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Exact Score Challenge: Premier League Predictor Round 7 Winner

Round 7 of the Premier League was by far the most comfortable round of the season so far for Superbru players, with the community managing an average of 7 correct outcomes out of 10. However, as I'm sure you all know, exact scores are always frustratingly difficult to achieve which means those who manage to win prizes in our Exact Score Challenge really do deserve credit.

We've had five Exact Score Challenge winners so far in what has been a very tough season of predicting with Rounds 1 and 5 the only rounds to have failed to produce a prize-winning bru with 5 or more exact picks. This week, Euan Kellie from the UK is our winner via tie-break as he was one of a few players to manage six exact scores in Round 7!

Here are the picks Euan made to win a Premier League jersey of his choice:

Following his achievement, we spoke to Euan and he revealed his thought process building up to the round! He's also informed us that he's a keen Chester FC fan meaning his Premier League jersey of choice is actually for his wife:

Congratulations to Euan who joins Narayanan Krishnan, Simon Maliva, Michael Williamson and Lee Hopkins on this season's 'Wall of Exact Score Challenge Fame' which you can find on our Premier League predictor prize info page.

And if you require a little motivation before attempting to become the next prize winner with your Round 8 picks, here's a look at that 'very disappointing Round 6' Euan referred to! Quite a contrast from his incredibly accurate Round 7 predictions!

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Well done!
3 Oct 11:57
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3 Oct 11:59
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Congrats, well done
3 Oct 14:31
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Congrats,well done
3 Oct 18:38
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thats goog to say it
3 Oct 20:48
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Many thanks all for your kind words !
3 Oct 22:44
Well done. Congratulations
4 Oct 07:54
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4 Oct 10:15
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Well done, I'm next in line????
4 Oct 10:52
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Take a bow fella
4 Oct 14:00
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This is very impressive Euan, you actually got all 10/10.....I know getting the Exact score is important but I will prefer getting all 10/10 in every week.
4 Oct 14:08
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This aint easy bro, congrats.
6 Oct 17:35
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Well done.....
7 Oct 08:14