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Euros Outright Predictions!

With the Euros now just 3 days away, behind the scenes here at Superbru a few of us have been discussing some outright tournament predictions before the real picks begin in our score predictor game.

So, as we often do just for a bit of fun before major tournaments, here’s a run-through of our outright predictions for the Euros as a whole and we’d love for you to add your own in the comments section again!

We’re after your expected winner, the team you hope wins, your top scorer, your dark horse (a team that will surprise a few this summer), and the team you think will fall short of expectations at the tournament (flop).

Don’t forget, Euro 2020 begins this Friday when Turkey take on Italy in Rome. In case you need it, here's a reminder of the groups:

Euros Outright Predictions


1. Predicted winner: France
2. Team I hope wins: England
3. Top scorer: Romelu Lukaku (very interested to see how Benzema goes though!)
4. Dark horse: Italy. Group A in general will be interesting though as I think one of Turkey or Switzerland could also surprise a few.
5. Flop: Belgium. It obviously depends who they face once they make it through their (fairly kind) group but I’m not as convinced as others seem to be about them.


1. Predicted winner: France - on paper, their squad is head and shoulders above the rest
2. Team I hope wins: England
3. Top scorer: Kylian Mbappe
4. Dark horse: Germany - people seem to be writing them off
5. Flop: England - the expectations seem a bit too high, which only ends one way in my experience!


1. Predicted winner: France
2. Team I hope wins: Austria
3. Top scorer: Kylian Mbappe
4. Dark horse: Croatia
5. Flop: Portugal


1. Predicted winner: France
2. Team I hope wins: Pipe dream: Scotland, Vaguely realistic: England
3. Top scorer: Harry Kane
4. Dark horse: Tricky... Are Germany or England too highly ranked to be dark horses? If so, Scotland!
5. Flop: Belgium


1. Predicted winner: Belgium
2. Team I hope wins: Belgium
3. Top scorer: Kylian Mbappe
4. Dark horse: Spain
5. Flop: Portugal

The General

1. Predicted winner: Belgium
2. Team I hope wins: England
3. Top scorer: Harry Kane
4. Dark horse: Germany
5. Flop: France

As mentioned, feel free to leave your own 5 answers in the comments below!

35,034 caps
Winner: France
Hope: Italy.
Dark Horse: Turkey
Flop: Germany
Top Scorer: Mbappe

8 Jun 15:51
51 caps
Winner : France????
Hope : France ????
Dark Horse : England ??????????????
Flop: Italy ????
Top scorer: Mbappé
8 Jun 16:08
34,114 caps
Winner France
Hope England
Dark Horse Italy
Flop Germany
Top Scorer Romelu Lukaku
8 Jun 16:57
1,784 cap
Winner: Belgium
Hope: Scotland
Top Scorer: Kane
Dark Horse: Denmark
Flop: Germany
8 Jun 17:29
51 caps
Winner England
Hope England
Top scorer Benzema
Dark Horse Sweden
Flop Italy
8 Jun 18:29
57,590 caps
Winner: England
Hope: Spain
Top Scorer: Harry Kane
Dark Horse: Germany
Flop: France & Portugal
8 Jun 18:55
48 caps
Winner: France
Hope: England
Dark horse : Spain
Flop: Holland
Top scorer: Kane
8 Jun 18:58
10,234 caps
Hope: England
Dark horse: Portugal
Flop: Germany
Top Scorer: Mbappe
8 Jun 19:25
19,224 caps
Winner: France. Hope: England. Darkhorse: Holland. Flop: Spain. Top scorer: Kane. Cesmithy, you should charge your England badge to Italy.
8 Jun 20:02
27,255 caps
Top Scorer:Harry Kane
8 Jun 20:56
14,085 caps
Winner: Belgium
Hope: England
Top scorer: Lukaku
Dark horse: Italy
Flop: Germany
8 Jun 21:45
26,210 caps
1. Predicted winner: France to beat England in Wembley Final
2. Team I hope wins: England - they could face Germany if Germans only come 3rd in their tough group and then beat famously unstable Netherlands. . Based on my shaky projections.
3. Top scorer: Harry Kane - 'Point of the Spear' far more than most teams. 6 goals should do it.
4. Dark horse: Turkey (Historic ex-Winners like Spain, Germany or Italy technically can't be Dark Horses).
5. Flop: Belgium - That defence creaks! Hazard hasn't been fit all season. Lukaku is their only hope, so just man-mark him. Oh and De Bruyne & Mertens & Trossard & Tielemans & Carrasco. Actually I've changed my mind. BELGIUM TO WIN. Netherlands to flop due to split dressing room as usual or is that France?

