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Euros Predictor: Final Prediction!

Those of us here in England still can't quite believe it, but the Euro 2020 final will see Italy take on England at Wembley this Sunday.

It's always great when the two best teams in the tournament are actually the ones that make it to the final and there's no doubt that these two deserve their place in this fixture. It's an incredibly tough match to call which is just what you want as well, particularly for Superbru where the community will be split!

Here are my thoughts on the game.

Italy vs. England

OK, so I'll probably end up just picking with heart (we'll get to that in a bit) but in terms of how the game will go, I think England would be wise to follow Spain's approach in many ways as we saw them get the better of Italy before the shootout in my opinion. Italy's major strength is the quality of their midfield, so Spain had some success by pressing that midfield hard and blocking pass routes to Jorginho/Barella which resulted in Di Lorenzo and Emerson being used a lot more for playing out which isn't ideal for the Azzurri, particularly as Emerson is second-choice and short of game time following the injury to Spinazzola (who was excellent). That's not to say I think the Italian full-backs are poor or playing especially badly, Mancini would just much rather the midfielders were on the ball as early in transitions as possible given that's their strength.

However, I'm not sure we'll see England do that as much since Rice and Phillips will likely start and they obviously play deeper than Spain's midfield three so instead I think we'll see England sit off slightly as they did against Germany and then look to beat Chiellini and Bonucci with pace through inside runs from Sterling and Saka (or whoever plays RW) with Kane dropping deeper as he does for Tottenham. That's me focusing on how England could hurt Italy, but the trouble is that Italy could well just run this match through Barella, Verratti and particularly Jorginho if England don't play high enough.

I've gone from thinking I'd pick Italy to really starting to believe England can do it but I'm not sure how much of that is heart! In the final third, I think Sterling and Kane are more dangerous than Italy's front three but it's the Italians who have the major final experience and who will probably have more of the ball. I feel fairly confident this will go beyond 90 minutes (maybe just because so many matches in this tournament have!) but after that it really is anyone's guess. With home advantage, so many players in form and the best defensive record in the tournament, I think there's enough actual logic to think England might just do this as well as the fact I really hope they do! Prediction: Italy 1-2 England

Good luck with your own prediction and I hope everyone enjoys what should be a genuinely great final. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments!
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I am not an England supporter however I think they will win.
9 Jul 14:54
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Lucky to have earned an exact at England vs Denmark match with extra time hope this won't be an upset since some matches been into penalty shootout!
9 Jul 16:20
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England 1 Italy 1 and England wins on penalty
9 Jul 17:20
England all the way! It’s coming home! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
9 Jul 17:40
I’ve done really well on my previous predictions so I’m quite confident: 3-2 England (extra time)
9 Jul 17:41
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Going to have to pick some long odds goal scorers for the final. Come on Walker and Shaw :p
Got about 18 points to make up, but you just never know...
9 Jul 19:17
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OMG, Shaw only went and scored! From 52nd straight up to 10th place in my club league. Now that's what I call a result. Silver linings and all that ... ;) 12 Jul 11:39
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Are we EVER going to hear the end of it if England wins lol. I have heard of 1966 since I was born . Italy will sweep the floor with England.
9 Jul 19:48
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We'll also never hear the end of it if they lose, and the '66 debate will rage on unabated! 11 Jul 10:32
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I'll be supporting the Italians on Sunday evening.
9 Jul 20:22
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do you always back losers ? LOL 10 Jul 16:12
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Who's laughing now, Colin!?!? Hopefully the England team get fined heavily for the English fans disgusting behavior. Cheers you idiot. 13 Jul 07:45
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14 Jul 08:06
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Good luck to both
9 Jul 20:48
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10 Jul 05:08
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1-1 draw
10 Jul 09:26
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This won’t be a classic. Finals never are! But I confidently predict that England will win 2-1 in extra time. ( 1-1 after 90 minutes). Fingers crossed, toes crossed and anything else that I can cross!!!
10 Jul 12:35
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10 Jul 18:35
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Catenaccio (Italian pronunciation: [kate'natt?o]) or The Chain is a tactical system in football with a strong emphasis on defence. In Italian, catenaccio means "door-bolt", which implies a highly organised and effective backline defence focused on nullifying opponents' attacks and preventing goal-scoring opportunities.
10 Jul 18:53
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Pity that Rooney wasn't picked in the England squad; he's a chain smoker! 11 Jul 10:30
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Italy have got this all sewn up. Pressure of 1966 is either going to make or break England. Stones and Maguire two weak links if Italians take on Maguire on his weaker left hand side. Think Stones loses his opposition too easily in the box at Corners too. 3-1 Italy win my prediction. Italy to score 1st in 1st 15 minutes. FORZA ITALIA. ????????????????????
10 Jul 20:58
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Go Italy, the English are annoying and arrogant, England will slip on all the pasta...
11 Jul 07:55
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it's a bit unfair to play the ginal match on Wembley, it should be on more neutral ground, i'm backing Italy, but i'd like Saka to be the man of the match
11 Jul 08:58
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Hey Marcin! While it is to England's advantage to play the Final at home, I believe it is most certainly not unfair. All major international tournaments are pre-arranged. No one knows who will qualify for the final months before the event. Venues must be pre-selected; as organizers, dignitaries and fans cannot arrange the event, international trips, and accommodations with just a few days notice.

The only alternative I can see, would be to have the Final in a country that did not qualify for the main event - which rewards failure, and ensures that the Final will not be hosted by the main protagonists. Perhaps it might be possible in the Euros, as there's usually at least one major footballing nation that doesn't qualify for the Finals tournament. It could never work in any other sport, as the countries with large support bases all qualify for the Finals tournament. Rugby is a typical example of this. The hosting options would be Portugal, perhaps Zimbabwe, and South Korea; among othe 11 Jul 10:07
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^ truncated: ...other minnows with very limited player bases. 11 Jul 10:14
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It does have all the hallmarks of 1966 when England got to play all its games at Wembley, even at the cost of Uruguay & France having their Wembley fixture moved to White City stadium at short notice due to the owners refusing to postpone a regular GREYHOUND race meeting. Imagine that today! Some big favorites like Brazil were knocked out early. I'd have been more surprised if England HADN'T won in 66!

This time they did have to play one away game, it was versus the already over-achieved Ukrainians in Rome, dispatched 4-0. The late Covid changes gifted England even more home fixtures. Increasing the fan numbers is a huge , if reckless boost. Perhaps agreed for a 'Feel-good factor' the Tories hope to benefit from. (They were happy to see England banned in the 80's). The score? No idea but Italy have 3rd choice players (Emerson, a Brazilan really, hardly ever plays for Chelsea). England are full strength but need to score early to settle nerves.
11 Jul 12:26
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England will carry the day 100%
11 Jul 18:07
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I predict England 2 Italy 1
11 Jul 18:10
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R u dumb 1-1 italy win on pens 3-2 is my guess
12 Jul 02:42
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Only if Djokovic wins in 4 sets; the Sharks scrumhalf is red-carded; and Branson beats Bezos to outer space. You heard it here first! 12 Jul 05:31
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I predicted the 3-2 in favour of Italy. Only that superbru, considers the normal 90'' results. Well played azzuri, i would have picked a prize this time.
13 Jul 00:55
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Well done Tongerai, for predicting that the Penalty Shoot-out would end "3-2 in favour of Italy". What did you predict the Match Score would be at the end of Extra Time? 13 Jul 10:22
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Interesting reading these comments after the game. Hindsight is 20/20
15 Jul 16:45
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What happenend to other predictions for July and upcoming events just asking
20 Jul 20:29