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NEW: A change to our Premier League fantasy format

Ahead of the 2020/21 Premier League season, we’re making a fairly significant change to the format of the fantasy football we have on offer. For several seasons now we have enjoyed providing you with two different tournaments - a ‘full’ Premier League fantasy game and a daily 5-a-side fantasy game - but we’re now excited to update and replace those tournaments with a new, totally unique game.

This season, alongside our popular Premier League Predictor, we’re introducing our brand new Odds-Based Fantasy game.

Odds-Based Fantasy

Odds-based fantasy is a fresh format we’ve created that has never been introduced on Superbru before. As always, it is of course totally free to play. A game that we’re confident will bring fun, lots of pick variation and reward tactical thinking, odds-based fantasy is something we’ve been playing among ourselves at SuperHQ and now feel excited to launch on the Superbru website and app for everyone to enjoy.

The game will run as a daily fantasy tournament like our 5-a-side fantasy game for the 2019/20 season and require you to pick 4 players for each day of action. 1 of those players will be your goalkeeper with the other 3 outfield players your ‘goal scorers’.

The reason we’re referring to those outfield players as goal scorers rather than strikers, midfielders etc. is because aside from your GK pick, this game is all about goals. Though the scoring system will still reward/punish other in-game actions such as assists and cards (more on that later), it’s the likelihood of a player scoring that you will need to consider most as that’s where the ‘odds-based’ bit comes in.

How it works

Using anytime goalscorer odds from markets that are of course tailored to each specific player, you can earn varying amounts of points for the goals your players score. As most of you are already familiar with in many of our fantasy games, picks will open around 5 days before each round with a set list of players dedicated to each pick slot. These lists will not only show you the available players to pick but also the anytime goalscorer odds for each player which dictates how many points you will score if they manage a goal. Once picks are 'opened' ahead of each round and you are able to make your selections, the odds will not change.

The pick deadline for each round will remain as kick-off in the first match that is taking place on a given day. Up until that deadline, you can update/edit your picks and backups as much as you like.

For example, the above shows a mock-up of what this new game will look like on our website (the players and odds listed are simply hypothetical and not the actual Round 1 options). As you can see, Heung-min Son is in Band 1 with hypothetical odds of 1.9 ahead of lining up to face Everton at home. However, his odds will likely stretch out to a larger number in a different round when faced with a tricky away game against a ‘Big Six’ club. The key to this game is therefore to assess the value of Son in each individual round when compared to the other available players on the pick list. The lists of players that are available to select will vary in each round. Each band will typically consist of 8-12 players though single-fixture rounds will naturally sometimes have fewer options.

As you can see on the scoring graphic further down this article, the number of points players will score for a goal will be 2 x their odds in each specific round. Using the example of those odds of 1.9 again and they may not seem worthwhile when a goal is worth just 3.8 points, but there is of course a chance that Son scores more than once against Everton with his two goals then more valuable than 1 goal from Milivojevic who has hypothetical odds of 3.2 to score. Of course, you can pick up far more points by successfully backing a defender such as Kyle Walker-Peters to score, but the likelihood is that he won’t and you can be left with very few points at all when consistently backing outsiders while other brus continue to correctly pick goalscorers.

There is of course also a far bigger picture to look at tactically as there’s not just one but three ‘goal scorers’ to pick. As the above screenshot shows, the game is displayed in a way that lets you review your overall risk across the 3 bands as the players are listed from lowest odds to largest. Some brus may choose to go all out with unlikely scorers in each band, some may prefer a balance and some may opt to stick with the most prolific players and play the long game! Your goalkeeper will also be a tough decision each day as their clean sheet points will be determined by the odds of their team managing a shutout.

Other ways to score points

Though the emphasis is on goals, many of the other scoring actions that were included in our previous fantasy games are still in play. As you can see from the list below, points will also be awarded/lost for minutes played, assists, penalties missed and yellow/red cards. Goalkeepers can pick up points for penalty saves as well as their odds-based clean sheets but will lose points for conceding goals. This adds to the risk of picking a goalkeeper who is highly unlikely to keep a clean sheet - though the potential reward is huge, you could end up with minus points if lots of goals are conceded.

