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NEW: Introducing Superbru Football and Superbru Rugby

In exciting news ahead of what is set to be a very busy few months of sport, we are pleased to finally be sharing a significant Superbru update - the upcoming launches of two brand new apps.

We will soon be launching 'Superbru Football' ahead of the new Premier League season with 'Superbru Rugby' set to follow a few weeks later ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

More detailed news articles relating to the specifics of each platform will be available in the coming weeks ahead of the launch of each app, but while work continues on getting things app store ready, we've been keen to let you know that they're on the way as well as providing a quick explainer as to why we're building these new apps.

The first thing to say, since many of you are probably already wondering, is that the existing Superbru website and app will continue without any substantial changes. So if you're an experienced bru playing in lots and lots of different tournaments across many sports and like things the way they are, you can rest assured that your Superbru experience isn't about to be turned upside down.

However, we are confident that the new apps will provide a much improved Superbru experience for anyone that plays tournaments in either of our two most popular sports, football and rugby. Both apps will provide new, unique features made possible by their single-sport focus, meaning they'll be a must-download for use alongside our website even if desktop is your preferred platform.

Why are we making new apps?

1. In short, a lot more is possible when we're focusing on a single sport. The new apps will allow us to build football and rugby 'hubs' which are built around a single scoring system and format. This specific focus allows for greater detail and several new features that aren't possible to input cleanly into the existing Superbru app due to the need to cater for so many different sports and tournaments.

2. A more modern, better experience. As already touched upon, these apps should be considered an expansion rather than a replacement of our existing platforms, but they will of course be an upgrade. While the basic functions will naturally be the same in terms of making picks, checking results and viewing leaderboards, much more will be included.

We'll save most of the detail for the upcoming articles that will include a wide range of screenshots, but in addition to providing plenty of extra news, data and several other fresh features within a new layout, we have also worked on greater exposure of your own Superbru performance in terms of your prediction accuracy and the leagues/tournaments you have won over time. If you've been playing Superbru for a while, you can expect to have a 'CV' to be proud of when viewing your profile on the new app for the first time as performance data dated back to whenever you began your Superbru career will all be carried through to these new platforms.

3. Growth. Having built considerable audiences in various sports, we're eager to provide the best experience possible for fans of each of those sports in the hope that more and more people can discover and enjoy playing Superbru. Though it's not feasible for a team of our size to build a dedicated app for each and every sport we cover, we feel football and rugby are good places to start.

When are the new apps available?

We hope to have Superbru Football available to you all in the next couple of weeks, meaning it will be ready to download ahead of the start of several of the major leagues' 2023/24 campaigns including the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 which we now have a Predictor game for on Superbru for the first time.

Superbru Rugby will arrive a little later in advance of the Rugby World Cup, as the United Rugby Championship and Gallagher Premiership seasons will start later than usual this year due to the RWC. We expect to launch Superbru Rugby towards the end of August.

This article will be updated to include links to separate news articles on Superbru Football and Superbru Rugby once they have been published.

Introducing Superbru Football article can be found here.
5,041 caps
Fantastic! Thanks for hard work team. Think the Rugby App is a great idea. Hopefully, along with this new App, we will see a rise in accompanying Rugby Fantasy tournaments.
26 Jul 09:35
92,151 caps
Sounds exciting.Will definitely be a part of it.
26 Jul 09:45
2,617 caps
Pls send link for this article. I want to share it in my WhatsApp group
26 Jul 09:55
20,971 caps
Sounds cool and funky!
26 Jul 10:36
34,821 caps
Sounds like you need a sponsor to fund it all ?.
26 Jul 12:50
73,132 caps
You mean like Pud Puller? 26 Jul 13:21
73,132 caps
Thanks guys, gives us something to look forward to.
26 Jul 13:23
33,455 caps
Oh dear, the circus is in town.

What caught my eye was POINT 2.

"... we have also worked on greater exposure of your own Superbru performance in terms of your prediction accuracy and the leagues/tournaments you have won over time. If you've been playing Superbru for a while, you can expect to have a 'CV' to be proud of when viewing your profile on the new app for the first time as performance data dated back to whenever you began your Superbru career will all be carried through to these new platforms."

This could be HUGE! Finally some sort of historical ranking system! in the form of a 'CV'. One could use this to vet future pool invitees. Of course I'd need to free up some space by removing 'certain' current members...now where should I start James?

