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NEW: Changes to Fantasy Rugby ahead of 2022/23 URC season

Starting with this season’s United Rugby Championship (URC) fantasy game which has just gone live and is available to join now, we will soon be introducing a fairly significant change to our transfer system in fantasy rugby.

As those of you who have played fantasy rugby on Superbru before will know, our current system has a standard transfer limit per round. While that limit has varied depending on the tournament and the number of fixtures per round within a tournament, we have always prevented more than a certain number of transfers from being possible within a round. However, that is about to change.

In a move that we hope will reward long-term planning and add a fresh tactical element to fantasy rugby on Superbru, the transfer ‘limit’ per round in this season’s URC will now be replaced by the number of ‘free transfers’ you are permitted, meaning extra transfers can now be made if you wish but said extras will be in exchange for points.

A standard URC fantasy round will see the team limit of a maximum of 4 players from a single team retained, while the typical round will permit 6 free transfers. Each additional transfer made after you have used up your free transfers allowance will cost you 10 fantasy points.

Why are we doing this?

During the opening season of the URC (and throughout the post-Covid era across many tournaments) we saw lots of fantasy disruption caused by fixture cancellations/postponements but also down to some other non-Covid factors like squad rotation for certain tours depending on context etc.

Often, because of such disruption, we decided to raise fantasy transfer limits (sometimes at fairly short notice) in order to allow more players to get a team together and while we still feel this was the correct thing to do within our existing system, we have now created this new format which we believe will improve our games.

Technically, it will now always be possible for all brus to get a full squad of starting players in each round of a fantasy rugby tournament, it’s just going to cost you a considerable number of points if you haven’t planned as well as other players might have.

If you’ve already used up your free transfers and then find a member of your squad has been withdrawn from a match ahead of the round deadline, or a fixture has been postponed and will no longer take place in the round, you will be left with a tactical decision as to whether it’s worth the 10-point hit to replace said member of your squad with an extra transfer.

While there will still be some occasions where the number of free transfers permitted is raised because of the number of fixtures in a round, our aim will be to only make such changes well in advance so that long-term squad planning can still be rewarded.

E.g. This season's URC calendar sees two South African derbies played in early February when no other matches are being played. You will already be able to see in our game that twice as many free transfers are permitted before and after that round given the obvious need for greater flexibility.

Why 10 points?

We have decided upon 10 points as the cost for additional transfers after reviewing the average points scored by a starting player in various fantasy rugby tournaments that we have run.

Assuming a player you are replacing will not feature in a round and will therefore not score any points, an extra transfer would have to result in the player you are bringing in scoring a slightly above average number of points (>10) in order to have been worthwhile.

This means that you will have to think carefully before opting to use an extra transfer. For instance, if your kicker is a late withdrawal then there's a good chance it will be worth replacing him with another kicker given the increased number of points they tend to score, and this update to our game provides you with an opportunity to make that necessary additional transfer.

However, if you're concerned about having a light bench or being short of a starting prop, it won't always be worth taking the hit just to get that extra starter involved.

Points for extra transfers will be subtracted from your round total at the end of the round when subs are run and standings are finalised.

A couple of other things to note ahead of this year's URC fantasy specifically:

- Turnovers have been added to the scoring system meaning players will score 1 point for every turnover they manage within a match

- Lineout steals have also been added to the scoring system - a player will score 1 point each time they steal an opposition lineout

- We’re also hoping to return to live scoring for this year’s tournament with players’ points totals to be updated every couple of minutes during matches.
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Well done and good thinking to ensure no brus will now complain that they cant field a full XV. Definitely will be a tactical decision whether to lose ten points to make an extra xfer. Will be interesting
6 Sep 12:01
2,861 caps
Superbru need to keep up to date with the game, 1) Nowadays 2 props start the game and 2 props come on at half time. so superbru allows 2 props and no way to earn points for the reserve props in the second half. Suggestion is to allow 8 reserves and can be any position (8 wings if you want) and (2) to get full points from the reserve players i.e like real rugby !!... And (3) why can you not have captain and kicker and get quadruple points like real rugby !!! (4) Kicker and Captain and *Man of the match option X2 points or X 4 or X 6 points. 7 Sep 04:26
62,857 caps
Sorry Wark
Cant agree with any of those ideas
Good luck 7 Sep 07:26
35,825 caps
I like the idea of getting points when your reserve comes on the field. 16 Sep 06:50
35,825 caps
I also want points for the man of the match. 16 Sep 06:59
2,201 caps
Will there be SuperBru insights for the URC fantasy? Something like expected points for players or who to keep an eye out for? Similar to Fantasy Premiere League?
6 Sep 12:55
29,546 caps
TEN POINTS! OUCH!! I'd sooner drop both props or locks!

