for last minute re-activated one that you need to defend of crown in or whatever. But there is a danger on non-renewers getting turfed out on their ear in a *5 Extra pool and dropping it below 10, 25, 50 or 100 and reducing medal points getters late on. Adds a 'Danger Element' I suppose?
19 Jul 18:44
29,825 caps
Good news. Now I can enjoy Superbru much more
19 Jul 19:29
57,567 caps
Thanks guys you made my day : ) must admit though I never saw this coming!
20 Jul 03:51
78,723 caps
Much appreciated
20 Jul 08:09
31,278 caps
Sorry to be a partypooper but in my view more than 10 pools is.....WHY? I sometimes think why am I joining more pools than the pools I want to join. To be honest, our cash pool and my own pools I am running is more than sufficient and that is actually the only 2 pools I look at. Well, this is only my opinion so good luck with 15 pools!! ;-))))
20 Jul 11:49
26,204 caps
I'd prefer Quality of pool over of Quanity. The thing is, since we moved to 'Universal Scoring' of the exact same points in every pool, there is far less variety of positions. If you do average in one 'typical' pool you do average in them all.

Before, you could get tactical based on pool sizes because you were far more likely to keep the closest bonus to yourself with a unique riskier pick.

I'd prefer FREE set up options in how you choose to distribute bonus points. But we only get this scoring in Rugby Union. Maybe its due to historic SA majority reasons? Perhaps SB dare not mess with it, unlike more European based football. In the past you could be Top out of 10 but midtable in bigger pool. This was due to fun tactical score picking & 'Nearest' bonuses.

So more Captains' Pool setup options please. But I guess its a server IT issue slowing down processing? 'One Size Fits All' is cheaper to produce.

I'd still like a 'Difficulty Tariff' to make the Medal Points Table fairer. 25 pts 20 Jul 14:43
1,250 cap
I don't ever play anywhere near close to 10 pools, but this is a great thing to add for those who do. it has clearly been thought through too with the 7 day safety net for accidental expirations.

I am very happy with Superbru premium. For £2 a month (about the price of a sandwich) ads are removed, the interface looks a lot better to me and there are some other features which I like. Since I joined last August I have had a lot of fun with the pools so thought at such a cheap price it would be good to support the site. I waste money on much worse than this, believe me.
21 Jul 21:15
28,928 caps
Couldn’t agree more, David! Well worth the low cost, and a great way to support the providers of our favourite pastime. 22 Jul 07:45
1,250 cap
yes exactly DreadedRed, it is brilliant to support at such a low cost. Enjoy the predicting. 26 Jul 16:53
61,240 caps
Definitely front row!
22 Jul 14:31
19,189 caps
Jersey-pud-puller does NOT win any pools he enters!. LOL!
22 Jul 17:48
28,928 caps
That’s a weird thing to say? Way off the mark, too. 22 Jul 19:13
61,240 caps
I'd suggest you check his Profile stats Top Gun...kind-of speak for themselves. 23 Jul 00:02
10,322 caps
28 Jul 21:27
28,928 caps
Hey Gordon, do you have Premium? 29 Jul 16:24
73,694 caps
This is an awesome change and something as Premium users we needed - I was constantly having to apologize when invited because I had used up the 10 spots available - I had noticed I was not getting the "FULL MESSAGE" but just assumed I was getting less invites :)
2 Aug 14:02