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Introducing: The Slam Point

In certain tournaments in future, the Grand Slam Point is going to be replaced by a new concept - the Slam Point. Read on to find out more.

Why are we changing things?

The Grand Slam Point has always been a key part of SuperBru. When you pick every single game in a round correctly, you deserve points to reflect what is - in the ever unpredictable world of sport - a pretty epic achievement.

In rugby, this has always been reasonably doable. But recently, we have noticed that GSPs in a tournament like the English Premier League are almost non-existent. Why is that?

What it boils down to is the number of outcomes within the realm of possibility. In every football match, there are 3 very realistic options: win, lose and draw. Draws are so common in football that it makes picking the correct outcome in all 10 games in a round of a tournament like the EPL very, very tricky.

So, for all football tournaments in future (and possibly other sports should it be a success), the Grand Slam Point is going to be replaced by the Slam Point.

What is the Slam Point?

The Slam Point is, essentially, a tiered version of the Grand Slam Point. The tiers may vary slightly from tournament to tournament, but in general they will follow a trend like this:

  • Correctly predict 5-7 games in a round: 1 Slam Point
  • Correctly predict 8-9 games in a round: 2 Slam Points
  • Correctly predict 10+ games in a round (in tournaments that have 10-fixture rounds): 3 Slam Points
The scoreline is not taken into account for the Slam Point - you just have to pick the correct outcome (win/lose/draw).

The idea is that winning one or more Slam Points is more achievable than just the old GSP, which should make each round of the big tournaments more exciting and engaging.

"I'm still not convinced..."

56,251 brus signed up to play our EPL Predictor game last season. During the entirety of the 38-week campaign, we handed out just 211 Grand Slam Points, 159 of which came in a reduced round in February. The GSP was always there in our scoring system, but in reality it was almost a non-entity.

In the first round of matches, 33,249 people made picks for the 10 matches - nobody managed a GSP for getting them all correct. By contrast, under the new Slam system, 28,837 people would have managed a Slam Point of 1, while 43 would have managed two Slam Points.

So, there you have it. The first tournament at which the Slam Point will come into effect is the Copa America, whose first round finishes tonight. Thereafter it will apply to all football tournaments, and we'll make a decision on whether to introduce it to other sports in due course.

So be sure to check your Copa America results later this evening, and find out how many Slam Points you have won!

48,227 caps
Ok amigo, just to be sure we've all got it. So will that be Grande, Prima-grande and Extra-grande puntas da Slamma Hose?
6 Jun 14:14
21,456 caps
A good initiative which I think will be working.Hope you could look into the 7's and Tennis tournaments scoring as well for additional scoring options
6 Jun 14:26
5,496 caps
I support you on this one for the 7's. We never had a GSP for the 7's [to my knowledge] good time to implement it with the next 7 series [Olympics ?] 6 Jun 16:15
28,222 caps
Need for IPL cricket as well eish 7 Jun 14:04
44,926 caps
The Slam point idea is good, however I think there must be a GSP over and above the Slam Point.
6 Jun 15:37
17,189 caps
Hi Theo, if you correctly predict all the results in a round, you will receive the maximum Slam Point value - which will always be the same as what the GSP would have been in the old days.