6 Sep 13:28
4,543 caps
Just read up on the "New Transfer System" you are implementing this year, must say I love it in theory!!!!! Cannot wait to see how it works out in reality!!!! Wish this system was available for the Rugby Championship.
6 Sep 13:33
35,825 caps
One thing that annoys me is when the first game is Friday and the Saturday teams are not announced yet. You should be able to swap players for those teams man for man in the same team. Meaning If the Bulls team for Saturday was not announced yet, and you picked Pollard, but now Chris Smith is the fly halve, you should be able to make that change after the Friday deadline. 16 Sep 06:58
2,861 caps
Agree with you Dewie., but Superbru likes to be more random/luck based rather than actual skill. The Fantasy setup needs to be a close as possible to a real llfe game. 1. Pick whoever you want for your team and reserves 2. Points for reserves as well 3. Captain can be kicker 4. Man of the match points 5. Pick as many from one country or Team as you like (For a lions squad of 40 players superbru would say that 10 players have to be from each country !! 6. Man of the Match points. More fun equals more players.
18 Sep 08:49
36,815 caps
Brilliant Jack! Thank you. I rarely use all my transfers, and always keep one available until the last minute, in case of injuries during the warm up, which hardly ever gets used. No real-life coach/manager worth his salt makes selections without considering future fixtures. We may be living in a fantasy world, but we like to think of ourselves as knowing more than the pundits. Planning ahead, based on intangible likelihoods is central to playing and succeeding at Fantasy Sports.
6 Sep 15:58
36,815 caps
Turnover points are also much needed. Malcolm Marx is an example of a man-of-the-match player this season, who was outscored by many who made little impact. This should redress that imbalance.
6 Sep 16:02
9,264 caps
Well done on this new initiative!
Very excited to start planning!
6 Sep 16:07
65,378 caps
Bravo a very much needed alteration. I would've said 8 points penalty but 10 is reasonable including the extra ways to earn points.
6 Sep 17:03
10,722 caps
All very positive, great thinking. Any chance of starting a Fantasy Team game for the English Gallagher Premiership. This would be appreciated by many existing and new Bruers as the "Rugby Magazine" Fanatsy Rugby game has been closed down.
6 Sep 17:09
4,543 caps
I would be great if that could happen. Really feel Superbru must have a few more Fantasy rugby games. Great suggestion. 7 Sep 14:04
60,799 caps
Yep fantasy for the Gallagher Prem gets my vote 8 Sep 09:36
42,524 caps
I agree with both not down under and phil5103 starting next season seeing as there are only roughly 20 or 21 hours left until opening match of the tournament. 8 Sep 19:17
41,485 caps
Hey Jack, what data collection provider do you use for all rugby fantasy comps on here? is there an 'officlal' or go-to provider like Opta/football? cheers (there is sometimes/often a large discrepancy between the 'data' and the eye test)
7 Sep 00:11
36,212 caps
The changes are sound & logical with how this competition tends to play out & will reward those with better knowledge of the squads ie the Irish provinces selections - For this game Its not about selecting the BEST Internationals available every week.
7 Sep 10:28
1,985 cap
Good initiative. Covid caused lots of issues, and good on you for trying to address them.
7 Sep 17:40
69,550 caps
Flash Gordon is bagin
7 Sep 18:08
36,009 caps
Hope they can do this to the super rugby as well sometimes player is injured or late withdrawal then u can't select the sell button
7 Sep 21:25
23,563 caps
I have another idea for you, why not have a salary cap for each team to start off with, with unlimited amount of transfers throughout the season, but you can only transfer players if you have enough money. Each player is assigned a value at the start, which will increase or decrease depending on how well they do during the season. I'll leave that algorithm for you to sort out. But in essence you can even make a profit if you pick a cheap player and sell him when he's increased in value if he performs well. And for each round when you do your transfers, you need to remain cash positive.
8 Sep 03:27
23,325 caps
FAr too involved for most of us. They ahd just the right balance before.
8 Sep 20:43
23,325 caps
Rubbish. Great for the lazy who don't look at the games much. Everyone will pick the same best 23 players available which isn't difficult. The trick was always to find 6 good replacements based on the games ahead AND find the one player who will be best at earning double points as captain that week. This will save me having to spend time with this crap competition. I'm out.
8 Sep 20:42
42,524 caps
Hello Peter. People who want to save their sanity would do best to pick some lesser known players along with some better known and more experienced players to form a squad. I've noticed the less known players are the less bru's pick them. Maybe we should just wait for the first three or four rounds to be played before we include lesser known players in our squads if not in our starting 15 just yet. Of course it also depends on how peoples' sense work. Oh., before I forget to mention, players are to be scored for turn-over posession in scrum play or for winning over opponent line -out posession. So, what is the difference between players' skills despite their exp or lack thereof- wait for three rounds or more to pass after the first round to find out before we bru's start picking some lesser known players in the starting 15 teams assuming we have the guts to break the age old tradition of picking the favourates time and again. 10 Sep 17:35
1,353 cap
Hi how do fantasy work I'm going to try it this weekend
11 Sep 18:56
29,546 caps
Its dead easy Pierre- there are step by step instructions when you first join.

But once beyond that all you've gotta do is pick your best players within team limits, then sit back and watch as firstly, your double points Capt gets horribly maimed within the first 85 seconds. Then your star kicker misses 3 penalties in a row and gently wipes some dandruff off the opposing scrumhalf's shoulder earning a shock sending off for minus 8.5.

Then it rains heavily all weekend all over Europe, helping those who prioritised best teams forwards rather than backs gain about 10 more per forward compared to 'hardly got a touch' backs.

It really is a lot of fun. 12 Sep 18:31
36,815 caps
Hey Pierre. Remember that forwards get a lot of points for winning all their scrums and lineouts; and all players get a lot of points for the distance they gain while running WITH the ball. 13 Sep 06:24
62,857 caps
As a winner of many rugby fantasy tournaments including global my advice to you is ensure you get a good start. Ensure u pick yr first round players wisely and always take into account the next rounds fixtures too to enable continuity of selection. Pick yr captains amd kickers wisely
Good luck 13 Sep 20:40