You’ll also need to continue picking a bench in the form of ‘backups’ in this new game. You will pick a backup for each specific first-choice player meaning your substitute for your ‘Goalscorer 1’ pick can only replace that player. As always, backups only come into play when your first-choice pick doesn’t appear for a single second in a game. Players who do play but score 0 points or even minus points are not replaced.

Why the change?

We’ve been keen to introduce something that is unique in the world of fantasy football. Though we had been working on this format before we even knew what coronavirus was, the recent crisis has forced a review of every tournament, and with declining numbers in our fantasy that competes with the official Premier League game, the need for change became clearer.

A common theme among existing fantasy games (such as those we were running last season) is that many users select very similar teams due to several stars being ‘must-pick’ players. For example, after a few rounds of our full fantasy Premier League tournament last year, an incredibly high percentage of players selected the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Kevin de Bruyne and Mo Salah. Of course, such players will remain strong options in our new odds-based format, however, we believe that by attaching relative value to each specific player in the form of odds to dictate how many points they receive for a goal, the reward for clever tactics and risk-taking is greatly increased.

Depending on your Superbru pool’s standings, the fixtures taking place on each given day and the players we make available for selection, each round of this new game will paint a different picture. Your pool leader may well opt to stick with fantasy favourites such as Aubameyang and Mane to ‘play safe’ and maintain their lead, but it will be tough to build an unassailable lead early in the season given the amount of points that can be gained when a risk comes off.

Launch info

Though it's not yet possible to make picks, you can join our new
Premier League Odds-Based fantasy game by clicking the + in the top right corner of the app home screen
Premier League Odds-Based fantasy here or by clicking the button at the top of this article.

We've launched the tournament with some information and a screenshot in place of the picks area so that you can still sign up and get your pools ready for kick-off. Things will of course be complete very soon and we expect to be able to open picks for Round 1 around 5 days before kick-off.

We hope you're all excited for this new format! We'd love you to get involved, tell your mates about it and see how our debut odds-based fantasy season plays out! As always, if you have any questions about the new game, feel free to comment below or message us on support@superbru.com.

Please note: Our new odds-based fantasy game includes new code that might not work for those of you who are trying to access the tournament on fairly old devices/internet browsers. If your browser or device is quite dated, you may be left with a blank screen/error message when attempting to play this tournament. We're working to try and improve this so that older devices can also run the game.
19,700 caps
Will you be doing this for format for champions League or have daily 5 aside for that one
24 Aug 15:54
20,835 caps
Yep, that's the hope, Chris! Just to be clear, this is also a daily tournament. 24 Aug 16:00
19,700 caps
Yeah like the daily ones but yeah know what u mean with only one game sometimes all end up choosing the same players.
24 Aug 16:07
18,455 caps
This sounds a bit worrying. "......two different tournaments - a ‘full’ Premier League fantasy game and a daily 5-a-side fantasy game - but we’re now excited to update and replace those tournaments with a new, totally unique game".

Does that mean NO MORE FULL XI a-side Fantasy EPL game? That would be a HUGE LOSS! Can we just have this replace the old Daily Fantasy? Many brus preferred the XI version as you only had to pick once or occasionally twice week.

Please confirm and advise if its server capacity/complexity related.

