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Investec Champions Cup: Round 1 Predictions

The Premiership, Top 14 and United Rugby Championship are all on pause as we move into European action, where the very best teams from each of those leagues play against each other.

It's always fun to see how matches play out between teams from those three competitions, and we have an attractive Round 1 fixture list to get us into the Predictor.

Don't forget that in addition to our Predictor game for the Champions Cup there's a full Investec Champions Cup Fantasy game and a Predictor game for the EPCR Challenge Cup. If you aren't already reading this on the Superbru Rugby app, that's the best place to enjoy all three tournaments.

Here are my picks for Round 1 of the Investec Champions Cup.

La Rochelle and Leinster meet in the first round, having met in the final of the previous two tournaments, and it looks like the game of the weekend. Based on their superior record over Leinster and home advantage, I’ve gone with La Rochelle, but it could go either way.

Elsewhere, I expect the Bulls to beat Saracens in what should be another great occasion, and actually I’ve picked all the home teams to win - despite trying to judge each game on its individual merits!

How do these compare to your own picks? Have you predicted any away wins?
I have very similar Hutch. Perhaps Leinster to pip La Rochelle to the post, they were something like 21-0 up last time before La Rochelle caught them up.
7 Dec 15:32
4,930 caps
Hutch agree, except i think Leinster will take this one.
8 Dec 09:46
945 caps
I agree Hutch. Has also gone for all the home teams
8 Dec 12:23
5,577 caps
I agree with most of your picks. There may be some upsets. Difficult to predict which ones....
8 Dec 13:38
5,577 caps
Hutch, are you also doing your predictions for the EPCR?
8 Dec 13:39
9,470 caps
I agree but may Leinster, Stormers and Quins to cause an upset.
8 Dec 14:07
682 caps
9 Dec 06:57
1,315 cap
All Home teams seems a bit unlikely. But we will see should be a fun weekend.
8 Dec 14:16
5,577 caps
Hopefully Saracens upset the Bulls purely because I want to get good points in my pool.....
8 Dec 15:21
42 caps
How do I join a pool
8 Dec 17:09
4,930 caps
ThomasEtz, surge pools type in pool code: fluxgear The Champs you can join our pool.
Good luck.
8 Dec 18:00
70,552 caps
I'll take 4 away winners. Ulster Leinster Saracens and Harlequins. Almost want to take Exeter as well, LOL. Good luck everyone. : )
8 Dec 19:38
5,577 caps
I agree with Saracens beating the Bulls by more than a losing bonus point
9 Dec 04:22
23,309 caps
Cracking start from Hutch 0 from 2. Odd picks from him.
9 Dec 06:50
80,909 caps
SPICYRHINO I see you throw stones at Hutch without telling us what your picks were. The bookies are also 0 from 2. So explain what was odd about the picks.
I picked Bordeaux Begles to win, only two of us out of 19 in my pool got that right. I was wrong with Northampton Saints, where only one out of 19 in the pool got that one right. So tell us how great your picks were before you criticize Hutch 9 Dec 07:16
23,309 caps
Two from two. and within margin for Northampton. 9 Dec 10:50
80,909 caps
And the rest of your picks for the weekend ? 9 Dec 11:16
2,138 caps
Leinster 45
9 Dec 06:50
80,909 caps
I think the thought process needs to be re-evaluated for this competition. In the World Cup there were four dominant countries, Ireland, France, New Zealand and South Africa.
New Zealand are not in this competition so disregard them. South Africa relied heavily on their overseas Springboks to win the World Cup, so that means our local teams, without the core Springboks, are watered down between Bulls, Lions, Sharks, Stormers and Cheetahs. This makes our teams relatively vulnerable.
Very few Irish players play outside of Ireland. But in Ireland there are three teams that generally dominate, Leinster, Munster and Ulster. Any other Irish teams will struggle.
Very few French players play outside of France. In fact with all the foreign players playing in France, I believe that the French rugby league is the strongest league and needs to be taken into account when making your picks.
England also have most of their players playing in their league, and it is more of a strength vs strength lea
9 Dec 07:45
24,749 caps
Hutch, like me, you are sitting 0/3 with three away wins...
9 Dec 15:07