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New: Super Rugby Restart tournament to launch on Superbru

I think I can speak for everyone reading this when I say it's fantastic to know that Super Rugby action will be returning soon! Yes, it's not going to be quite the same and yes, it's a massive shame that the original 2020 season is almost certainly over, but very soon we'll have some entertaining matches to watch involving Super Rugby teams and some Superbru picks to make.

Ever since New Zealand Rugby announced that their 'Super Rugby Aotearoa' competition would begin on June 13th, we've had lots of you get in touch to ask what would be happening on Superbru. Here, we'll be walking you through the plan. If you have questions after reading everything below, feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

New tournament

The first thing to say is that the predictor game we will be running for the new upcoming tournament(s) involving Super Rugby teams will be separate from our original Super Rugby predictor. It is highly likely that there will be no more fixtures for the 2020 SR campaign as we know it and therefore our predictor, fantasy and daily fantasy games remain on pause until there is confirmation that the campaign is over. At that point, our games will be cancelled but will likely still be visible to you on our site while replacement tournaments are on the go so that you can view those standings.

The reason you may want to see those standings is because we understand that some of you may wish to combine those leaderboard scores with the leaderboards you'll have in our new 'Super Rugby Restart' predictor. Whether for prizes or other purposes, you can always do this with a spreadsheet. We'll keep the old tournament's data available for you.

Of course, the main reason for starting a fresh tournament is because Super Rugby Aotearoa is officially a fresh tournament! Form guides and league tables will be starting from a blank canvas and that will be reflected on Superbru. There's even some new players involved with big name All Blacks returning for the competition including Sam Whitelock for the Crusaders and Nehe Milner-Skudder for the Highlanders!

In terms of our archives and Club points, if our assumption about the season is correct, the original Super Rugby games will be cancelled once all action is complete this year with no honours assigned.

Super Rugby Restart

Right, time to focus on the very exciting stuff we have to look forward to - two Kiwi derbies every weekend for 10 weeks! NZ Rugby's Super Rugby Aotearoa will be a round-robin tournament involving all 5 teams over 10 rounds. There'll be no finals, meaning it's simply two fixtures every weekend between June 13th and August 16th.

The reason our tournament is named 'Super Rugby Restart' is that though we will begin with only the Aorearoa fixtures, there's a good chance an equivalent tournament in Australia will begin in the coming months. If a domestic Super Rugby tournament does indeed start in Australia before September, those fixtures will also be a part of our Super Rugby Restart predictor. Reports suggest a July start is being planned with both the Western Force and the Sunwolves rumoured to be involved alongside the Brumbies, Rebels, Reds and Waratahs.

How to join

To join the Super Rugby restart predictor, close this article, then click the app menu button (top left on your screen) and choose Join a Tournament. Good luck!

'Super Rugby Restart' will only include a predictor game. Unfortunately, fantasy games are much more complicated to run in terms of match and player data, as well as staff resources and user support.

Fans and fan pools

Sadly, it looks as if we'll be waiting quite a while longer before rugby can return in South Africa, but if there is a miraculous change to the current lockdown regulations and SA teams get their own action going in time we will of course also add those fixtures. However, we're sure that there are still a lot of you in SA who are very much looking forward to this tournament and making picks again!

We will already be adding the Australian teams to this tournament since we may include them in some fixtures as explained but we'll also be making South African teams available for you to 'support' when you join this new game. This way, you can compete in team fan pools as normal as well as proudly showing your allegiance on your profile!

Live rugby returning should be a great distraction from the very negative situation the world is currently in, so we really encourage you to reach out to friends and get them involved.

As always, transferring your pool from another tournament (in this case, Super Rugby) to this tournament is nice and easy. Once you've selected 'Start a Pool' within our SR Restart game, simply select the 'Transfer a Pool' option and you'll be given a list of the pools you have captained which you can then transfer and trigger invites to everyone who played in the original.