But in the mean time I'M SUPER STOKED about this new format and the extra cerebral challenges it poses. WELL DONE!
24 Aug 16:40
25,039 caps
Step in the wrong direction!, I will really miss the other tournaments.
24 Aug 20:27
20,835 caps
Hey Paul, I've just replied to a similar comment from Angus below with some reasons that you can read but yes, our odds-based game will be our only PL fantasy tournament in 2020/21. Glad you like the sound of this new format! We're really excited for it to begin. 25 Aug 11:28
3,673 caps
I do not understand it, but I will give it a go. I for one like the FF 11, if you need to be unique why not have a 25 player pool and let us pick 11 players from the pool for that game day. Let me know what you think about this.
24 Aug 17:14
59,762 caps
Interesting concept! Adds a layer of complexity without making picking a more lengthy process. Keen to give it a try!
24 Aug 17:22
62,136 caps
Always open for new ideas.....will give it a try
24 Aug 18:47
45,804 caps
Yeah bring it on . I like new challenges. It looks interesting already. I think i will take the lead for the first 3 rounds, lol
24 Aug 18:58
62,819 caps
Sounds like a better game than the previous fantasy. Nice innovation guys.
24 Aug 20:18
38,436 caps
I like the sound of it. I agree the existing EPL fantasy game had its flaws in that it was quite difficult to move places in the ladder particularly amongst the leading brus as they were picking same players. The odds based scenario will definitely see more movement although I do think a lot of brus will still stick to picking the heavily favoured strikers
24 Aug 21:31
19,700 caps
But looks like if you took a gamble maybe behind and got a goalscoring at big odds could move up alot 24 Aug 23:17
671 caps
Just a quick one:
Will the Predict Exact Scores competition for Premier League, be brought back for next season?
25 Aug 00:16
18,455 caps
Yeah! You win a Trial Covid 19 Vaccine dose for 10. 9 gets you a full body Hazmat suit, 8 a face shield, & 7 a Face Mask with your favorite EPL team's logo. 6 exacts a Used Official Superbru mask that's been exposed to London's public transport system since June.

But a good question mogentle all the same. 25 Aug 01:25
38,436 caps
I'm pretty sure that in the uncertain times we live in the generals at superbru will be in no position to reward monetarily exact picks as they have done in the past.
We should instead be extremely grateful for the time, effort and resources they all put into continuing to produce a gold star prediction website.
Nice try though mogentle 25 Aug 04:31
12,599 caps
Agreed, Professor. Anyway, for myself getting 3 Exact scores is very occasional, and I doubt I've ever had 5 in a round. I think there's only ever been one bru that managed 8? 25 Aug 17:48
38,436 caps
Yes very difficult 26 Aug 02:48
32,745 caps
I play for my uncle [under his own name as he don't have internet] and he had a 6 last year but didn't get anything as i think someone else had higher right.
this year i am going to put a lot of effort in lol 2 Sep 02:41
12,599 caps
Good luck Robert, you’re certainly going to need it! There used to be a competition for UK residents that was free to enter; and if you predicted all 10 scores exactly, you’d win a million pounds sterling. Shows just how hard it is. 2 Sep 07:40
8,996 caps
25 Aug 04:32
21,334 caps
I like the inclusion of odds but gotta say am not a big fan of pre-established list of players. i remember some ucl rounds (same re rwc, golf tourneys etc) where decent players often from not-so-big (as in 'well-known') teams had been omitted. Ended up with the exact same usual suspects, from the same countries/teams. I guess the new format also means no TAA, Doherty, Laporte etc, it will be all about 'likely' goal scorers, right?
I'll still give it a go though ;)
25 Aug 06:39
44,087 caps
Don't like this new fantasy way. Why fix what is not broken.
Maybe add this and leave the old format as well. 25 Aug 08:21
3,673 caps
Well said Chris, if not broken do not fix it. Superbru you began all this by playing FF and Jersey - puller, has long we do not win your teams jersey. LOL!. Professor talking bowls. LOL!. 25 Aug 10:48
20,835 caps
Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback! This game will be based on lists of players but I share your view that it's great having players that aren't just the 'usual suspects' to pick. A major aim of this tournament is to encourage pick variation so you will certainly see the likes of Trent and Doherty listed. In each individual band we'll be aiming to include some 'low-risk' picks, some real outsiders and others in between as is roughly shown in the screenshot above. In rounds containing only one or two fixtures, a high percentage of the players in action will be selectable. 25 Aug 11:34
9,574 caps
This has been a problem for quite some time. Numerous times I have gone in to pick a certain player and they are not there to pick. Golf, tennis, cricket and 5-a-side football are some examples. I can't see why we cant have the whole field of 128 golfers split into 4 bands to choose from. This would eliminate the problem of people just taking the same limited favourites and the experienced pickers and the ones who actually do some research on the tournaments can get an advantage 25 Aug 16:27
12,599 caps
The new format is brilliant! Thanks for the innovation, Superbru! There is no doubt that most brus are ‘Filter Pickers’, who always chose the player that tops the previously-earned-average-points log. They’ll still score reasonably well, but will now regularly miss out on the round’s biggest points earners.

