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NEW: Premier League 5-a-side fantasy to adopt daily format

As many of you will be well aware, the new Premier League season is just three weeks away and just as last year there will be three different games related to the tournament for you to play here at Superbru - Predictor, Fantasy and 5-a-side fantasy.

Following some great feedback on several of our fantasy games in other sports and tournaments such as golf, the IPL and the football World Cup, we've decided that this year's Premier League 5-a-side fantasy game will also adopt a daily format just as those tournaments did.

Why the change?

Of course, we realise that the Premier League is a considerably longer tournament than those just mentioned and isn't a 'daily' competition, however, we believe that by breaking down each round of matches into the days that they are played on there will be a greater amount of pick variation, players to choose from and most importantly, fun. Rather than choosing just five players from an entire Premier League roster, this way you will be able to look at picking other players on certain days without having to overlook the likes of Harry Kane and Mo Salah.

This change will make the game far more different from our full fantasy game, providing you with a fresh challenge for the new season. We like to think sport is made more enjoyable when you can cheer on certain players or teams while watching because of your Superbru picks, and with this format, every Premier League game should matter more this season!

How will this work?

This change has been requested by many of you, but for those who aren't quite sure about how this would work out, here's a quick explainer. Due to various reasons such as TV rights and European commitments for certain clubs, in every round of the Premier League other than the final weekend, the fixtures are spread across multiple days. Usually our 5-a-side game would see all of the matches as a single round (just as they are formatted in our predictor and full fantasy game), but in order to make things a little different and more enjoyable, the game will now see each day that contains action as an individual round - though they will be referred to as 'days' or the specific date rather than rounds to avoid confusion for those playing more than one Premier League game at Superbru!

The image below shows the first three days of fixtures that are taking place across the opening weekend.

So as you can see, rather than the game including these fixtures as one whole round that may mean you're waiting until Sunday to see how your players perform if you were to pick a team containing players from Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City, you will now be able to pick three different 5-a-side teams - one for each day of Premier League action.

Whilst the Saturday rounds will often contain lots of fixtures and provide you with a challenge to find a hidden gem among the many players on offer, other singular rounds such as the opening evening of Friday night football will give you and your pool mates a chance to pick out the players you believe will have the most impact in that one particular clash.

Sounds great, but with the increased number of rounds I'm worried about missing picks?

We appreciate that at first thought this format can seem like a lot more of a commitment, however, there are features in place to ensure you won't have to dedicate your entire weekend to Superbru (unless you want to of course!). When playing our 5-a-side game on our app or on our site, you are able to make picks for future rounds by scrolling further down the dashboard or by using the round toggle above the selection area when making picks. Remember, you can always make picks in advance and then edit them based on team news or other factors so long as you do so before the first kick-off on a given day.

In addition to this, if you do happen to miss a day's picks (it happens to the best of us!), each player is eligible to a limited number of default picks just as is the case in our other tournaments. For 5-a-side, the default team you would be given would be the the most common player the community has selected for each position.

We hope you all enjoy the new format! If you have further questions regarding this change or the 5-a-side game in general, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this article.

Note: Though you can join our 5-a-side fantasy game now and set up pools with friends, picks will not open for the first day until around a week before kick-off so that we can ensure player lists are as accurate as possible and don't include players that are injured or that have transferred to another team.

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46,312 caps
Lets see how it goes ........... (",)
23 Jul 15:24
42,013 caps
This is definitely a huge improvement. Please also make this change for the Champions League. Well done SuperBru.
Also the default team (pick) is a welcome addition to the rules because receiving zero points is not really fair.
23 Jul 16:05
42,013 caps
Now that the Super Rugby is nearing it's conclusion, how about a survey regarding the scoring systems used in rugby and the possible ways we could improve on it ?
23 Jul 16:13
10,412 caps
I agree 100% there has to be some way to change that too for the better... 23 Jul 16:46
10,412 caps
I like it!!
23 Jul 16:45
5,690 caps
Let's give it a go
23 Jul 16:49
25,233 caps
Yes agreed nice improvement. As far as default goes that's fair enough but should be minimum. Some tournaments the defaults are just to many for example the sevens!
23 Jul 17:05
18,422 caps
this is why I love Superbru, not resting on their laurels, they keep stepping up with improvements
24 Jul 08:32
22,670 caps
Good idea... sure is a lot of picking to do over a long period of time
24 Jul 11:25
36,493 caps
i love it , great idea , please do the same for Champions league , and a Europa league (if you have that Tourney this year )
24 Jul 13:28
11,686 caps
Great innovation but it now gives up to THREE times of an advantage to those still awake just before kick-offs. The Saturdays will still make the 12.30 game picks the safest option, as you will know for certain who starts. Same for Sunday 1.30 games but there are usually only three matches. The old system had those Down-under in the same boat as those in the UK and S.A., when it came to uncertainty of starters, except for the usual first game of the round at 12.30 on Saturday. However those 10-13 hours different had the exact opposite problem for the Super Rugby.
24 Jul 14:59
3,730 caps
To me this rugby that just end was a mess.you I did not know that you have to pick the team that you think it will win.I end up loose one of the whole round because I did not know that I have to pick game after game.but next time I know it was just wonderful I love it.
24 Jul 20:35
925 caps
I want to ask Jack about World result aleatst its good announce to the winners you understand like myself In Kamodo group l was the but l never heard any news after the tournament
25 Jul 07:31
5,367 caps
Hi Nick, the World Cup games are still viewable on our site so you can look back at all leaderboards to see how you got on! You also should have received an end of tournament e-mail that provided you with a summary of your standings. If you have any questions about the standings, it's best to get in touch by e-mailing support@superbru.com where we can assist you. 25 Jul 08:08
33,369 caps
June internationals
25 Jul 10:44
925 caps
Good news
25 Jul 15:53
925 caps
Thanks Jack l will write a email l did not that email of end of tournament
25 Jul 15:55
39,895 caps
Great news can the premier league fantasy also allow us too use all our players example substitute the ones with low scores after day one losing there points and put somebody else in similar to the champions league fantasy
26 Jul 04:14
10,853 caps
I like it
27 Jul 12:53
10,853 caps
Anybody can join any of my groups in Soccer tournaments e.g MJ and friends in EPL for EPL predictor etc
27 Jul 12:54
5,840 caps
30 Jul 09:45
1,068 cap
Nice one
4 Aug 19:10
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8 Aug 16:58
221 caps
Hello I'm Logan I'm 10 how are Jack
9 Aug 20:23
503 caps
It seems like great change. But what about the prize for these competition?
10 Aug 05:36
1,726 cap
It seems like great change. But what about the prize for these competition?
10 Aug 05:43
4,853 caps
It's gone too far for a 'lite' competition. Last year I decided Watford was going to keep a clean sheet (they did) but there were no Watford defenders to choose from. This year I've got to know the first team, the reserve team and their grand-prarents! Suggestion - have a minimum amount of games - one or two game 'days' are a nonsense.
10 Aug 18:02
1,409 cap
What happen to the McDonald's exact score prize?
21 Aug 00:34
Got something to say about this?