We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are! Stay safe and best of luck with your picks.
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Can't we have these NZ and Aus matches as a Superbru Medal Points getting CONTINUATION of the main Super Rugby Predictor, by just overwriting the future fixtures with these 'replacement' ones? It seems a shame to throw away all those hard earned points so far? Perhaps run it as a SEPARATE tournament in its own right too? I can easily do a 'Googlesheets' merge with a link on my Club Blogs but many won't bother or recognise it unless it hits the Medal Table.
20 May 20:38
39,805 caps
I agree fully, is there no way we can merge the two of them? I had a money pool running so now the argument is should the top 3 be paid out as winners or should everyone get there entry fees back? Paul, any suggestions for me? If we could just carry on my problem would be solved! 21 May 07:56
17,917 caps
Hi James. If you need a hand combining the cumulative points should SB not be able to merge the two contests I can create a Googlesheet. Although just printing a screenshot and adding as you go with a biro will be just as easy. Maybe display it as your everchanging pool Cover Photo each week? Send me a Brumail if you want help. I would probably need to join your Club or the pools though. Maybe Jack is unable to do the more complicated techy stuff away from their office? 21 May 12:58
54,773 caps
Hi James, I fully agree with you. I also run cash pools and had 66 entries for Super Rugby. I was also running cash pools for the fantasy and five a side competitions. Do I pay out as I promised I would or do I refund everybody. There is merit in both but I am leaning to paying out because a lot of effort was put into making these picks and doing your research. 22 May 10:38
39,805 caps
I'm just going to restart with the new tournament and bring the old points over and add them. This is the fairest for all. If someone won't join then they will forfeit their entry fees! 22 May 14:33
2,269 caps
Charl, what an idiot you are. You do not know your backside from your elbow. We might have a corrupt government but the rest of us are just fine. Sounds like sour grapes to me mr ego.
27 May 21:57
342 caps
Thanks for organising the re-start tournament. As some pools may want to include existing SR results into the results, could you provide a one off "bonus" entry as an option. Then allow us to move the existing totals into the re-start pool either automatically or, as I have a small pool of 14 players) as a manual entry? 9 Jun 23:40
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what a self opionated doos where can i find to give you a PK 19 Jun 17:01
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I’m not sure I’m in the right forum but anyway here’s my 2 bobs worth. Super Aotearoa up and running. Great games, fan’s filling the stadiums and commentators who can call games. I can’t comment on South Africa-don’t know enough about the administration . Australia I can. Raelene Boyle, white-anted out of her job by backstabbing barstards chasing their own agendas. To many teams for the slim player pool so we drop a team. Why Western Australia? Arguably one of the best teams in the comp. Melbourne should have folded and players drafted to the other eastern seaboard sides. COVID-19, already we’re seeing AFL and NFL Players testing positive. How long before it jumps to The game played in heaven? I can’t see a resumption of Super Rugby or international games for many months, possibly years until each country can guarantee they are clean. Fantasy gamers, you are the only winners here.
21 Jun 03:35
51,767 caps
South Africa are always a year or two behind everyone else, so you can forget about ANYthing happening there soon. No new or fresh ideas can or will ever emerge from South Africa, where every person is looking out for himself and what he can grab, rather than for the greater good of rugby and in general for South Africa.
21 May 06:56
6,114 caps
You seem to know quite a bit about South Africa. Who do you think started the professional game of Rugby Union? 27 May 15:47
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Many laughs, fist figths, discussing, thinking, losing, winning to come. I love it. 29 May 05:09
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Are we still talking about rugby here Charl? 9 Jun 19:47
3,175 caps
Can we also have a Fantasy game based on the SR Aotearoa competition please?
21 May 09:10
60,915 caps
Not the same, but better than nothing
21 May 17:57
913 caps
Please let the points form earlier this year be brought foward, into the super rughy comp that will be running now. Just seems like such a massive waste, to simply have it scrapped just like that. Both for us as fans and you guys doing the work at Superbru.
21 May 19:31
2,150 caps
Boanerges, You were obviously a front runner!!! I'll be glad to see the back of that tournament. 10 Jun 09:50
913 caps
Or at least have it stand as a competition on its own for the year. With pool leaders being crowned 1st, 2de and 3de. But dont just scrap it. Think we will see little enough sport for rest of 2020 as is. Dont let the little that we saw be wasted as well Jack, please.
21 May 19:44
37,243 caps
Hey Jack: great new kiwi derby competition you have set up. One question. You have listed the super rugby existing competition as defunct so I assume this applies to the fantasy and daily fantasy comps as well? It is obvious these comps are finished due to the virus. So yes or no? There will be no pool medals points attached to these based on current positions? Please confirm. Thanks
21 May 21:01
6,124 caps
Anything is better than nothing atm. Can't wait!
21 May 22:00
1,891 cap
Fantasy please!!!
22 May 13:21
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28 May 07:28
3,325 caps
I have to agree with James - to carry over the points from the previous tournament
28 May 09:17
6,428 caps
Thanks for the invites, great work SUPERBRU in putting this together
29 May 03:11
1,359 cap
Please bring forward the points from the original 2020 campaign. Feels unfair to us that did well to have everything washed away
2 Jun 22:52
1,493 cap
Sorry I'm late but i think its fair we all start over again

Also id like to know if you wil have a fantasy for the NZ Super rugby
4 Jun 13:27
36,566 caps
I know I am late but how about you give the honours for super rugby. since super rugby restart is a new comp...it will stop a lot of office fights....please....
7 Jun 05:25
1,803 cap
I am new
11 Jun 11:59
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Add a comment
11 Jun 14:23
2,509 caps
This is a new competition. The old one did not finish thus those points do not count. Finish and klaar.
12 Jun 07:34
274 caps
Our competition combines the points of the old SR campaign and the SR restart game to find a winner. How do I access the old SR campaign points of my pool
12 Jun 19:05
1,755 cap
Go the Highlanders!
13 Jun 08:12
14,406 caps
Thanks for the Superbru team which brings the excitement back!
14 Jun 13:28
5,282 caps
Superbru team. This is serious. I accidentally picked the Hurricanes to will over my beloved Crusaders. Can I change pretty please for a Crusaders win by 32
18 Jun 07:05