However, I’d like this new Format to be ADDED to the Fantasy offerings, and not to replace them. Is that a problem? Will it incur more expense for Superbru? Are the tournaments Admin-draining? Or, is it perhaps Superbru’s contention that 3 Fantasy tournaments will reduce the number of brus in each event?

I find that researching my picks for the Fantasies helps with the Predictors. Also, any research done for 1 Fantasy format, helps with any other format. In fact, I joined 2019/20’s official Premier League Fantasy specifically because I believed it would assist me to pick better on Superbru.

Att: Superbru Admin. Please retain the Predictor, the Fantasy, and the 5-a-side; and add
25 Aug 10:59
20,835 caps
Hi Angus, glad you like the sound of the new game! The new odds-based fantasy will be our only Premier League fantasy offering in the 2020/21 season. The points you have touched on are indeed factors - as the article states, we’ve seen declining numbers (particularly in the full fantasy due to the strength of the official FPL game) so it’s time for a change and we’re really excited about this new format. It goes without saying that more tournaments = more admin and full fantasy tournaments are particularly costly due to the data required for all Premier League players in every single fixture. We’re hopeful that everyone will give this new tournament a go so that there’s lots of competition and we can all enjoy the variance in tactics/player selection that we’re expecting! 25 Aug 11:25
12,599 caps
Thanks for the feedback, Jack! I’m certainly looking forward excitedly, to another great season of Superbru prediction and fantasy in the Premier League. Cheers! 25 Aug 12:16
18,455 caps
OK, let me get this straight. NO FILTER LISTS? Just what we see in the mock-up preview above? Hmmm? Has it occurred to anyone that the early SP (starting price) odds will get skewed in TWO ways during the FIVE DAYS gap between publishing & the kick-off. FIRSTLY they get shortened by FAN-POWER for the bigger clubs like Liv, Man U, Ars. No one wants to back their club to lose unless they hope it'll get the Manager sacked! SECONDLY, the bookies like to play mind-games. I saw a TV doco about this 5 years ago. They try to divert bets from who they fear will score by shortening the odds on say a rising star, e.g. Make Greenwood 1.5 but Rashford & Martial only 1.8 vs West Brom. Punters might start to think the bookies know something they don't. Then there are 'Loss Leader' tactics to attract you to their website ahead of others. So very generous odds of say 5:1 for Pulisic when he should be 2.5:1.

It might pay to still look for more info, like how often players score against certain teams? 25 Aug 16:50
38,436 caps
Paul. Superbru will set the odds themselves and once they are loaded in the system they will not change. It's irrelevant what the bookies odds are. 25 Aug 21:51
18,455 caps
But they come from actual bookies though. If its all fair and equitably based on unbiased probability then fine. We shall see? Will there be ways to track 'Best Value or under-priced players' throughout the season. This would in effect become 'De facto Filter Picking'? 25 Aug 23:58
3,714 caps
I am disappointed that the link to this article promised a full exposition of the new game but it was not what was promised.
25 Aug 16:17
28,793 caps
Good idea I agree but I do prefer the daily and the full fantasy..
25 Aug 18:42
55,769 caps
I get really frustrated at the members who say - If it ain't broke don't fix it. No scoring system or game is ever perfect and to evolve and improve you need to make changes.
I believe that in the 5 a side fantasy there were way too many players available to pick. I would sort the players into points scored order and then pick one of the top players. It was too bulky.
If you only play in the English Premier League pools, then you have the time to study all the teams and all the players. I play in a lot of other pools, so for me this is a huge improvement.
The full fantasy game was very frustrating because everyone had the same big name players. Once you were behind, it was very difficult to catch up.
Well done SuperBru, this looks more attractive to play.
26 Aug 08:00
20,469 caps
I like the format. It will really challenge my brain power 5 Sep 14:38
6,643 caps
I liked the old 5-a-side but will give this ago. But please, please, please, get rid of single day fixtures! Massive pain in the ****. Minimum of two games for any selection otherwise it becomes a massive chore.
26 Aug 08:22
24,437 caps
I think this is a Fantastic new innovation.
Please keep it as set out in the explanation, changes if any can be done in 21/22.
Did not see anything about PRIZES.
26 Aug 08:48
4,319 caps
cant wait to play this new game,hope i wont miss any deadlines
26 Aug 08:49
3,244 caps
I DO prefer the full Fantasy game with a proper team - picking daily and not having an actual playing XI is "just not cricket"!!!! Pun intended.
26 Aug 10:30
53,544 caps
Really looking forward to this new game as always love the new game’s that you put on. Keep up the good work guys.
26 Aug 18:53
5,445 caps
Me parece genial la idea!... Existentes demasiados juegos fantasy similares en el mercado, y me parece que este formato innovador es sumamente atractivo para quienes gustan de los nuevos retos... Estoy listo para iniciar!!
26 Aug 19:23
18,455 caps
That's easy for you to say WJR09!

