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Kunal Bid from Kenya wins the EPL 5-a-side Fantasy Cash Prize

Kunal Bid, a Chelsea fan from Nairobi, Kenya, managed to pick all 5 top performing players in the English Premier League 5-a-side Fantasy game for round 13. Kunal wins himself a prize bag in excess of 30,000 Kenyan Shillings for his efforts.

Here's what Kunal picked:

Kunal is a stock broker and works in the insurance business in Nairobi. We asked him to tell us a bit about himself and his pick strategy.

"I have always been a fan of sporting prediction games and Superbru is a fun and welcome addition on the scene.

"In regards to strategy, I went with the two big hitters of Aguero and Sanchez as they normally deliver big points, and with favorable games they would deliver. I had Clyne and Marius as I thought Liverpool had a good chance of keeping a clean sheet and they didn't disappoint. I think the key was Sigurdsson though. He has been in good form recently and delivered a nice return in that crazy 5-4 game."

Those well thought out tactics really worked a treat. While currently sitting 31st globally and leading most of his pools, it's apparent that Kunal really knows his stuff. Keep it up Kunal! The next target is surely the global champion title!

What do you think about Kunal's tactics? Can you emulate his amazing performance and be our next lucky prize winner? Go on and make your picks, then it could be you!

5,356 caps
Well done
2 Dec 18:47
4,452 caps
nice bro
3 Dec 06:15
16,039 caps
well done!!!!
3 Dec 08:00
474 caps
Kudos!! mate
3 Dec 19:56
666 caps
kudos bro
4 Dec 07:45
1,434 cap
4 Dec 13:23
5,895 caps
That's great, I can't wait for my win.
4 Dec 14:16
2,598 caps
Congrats man!
4 Dec 17:45
1,325 cap
Nice One!!! bro
5 Dec 07:28
1,849 cap
Nice to emulate
5 Dec 10:12
99 caps
great guy
8 Dec 22:35
3,108 caps
13 Dec 14:39
6,467 caps
Well done
14 Dec 14:59
242 caps
Well done and keep it up but don't get all up in ur mind because there is huge competition out there
31 Dec 08:35
4,720 caps
Amazing strategy. Well done.
8 Jan 04:41
2,382 caps
8 Feb 19:22
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