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F1: Brazilian Grand Prix

Mexican Magic

Though Max Verstappen claimed the honours of winning the race, all eyes were on Lewis Hamilton as he sealed his 5th World Drivers' Championship. Tyre management was key and Verstappen was able to do best as the 2 Mercedes drivers struggled, enabling the Ferrari's of Vettel and Raikkonen to claim the final two podium spots.

However, it was too little too late for Vettel who sportingly acknowledged Hamilton deserved it over the course of the season. Ricciardo's rotten luck continued with another DNF, hopefully his final 2 races with Red Bull can end on a more positive note.

Mexico GP Top 10: 1. Verstappen, 2. Vettel, 3. Raikkonen, 4. Hamilton, 5. Bottas, 6. Hulkenberg, 7. Leclerc, 8. Vandoorne, 9. Ericsson, 10. Gasly


Last season Vettel claimed victory at Interlagos with the Championship fight done and dusted (again in Hamilton's favour). The Finns of Bottas and Raikkonen were 2nd and 3rd. With the pressure off, who will relish in the conditions this year?

2018 podium prediction - 1. Bottas, 2. Hamilton, 3. Vettel

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By Jack Lowe #KeepFightingMichael
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Hamilton owes Bottas a win after the Russian GP, if the Mercs are running one two Lewis will let Bottas win.
8 Nov 21:24
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Something weird often happens in this race with rain & crashes common. I'm leaving my picks quite late and many may need to dump EBPs. Already had dramas and that was just in practise. But agreed, Hamilton may take the tail-gunner role to help Bottas but perhaps early on depending on who is told to pit first.
10 Nov 12:48
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Being to technical again... Straight forward results, Merc one, two(wrapping up a well deserved constr title) .... With Ham taking the W... Mer 11 Nov 08:18
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Hamilton's head doesn't seem to be in the right place this weekend as evidenced by his 'Dream-like' state of mind almost killing him in qualifying as he swerved last second into Sorotkin's and Raikonnen's paths. Post Championship winning euphoria affecting his focus? Merc win the Contructors regardless of 77 or 44 being 1-2 or 2-1. No Grid Penalty for Lewis but Vettel got fined 25,000 Euros (lets have a whip around!) for breaking the Weighing Scales by impatiently driving off them. Ferraris starting on Yellows could see them win? 11 Nov 14:11
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Verstappen had a great race and so did Kimi. Guess Seb is going through post championship depression... As I said Hamilton for the W 12 Nov 06:34
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