Historically the Euros are harder to win than the World Cups, as there are less easy games. There have been far more different winners of the Euros than the World Cup which has been held far more often.
9 Jun 02:05
56,707 caps
Hope: Nederlands
Dark horse: Belguim
Flop: England
Top Scorer: Gareth Bale 9 Jun 03:33
26 caps
1. Predicted Winner: Germany
2. Team I hope wins: Portugal
3. Top Scorer: Antoine Griezmann
4. Dark Horse: North Macedonia
5. Flop: England
9 Jun 04:41
27,699 caps
Winner; Germany.
Hoped for winner, Portugal
Top scorer; Lewandowski
Dark Horse; Germany
Flop; Scotland
9 Jun 06:26
1,951 cap

9 Jun 06:29
19,447 caps
Winner. ITALY
Top Scorer. IMOBILE
Dark Horses. CROATIA
Flops. SPAIN
9 Jun 07:46
29,786 caps
Where's Czechia?
9 Jun 07:50
29,786 caps
OK. It's a short-form name. 9 Jun 07:53
69,543 caps
3. Top scorer:RONALDO
4. Dark horse: DENMARK
5. Flop: ENGLAND
9 Jun 09:04
19,224 caps
Jersey pud puller, you being a Kiwi have you ever been to Nederlands?. With that thing under your nose, it looks like it !. LOL. 9 Jun 11:12
26,210 caps
Are you there now Topgun? Didn’t realise the Coffee Shops were open for business so early. Don’t let Iceman ride your tail too long! LOL yep been there 3 times as it happens- don’t like to talk about it! 9 Jun 11:33
68,268 caps
9 Jun 11:07
19,224 caps
Jersey pud puller are you still sore around the nether regions, put some ice on it and stay out of the Nederlands coffee shops and you will not meet Goose and be goosed. The next trip for you is Czechia, don"t talk about it when you get back to Earls Court. LOL! 9 Jun 12:30
26,210 caps
John, why do you keep replying to the wrong Bru's posts? Czechia?? I assume you mean Czech Republic been there 3 times too! Great country. Earl's Court priced out Kiwis & Aussies 30 years ago btw - try Act(i)on Town or Shepherds Bush these days. Lets stick to writing about the Euros shall we? 9 Jun 13:11
28,951 caps
Ah, Shepherds Bush! That brings back my fondest memories. Back in the day, I was a goat-herder, and my girlfriend was a lovely shepherd from the land of the long white cloud. She would always invite me down to Shepherds Bush. It was supposed to be her treat, but she was just pulling the wool over my eyes. 9 Jun 13:28
26,210 caps
I really do worry about you sometimes Angus...Che Adams as well?? 9 Jun 18:52
19,224 caps
DreadedRed Jersey-pud-puller is worried about you, makes a change from worrying sheep. LOL! I worry about Woods of Burnley FC but not Scotland in the Euros no one does. LOL! 10 Jun 18:58
28,951 caps
Yeah topgun, my 'prediction' that Scotland will be champions, is tongue-in-cheek! However, they might get a couple of points in the group stage. Black Beauty will, in all probability, also be an 'also-ran'. 11 Jun 03:07
7,190 caps
1. Predicted winner: Italy
2. Team I hope wins: Portugal
3. Top scorer: Lewandowski
4. Dark horse: Turkey
5. Flop: England
9 Jun 12:22
28,951 caps