Translation: I think the idea is great! ... There are too many similar fantasy games on the market, and I think that this innovative format is extremely attractive for those who like new challenges ... I'm ready to start !! 27 Aug 14:07
1,268 cap
Willing to give it a try.Many hate change its called evolution bring it on .Cheers Superbru..
26 Aug 21:31
19,700 caps
Started a cash pool for this new event £2 to enter, all money goes into prizepool and goes to winner, called 3Lions cash pool also cash pools for US open and Premier League Predictor all £2 to enter only.
27 Aug 10:28
272 caps
Leave it as it is please
27 Aug 14:19
Why not rather introduce a Card Player Trading Game. Each soccer player has various points allocated to his attributes. You then play and challenge the online cumminity to win their player cards, hoping you can win all the most value players. Then when the round begins, you can only use the 15 player cards plus their 6 reserves to enter a full fantasy game. So if you don not have Salah or De Bruyne you can't enter them in the round game. You will have to win those players of your opponents by matching their attribute values against each other. So building your strongest 11 Pack. Just like the previous Rugby 7 Fantasy Game at World Of Rugby. That should make it more challenging and interesting.
28 Aug 21:22
18,455 caps
You over estimate the resources at SB's disposal and the attention span of the typical SB player, especially after too many Castle lagers. It sounds like a kind of 'Top Trumps' (a card swapping game popular in UK school yards in the 70s) crossed with a budget capped type Fantasy. If you want complicated you should enter the official Tour De France Fantasy game, my God, whoever wins that deserves a Nobel prize!

Thanks for the suggestion. I've loads too for SB. Mainly a tafiff Medal Points system instead of 25 for a 4 day Golf AND a 380 match EPL season. Say a range of 5 up to 100. 31 Aug 22:30
19,700 caps
Yeah I entered the tour de France one is very strange just picked 9 riders and left it lol 1 Sep 09:54
14,492 caps
It sound fantastic. Classic fantasy all year 15- man squad games are boring after 8 to 10 weeks. Lot of websites run with daily fantasy games with 3 to 5 players to choose in different sports. Odds make some higher levels. All the congrats, I am glad you are among firsts, maybe first, with this kind of game. And for FREEE. All the best from Belgrade, Serbia.
31 Aug 08:40
13,009 caps
Nice move! I didn't see anything about prizes.
2 Sep 15:08
11,017 caps
I dont like it. its very similar to the daily fantasy. thank goodness there is still other options on the www for the full fantasy game. im really sad to see this one go though, it has been nice while it lasted..... i guess every good thing has to come to an end.
3 Sep 06:40
1,476 cap
Am 100% in for this. It's a nice format and high possibility of risking any player to earn higher scores. Am against the exact score game. It's better to have other prizes up for grab rather than cash prizes for each rounds in which there will always be a winner each week, rather than boring cash prize exact score games.
4 Sep 01:40
7,310 caps
4 Sep 19:27
20,469 caps
The new format will definitely keep me thinking. This is what a 70 years old needs. Well done Superbru
5 Sep 14:41
684 caps
This new format is Unique based on the preview But it will be more Unique if great PRIZES like Sony PlayStation4/5 or Samsung Prizes are available for each rounds. High Five!!!
5 Sep 16:38
12,599 caps
Hey Michael, prizes would be lovely! Of course, unless Sony/Samsung were prepared to sponsor them, the cost would be prohibitive. Over a hundred rounds equates to about 25 000 pounds sterling!