Does that make sense? In essence, the GSP still exists, just under a different moniker! 6 Jun 15:39
19,043 caps
Like the thinking and innovation. Keep up making it more and more enjoyable.
6 Jun 17:02
20,249 caps
Totally agree with you Gatekeeper! 8 Jun 00:51
24,138 caps
i really think it is better.
6 Jun 17:16
29,421 caps
Cheers Hosie I like...
6 Jun 18:20
11,170 caps
Can you apply this strategy to NRL? But opposite way around, where in a reduced round of four games, 3 points are awarded as grand slam points. Surely you can make it 1 or 2 points, as not all games are being played? Thank you.
6 Jun 21:49
53,727 caps
The Super Grand Slam Point for 2020 (",)
7 Jun 06:15
49,711 caps
Good Stuff!
7 Jun 11:47
22,633 caps
nice one
7 Jun 13:11
35,585 caps
That sounds better
7 Jun 13:16
47,439 caps
5, 6 and 7 correct picks in a number of my pools and not a single SP? Next round is kicking off in a few hours.
7 Jun 14:10
50,564 caps
Hi JT, I've popped you a query from our support channel. Please reply to that message or contact us on support@superbru.com and we'll gladly help you. Note that the Slam Point display for the pool results graph and points tables are still being updated for the Slam Point integration. This will all be in place soon. However, the Slam Points have been awarded where necessary. If you check your pool leaderboards you should see Slam Points allocated. 7 Jun 14:14
20,650 caps
That seems to make sense. Fair rewards depending on just how well picked.
7 Jun 18:39
40,624 caps
8 Jun 06:49
14,134 caps
Viva SuperBru...vivaaaa - always looking to improve things, that's awesome, gotta luv SuperBru
8 Jun 11:55
4,764 caps
A great innovation. Still won't help my hopeless efforts I'm afraid.
8 Jun 19:17
802 caps
i think you should be rewarded highly for picking all the games.. i play nrl.. 3-5 pt system would be worthy.. and we also have had a member predicit 23 games str8! like wow.. surely a streak bonus of this magnitude should reflect a huge magnamimous bonus score? a streak bonus perhaps?
9 Jun 06:19
50,564 caps
@Sir.Wiri Such a great 23 match streak is in effect already rewarded by the existing GSP per round, and equally so with the remodeled Slam Point. Any further points specifically for a streak performance (although impressive) would really just be duplicating the points already awarded. 9 Jun 06:50
2,740 caps
I think its a good idea !
9 Jun 06:44
18,575 caps
great stuff!! great thinking
9 Jun 08:08
9,410 caps
@david87 so would you also qualify for Slam points if say you missed the first pick of the round and got default and picked the rest and got say 7 correct picks.
9 Jun 08:21
6,780 caps
I like this idea, particularly for football. But I also think the GSP could be re-worked/improved on.
In a few of the tournaments (use the example of Super Rugby) the number of games in a "round" can vary (7-9 in the case of SR). Obviously getting 7 picks is sometimes a lot easier than getting 9 (depending on who plays who). So I was thinking, why not introduce a weighted GSP that rewards someone more for getting more picks right.
e.g. One can still only get the GSP if ALL picks are correct, but say 0.3 points for each game in the round (2.1 for rounds with 7 games, 2.7 for rounds with 9).
One could go one step further and make it 0.2 for each game that is correct but didn't earn you a margin point and 0.3 for games that are correct and within the required margin.
9 Jun 08:54
121 caps
Does it mean if I predict up to 5 correct scores I stand to win some cash?
9 Jun 12:57
50,227 caps
got it - need it - want it
9 Jun 16:07
22,688 caps
Must only apply to soccer don't take the skill concept out off prediction always believed this is a game off skill and not LUCK !!!
10 Jun 05:59
3,906 caps
How about an HP or Handi Cap point? Players like me can start with that many points before a round starts, where everyone else starts on 0?
10 Jun 08:54
25,795 caps
Great idea. I have got all matches correct but not the difference in score. This will help make up the gap between an all correct entry and one that gets a couple with correct score and only half right.
11 Jun 12:07
6,085 caps
Nice, now seeing that you guys are working so hard to make it better, pls convert 7's to the same scoring as any other rugby game, this wil put the cat among the pigeons and be a more reflection of how a bru knows his teams, one point p/winners game is very boring!
11 Jun 12:35
3,574 caps
I believe that no GSP or Slam points should be awarded! Great if you predicted all the games correctly in a round - you got your win points for that achievement plus possible bonus and margin points. I feel that in the bigger scheme of things the GSP and/or Slam points takes the leaders in the pool so far ahead eventually, that the average player looses interest and stops trying to compete. Keep it real!!!
12 Jun 01:28
20,618 caps
I love the idea. I just think dont make it too easy. Maybe rather 6 and 7 Out of 10 gets you 1 point, 8 and 9 out of 10 gets you 2 points and 10 out of 10 gets you 3 points.
13 Jun 09:42
22,688 caps
Agree only when there's 10 games + in a round the slam point system must apply like in 7s it will be great well spotted Trompie
13 Jun 11:20
935 caps
for 1 slam point is just fine. Good thinking. Keep it up.
19 Sep 04:03
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