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Exact Score Challenge: Round Three Prize Winner!

The 100% record of an Exact Score Challenge winner per week at Superbru has continued with Jacob Senwamadi from South Africa the latest person to scoop a prize thanks to some incredible Premier League predictor picks!

Jacob joins Darren Thornton (£500) and Yashen Reddy (a Yellow Cap) as the challenge winners so far this season having managed 6 out of 10 exact picks in round three. The prize for nailing six out of ten? A Premier League jersey for the team you support which in Jacob's case is Manchester City.

Here's a look at his prize-winning picks:

The weekend started badly for Jacob given that he's a City fan and got his opening pick wrong, but things improved dramatically following that 1-1 draw at Molineux! Here's what the man himself had to say about how his Superbru round played out:

"Like many Premier League fans, I was all set and ready for the third round of matches with my favourite team kicking things off, I was quite frustrated for most of the game and after the draw I was quite worried after not having a good week in GW2 and dropped to 3rd place in a pool I play in with my facebook friends who are the ones who actually introduced me to Superbru in 2015. The game was followed up by the goal rush where I was watching the Arsenal-West Ham game as it was one that I felt pretty positive about among the 16:00 kick-off games."

Jacob confirmed he is one of many Superbru players who avoid changing their picks once they've made them (clearly that strategy must work) and interestingly plays in a pool with a friend who was an Exact Score Challenge winner last season!

"I was no longer bothered about getting perfect picks, but things started to get interesting as the games went on. I lost all hope when Everton went 2-0 up with less than 25 minutes to go only to tune in for the final minutes and to my surprise, it was 2-2. I kept a record of everything after a positive Saturday even after Liverpool failed to score two more goals. It was on Sunday after the Chelsea game when one of my mates from the group (he is actually a previous winner with 7/10 picks, Kersan Kistan) actually made me aware that I was on 6/9 and I already stood a chance of winning a kit or better a cash prize if Tottenham beat Man United 2-1 as I had predicted. Everyone was quite supportive and rooting for me. It was quite difficult to focus on my assignment whilst thinking of changing my pick but I decided to stay away from the site to avoid making changes only to regret it."

Finally, we thought we'd ask about Jacob's predictor tactics in case we could learn a thing or two for our own picks. His answer? No strategy other than to perhaps listen to your partner..

"I do not really have a strategy, I just trusted my intuition and made my picks with my girlfriend, whom if I had listened to, I would have gotten 8/10 exact picks!"

Could you be next?

With three winners in as many weeks, there's a chance you could also win a prize before the season is out! Make sure you submit your Premier League predictor picks each week throughout the 2018/19 campaign for a chance to win in every round.
39,221 caps
Well done Jacob
29 Aug 11:55
2,301 caps
29 Aug 13:17
135 caps
29 Aug 14:30
556 caps
Nice bro...I have a dream one day I will do more than you did
29 Aug 14:39
4,361 caps
Well done bro! In sadness there is some relief... as I am a Man Utd fan I close my eyes and ears, but take a quick peep at the City result every now and then to make myself feel a bit better... Congrats on the 6!
29 Aug 16:45
1,639 cap
Thanks guys, all the best with the remainder of your picks
29 Aug 17:06
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Hi Jacob
29 Aug 17:38
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Congrats jacob.i know you can do moredan this.10/10 awaits you.remeber me chimatony09@yahoo.com
30 Aug 05:26
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Wassup with picking 5 players? No more prices??? Congrats 2 de lad, wish u could've got a 7...
30 Aug 08:46
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Well Done...
30 Aug 09:07
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Congratulations! It was a tricky round but you did well!
30 Aug 10:28
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Nice one Jacob
30 Aug 11:35
652 caps
30 Aug 12:40
1,340 cap
Congratulations Jacob
30 Aug 13:43
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Congrats.. i am so far away from the universe of predictions!.. well done Jacob
30 Aug 14:06
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Respect to you Sir.
30 Aug 14:34
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Good job
30 Aug 17:03
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God bless you brother don't forget to thank him.because no matter what we go through with him everything is possible.
30 Aug 17:30
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Congratulations Jacob. Happy for you
31 Aug 04:16
Congratulations guyz. Maybe one day, one weekend, round I shall join u guyz
31 Aug 06:32
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good job.....
31 Aug 06:55
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Tnx bru
31 Aug 09:21
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Congrats man
31 Aug 11:10
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Jacob great work
31 Aug 16:06
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Well done sir @jacob
3 Sep 00:53
264 caps
Well done g. Nice picks
3 Sep 09:42
2,831 caps
Well done bro, I'm next to win my T-shirt
3 Sep 10:03
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Well done bro,...your giving me hope..hopefully it is going to be a productive round 5 for us.
5 Sep 11:44
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13 Sep 12:10
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Congrats jacob
20 Sep 06:45
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congrats man
24 Oct 14:17
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I am hoping someday too
3 Nov 13:12
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