I can't wait to see how it pans out. Well done SB!
26 Jul 13:34
20,971 caps
Only if you wing tournaments. 555 27 Jul 03:51
20,971 caps
win tournaments
27 Jul 05:54
33,455 caps
You were right the first time. I wing my way thru most contests! It’s working well lately. 27 Jul 11:03
44,605 caps
When in a flap, resort to a wing and a prayer. 29 Jul 08:05
43,236 caps
So now we have to download individual apps to play super bru it takes space on oure phones why not stick with the original concept
26 Jul 15:03
20,971 caps
It may work or flop. Time will tell Mr. Terminator. 27 Jul 03:50
44,605 caps
You don’t have to download the apps, just carry on the way you are. I’m surprised to hear that you don’t have space on your phone. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade… 29 Jul 08:01
34,821 caps
Jersey-pud-puller, it looks like you work in a circus dressed like your photo. LOL!
26 Jul 18:17
70,643 caps
He must have read yr comment top gun
Profile pic changed. 2 Aug 12:14
1,220 cap
26 Jul 19:21
94,457 caps
Hi Jack
With the 2 new apps, will the achievements also reflect on superbru as it was with sportguru many moons ago?
27 Jul 07:34
52,261 caps
Hi Bennie, yes, things will be consistent across the platforms. The new apps are an expansion of what we currently offer which means everything is connected rather than separate. For instance, if you make a prediction for a match on the Superbru Football app and then login to our website on a computer, you'll see that your prediction appears there. Things like your caps total will also appear in full on whichever app you are using, but the majority of other stats shown on the football/rugby apps will of course focus upon achievements in those specific sports. 27 Jul 08:17
94,457 caps
Thanks 27 Jul 08:22
14,837 caps
That's awesome news - hopefully the SVENS tournament scoring system will be revised also.
27 Jul 09:24
8,590 caps
This is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for the rugby app!
27 Jul 10:13
34,821 caps
Ab Fab!
27 Jul 10:32
75,844 caps
Thanks i'm looking forward to this . After all i've become a predictor maestro in rugby especially Fantasy, lol
27 Jul 12:03
24,591 caps
Exciting. Cant wait.
27 Jul 17:59
20,971 caps
Can they be downloaded to your laptop?
28 Jul 02:47
92,151 caps
Let's get it on!!!!
28 Jul 05:17
49,131 caps
Will other sports still be available on an app?
28 Jul 11:52
5,740 caps
Looking forward to the new Superbru rugby app. Will it be available on App Gallery on Huawei? Also will all our pools etc carry over to the new app?
28 Jul 13:27
4,902 caps
28 Jul 13:52
4,902 caps
Please send the link.
28 Jul 13:52
20,570 caps
NO! 28 Jul 14:43
36,841 caps
Good stuff Lads, look forward to seeing how this pans out.
28 Jul 21:07
7,777 caps
Good luck to your new venture 👍👍
29 Jul 06:25
7,718 caps
Will playing the new rugby app have your selections etc show up on the current Superbru app?
29 Jul 07:00
44,605 caps
Christmas come early! Great news Jack, thanks! It’s been a tough couple of years since sport was cancelled by Covid. Launching these apps should add great momentum, returning SB to its upward trajectory. The Rugby World Cup should revive lapsed accounts, and harvest a bevy of freshmen. The Cricket World Cup could do the same. They happen annually, so perhaps a Cricket App might be launched next year? Be great to get the very knowledgeable IPL fans swarming in.

Thanks Superbru staff!
29 Jul 08:13
96,372 caps
Sounds a brilliant idea. Great work guys and thank you in advance 👏
29 Jul 08:35
4,461 caps
Hi Jack. LoL. This is the best news in decades. I've played for example the Guinness Predictor and Fantasy for a while. An absolute pleasure to do so. Stats spot-on, ext. I just hope that the new Rugby app will include the same characteristics because in the past the Superbru apps stats didn't correspond with the actual stats. Sorry, only once in a while.
30 Jul 10:37
21,339 caps
30 Jul 12:27
34,821 caps
The Great The Good & Jersey- Pud-Puller. LOL!
31 Jul 10:22
76,844 caps
No app is capable of making the DStv something to look forward to. Month after month of 1-0, 0-0, 1-1 or 0-1 does my head in.
1 Aug 10:20
44,605 caps
I go to the occasional live game, not for the football, but for the antics in the stands. Raucous delirium abounds, despite absolutely nothing happening on the pitch. Aside from some brilliant one-on-one moments, and plenty of clowning around, there’s nothing to keep you engaged with the play. 1 Aug 12:34
70,643 caps
Glad u finally figured it out its 1-0 rather than 2-1.
Keep up the good work in champions pool. Finally a bit of competition.... 2 Aug 12:11
1,179 cap
Will there be a rugby fantasy world cup game? Or just predictor?
1 Aug 15:38
34,821 caps
DreadedRed, just like watching Man Utd. LOL!
1 Aug 17:01
5,336 caps
Good news
2 Aug 08:23
5,890 caps
Sounds good 👍
2 Aug 10:12
699 caps
So would the rugby World Cup be on this app or will we have to get the rugby app?
2 Aug 10:19
34,821 caps
The Professor, is there an app for all the photos of Jersey-Pud-Puller on Superbru? LOL!.
5 Aug 12:44
70,643 caps
Haha Top Gun... I think they can't construct an App big enough to fit in all the mug shots... 6 Aug 10:03
92,151 caps
The PL starts in 3 days,,,,,so when will you launch the app?????
8 Aug 09:38
7,871 caps
Add a I am very impressed with the new app. It has a lot more to see than the previous one. Can't wait for rugby super bru
12 Aug 12:28
70,643 caps
Hi guys
Off subject but have you thought about making the golf
tournaments like the Sevens?
You will know that the next Sevens season there will be a reduced amount of tournaments probably pretty close to the amount of golf tournaments.
Don't u think it makes sense to do that and have one whole competition
After all golf lasts 4 days and sevens 2 or 3.
14 Aug 00:08