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Marvel magic makes Vodacom Super Rugby “Superpowered” in 2019

As always, we're very excited for the new Super Rugby season to come around here at Superbru and SA Rugby has today informed of a new collaboration that will make quite a difference to the Super Rugby experience South Africans will have at next year's home derbies.

The full media release regarding an initiative that will see each SA team assigned to a Marvel Super Hero for the 2019 season can be read below. We're keen to know your thoughts on this collaboration in the comments section. Will it add something to the SA Super Rugby games next year? Are you excited to see some Super Hero themed kits for the Bulls, Lions, Sharks and Stormers?

Our predictor and fantasy games for the new Super Rugby season will be live in early January, and we’ll be teaming up with Vodacom and SuperSport once again, with details of prizes to be confirmed in due course.

Full story:

South African rugby is entering a whole new universe in 2019 as SA Rugby, SuperSport, Vodacom and Marvel team up to bring Super Heroes to life and create an all-conquering, planet-shifting, villain-busting “Superpowered” Vodacom Super Rugby competition.

Some of Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes will join forces with South Africa’s most powerful rugby stars to turn every one of the South African derbies in the 2019 Vodacom Super Rugby season into an action-packed adventure in and outside the stadiums.

In a ground-breaking collaboration between SA Rugby, SuperSport, Vodacom and Marvel, each of the South African Vodacom Super Rugby teams will be assigned a Marvel Super Hero as their look for the home derbies next season.

The Vodacom Bulls kit will be emblazoned with the colours of Captain America, the Emirates Lions will channel their inner-Spider-Man, the Cell C Sharks’ kit will be inspired by Black Panther and the DHL Stormers will be wearing Thor’s colours. The kit designs will be revealed at a later stage.

“Marvel Super Heroes are among the most loved and recognisable characters in the world, very much like local Vodacom Super Rugby players and clubs,” said Luke Roberts, Retail Director for The Walt Disney Company Africa.

“Whether it’s Spider-Man’s genius and agility, Thor’s strength and endurance, Captain America’s honour and strategy or Black Panther’s speed and stamina, we are thrilled to collaborate with clubs in this year’s South African Conference in Vodacom Super Rugby, aligning these character attributes with our own iconic teams.”

Jurie Roux, CEO of SA Rugby, said this is one of the most exciting developments to the local Vodacom Super Rugby scene in many years.

“Vodacom Super Rugby has always been about entertainment and providing supporters with something new, and in 2019 we will definitely achieve that with this exciting endeavour with Marvel,” said Roux.

“The global rugby landscape is changing and teams across all continents are trying new things to further raise the interest of fans. We envisage reaching new audiences and gaining new supporters for our franchises and the game as a whole in South Africa.”

Gideon Khobane, SuperSport CEO, said: “These are great times in sport with innovation pivotal to success, which is why SuperSport is thrilled to support the Super Heroes initiative.”

The true impact of next season will be felt when the real-life super heroes take over the story off the pitch.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the heroes of South African rugby are ready to unleash this as they use their power for good and tackle cancer in a partnership with the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Michelle van Eyden, Vodacom’s Executive Head of Sponsorship, echoed the excitement for the forthcoming Vodacom Super Rugby season and highlighted the importance of giving back.

“Besides the innovation and excitement we will be seeing during Vodacom Super Rugby in 2019, Vodacom is also extremely proud to be associating itself with CHOC,” said Van Eyden.

“Every Super Rugby season, Vodacom partners with an organisation that is in need of support, and with the Marvel partnership, we feel there is a perfect fit between between the rugby super heroes we’ll see doing battle every weekend on the field and the little super heroes of CHOC who fight a far larger battle every day.”

For every tackle made by a South African player during the 2019 Vodacom Super Rugby competition, Vodacom and SuperSport will each donate R50 to CHOC through the #TacklingCancer campaign, with the goal of raising R1 million by the end of the season.

And if heroes give us hope, this will be a season in which every fan can also be a hero as they join forces to keep the hope alive for those who need it most.

Vodacom Super Rugby fans can also expect the best in-stadium entertainment and activations that are going to inject rugby into a new “Superpowered” era in a fresh and exciting way.

This is Vodacom Super Rugby “Superpowered”, with Real. Live. Super Heroes.
17,220 caps
This is great. (It could have been Mickey Mouse, Goofy , Sleepy and Grumpy.)
4 Dec 18:01
28,540 caps
Would've preferred that...... seriously!!!! 4 Dec 18:07
47,470 caps
Who will coach them,the x-men
4 Dec 18:36
3,808 caps
I stay in Joburg and can only speak from my experience of Ellisark. I'm afraid, no super hero will convince me to visit the place in the Hiilbrow slumps easily. They should rather focus on the basics 1st:
Reasonably priced park and ride facilities, not the R150 pp setup of the last few years
If the above is not possible, enough secure parking.
Enough security outside the stadium after the match
Enough clean bathrooms for ladies
Toilet paper in the ladies bathrooms.
Please get rid of the 100's of nyaope addicts posing as parking officials outside the stadium. Many of them are thugs and quite openly looking for a opportunity to strike.
5 Dec 12:34
8,894 caps
Ellis Park was one of the best attended stadiums in SA last 3 years. 6 Dec 09:36
17,220 caps
I live in Mpumalanga and visit Ellis Park at least 6 times a year. I have never felt unsafe there and have never had any problems. 8 Dec 19:42
3,808 caps
Barney there are really some horror stories that I and many other people can share with you. 13 Dec 06:42
45,141 caps
It would be nice if SuperBru joined the out of the box thinking and came up with a better scoring system for rugby. You have improved the soccer scoring system, tried your best with the cricket scoring system, but keeping the rugby scoring system in the dark ages. We need a Super Hero to save the SuperBru Rugby !!!
7 Dec 13:46
46,484 caps
Thanks Bomber. We've discussed various elements of our rugby game model internally at SuperHQ recently and with the new Southern Hemisphere season fast approaching as well as the Rugby World Cup next year we'll be looking at anything that needs improving to present the best game experience possible.

So feel free to drop us a message with your suggestions or requests for consideration.

However, as previously discussed, the rugby game model has matured really well over the years and there's an element of familiarity with it for the majority of our users. So with that in mind, it's very important to consider both the pros and the cons of any possible changes, which we weigh in heavily before starting with any significant overhauls. 7 Dec 14:59
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All very well with Superpowered Super Heroes and tinkering with the kit but will it really put more bums on seats in the stadiums?
8 Dec 09:17
5,093 caps
I am not a huge rugby enthusiast but just listening to those that are, u don’t think the problem is that the competition has just gotten too long & bulky. By half way thru people have better things to do than spend a day at the rugby. Of course results matter too. Good luck with this one.
9 Dec 01:44
24,174 caps
Just ironic that "Thor" (Dwayne Vermeulen) joined the "Captain America" franchise (Bulls) for the 2019 season whilst the Stormers are the"Thor" franchise. I know this is just a new initiative to try to sell new jersey-replicas to the public to bolster the SARB coffers.
10 Dec 16:59
136 caps
Its going to be pumped.hope my boys are ready and also excited to see what they have in plan for us.go sharkies
10 Jan 17:33
422 caps
This is awesome, I havent purchased a new jersey in a few years but this year I will definatly fit it into my budget.
15 Jan 15:31
3,085 caps
I’m a Sharks fan, not a black panther fan, perhaps the kids will enjoy it!
12 Feb 20:13
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