I guess that for it be feasible (without a sponsor), an entry fee would be required. Many or most brus wouldn't go for it, so it would need to be optional. Perhaps 1 pound sterling to enter the pot in any given week? Usually there'd be many weekly winners tied on the same score; so either the Pot would have to be shared, or else a single winner selected by some means. Could be a lucky draw, or perhaps the earliest logged prediction?

It's complicated, and might even put some brus off; especially those who play for the fun of it. Also, Superbru Admin would have to deal with endless correspondence from irked/angry individuals who consider themselves hard done by.

I'd enter ever time, how about you? 6 Sep 08:11
12,599 caps
^ I'd enter "every" time, how about you? 6 Sep 08:12
18,455 caps
Hey that's a coincidence. Got a Sony PS4 (waiting for the PS5 instead of getting the PS4 Pro with 4K ability) & got a Samsung 82 inch 4K with enhanced Gaming mode, back in January. You would think I knew what was coming? Such great deals right now. TV Sports & Gaming are amazing and 4K alters ideal distance viewing positioning, you can sit closer as the pixels are much tighter.

Perhaps SB could offer a 'Pre-loved' used package to the end of season most exacts (luckiest!) picker? Used PS4 Pros go for circa £200 (probably much less once the PS5 comes out in Nov?) and an 8 Series UHD Upper Mid-range Samsung 82'' (non QLED) maybe £1000 or £1700 new. Brilliant investments! Just ensure you have a decent surround sound system - Soundbars are the work of the Devil! Just hooked up the old Wii too, so I now have a 6 foot wide bowling alley in my lounge! All done on a tight budget. 9 Sep 14:18
12,599 caps
Well Paul, after your Global 2nd place in the 19/20 EPL Daily Fantasy, I suggest you clear out the garage to make space for your soon-to-be Cinema/Gaming Room. 9 Sep 15:45
18,455 caps
It was the UEFA Champions League actually, not nearly as many players but mainly addicts! No Angus the living room is my domain. My better half confines herself to the bedroom with the old 50'' plasma. Now she did come second in the EPL but just in our 4TOP200/2% Predictor pool. Of course many have better things to spend their cash on right now, like food. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon. I use the garage for my S&M clients btw, the 'Gimp Trunks' take up a lot of space. 9 Sep 18:10
25,397 caps
all good and well but can you open the damn picks please?? this is a new format do you want us only to have a day to chose our players?????
9 Sep 06:51
12,599 caps
Fret no more, Steven; the damn picks are open! 9 Sep 15:41
7,942 caps
I get a blank screen ?
10 Sep 10:42
17,472 caps
brilliant idea ??
11 Sep 06:55
8,748 caps
Blank screen .... Pls open for selections....
11 Sep 10:17
20,713 caps
great stuff.. wish I can work for superbru and help come up with great ideas
11 Sep 19:36
32 caps
Could anyone help me out, was wondering is the deadline to predict a game when the game starts (at the shown time) or an earlier time eg. Before lineups are announced 1 hour before or anything ..... thanks
11 Sep 23:27
12,599 caps
Hey Andrew. The deadline is always the starting time of the FIRST match of the round, which appears on Home page Upcoming Picks list. Line ups for that match appear on BBC.com (and elsewhere) about 58 minutes before the Deadline.
Beware though! The Site can be very busy then, so get your picks in 30 minutes early. Also, you can change your picks before the Deadline, so provisional selections are well advised. Good luck! 12 Sep 03:24
12,599 caps
^ Note that each Superbru Odds-Based Fantasy Round consists of all the matches on the given day. Commonly 1 to 6 matches. 12 Sep 04:37
18,455 caps
Yes most other Fantasy Footy contests deadlines are an hour before the first kick off. I think this is fairer for those downunder still asleep really. However those backups for non-players can annoyingly, for us starter checkers, save the day for them but more often it;s the subs against tiring defences that help them even more. But no one knowing the XIs for certain would be the best leveller. 12 Sep 17:11
38,436 caps
Still blank screen 2 days into start of competition
Update please
14 Sep 02:18
25,397 caps
I am sorry but this fantasy is dog ****e
15 Sep 07:19