Winner: Scotland
Hope: Scotland
Dark horse : Black Beauty
Flop: Ingerlund
Top scorer: Che Adams
9 Jun 13:03
2,981 caps
Predicted winner: France
Hope: England
Top scorer: Kylian Mbappè
Dark horse: Turkey
Flop: Netherlands
9 Jun 15:03
1,965 cap
Winner: France
Team I hope wins: Belgium
Top scorer: Mbappe
Dark horse: Poland
Flop: Germany
9 Jun 16:45
36 caps
Winner Portugal
Dark House :Belgium
Flop :England
Top Scoret:Cr.Ronaldo
9 Jun 16:49
29,836 caps
Predicted winner: Italy
John Predicted winner: Italy Team I hope wins: France Top scorer: Lusaka Dark horse Germany
Flop: Portugal
9 Jun 18:04
29,836 caps
Predicted winner: Spain
Team I hope wins: France
Top Scorer: Harry Kane
Dark horse Germany
Flop: Portugal
9 Jun 18:14
19,224 caps
johnny stick to your first choice. LOL! 10 Jun 19:02
3,080 caps
2 England
3 lukaku
4 Spain
5 Portugal
9 Jun 20:32
205 caps
1. Belgium
2. England/Scotland
3. Kylian Mbappe
4. Croatia
5. Portugal
9 Jun 20:57
351 caps
1. Predicted winner - France
2. Team I hope wins - Scotland
3. Top goal scorer - Manor
4. Dark horse - Denmark
5. Flop - Belgium (altho that depends on De Bruyne along or not)
9 Jun 21:56
351 caps
Meant to be Mbappe top scorer, not sure why it changed to Manor ??
9 Jun 21:57
53,394 caps
Predicted Winner France
Team I hope Wins Wales
Top Scorer Lukaku
Dark Horse Italy
Flop Spain
9 Jun 22:00
27,674 caps
As long as France, Belgium, England, Portugal & Turkey don't win it. I'll be happy.
10 Jun 03:29
27,674 caps
1. Italy

2. Deutschland (Germany)

3. Ciro Immobile

4. Croatia

5. France, Belgium, England, Portugal
10 Jun 03:36
9,116 caps
Winner: Belgium
Hope: Belgium
Top scorer: Romelo Lukaku
Dark Horse: Italy
Flop: England
10 Jun 03:58
19,953 caps
Winner: England
Hope: Spain
Top Scorer: Rashford
Dark Horse:Wales
Flop: Italy 10 Jun 06:00
81 caps
10 Jun 06:44
1,212 cap
10 Jun 07:22
2,124 caps
Germany runner up france
10 Jun 07:55
2,124 caps
Winner : Germany
Hope: england
Dark horse : Spain
Flop: France
Top score : rashford
10 Jun 07:57
37,962 caps
Mike F
1.Predicted Winner :France
2.Team I hope wins :England
3.Top Scorer: Romalu Lukaku
4.Dark Horse : Turkey
5. Flop : Spain
10 Jun 11:15
5,120 caps
1. Predicted Winner ENGLAND
2. Team I hope Wins PORTUGAL
3. Top Scorer RONALDO
4. Dark Horse Croatia
5. Flop Swtzerland
10 Jun 11:31
233 caps
Winner: Belgium
Hope: Scotland ??
Dark Horse: Poland
Flop: Italy
Top Scorer: Lukaku
10 Jun 11:50
60,920 caps
Winner : Nederland
Hope : Belgium
Dark Horse :France
Flop :England
Top Scorer : Memphis Depay
10 Jun 15:26
2,675 caps
1. Predicted winner: France
2. Team I hope wins: Belgium
3. Top Scorer: Romelu Lukaku
4. Dark horse: Sweden
5. Flop: Germany
10 Jun 18:05
1,851 cap
1. Predicted winner: FRANCE vs Portugal
2. Team I hope wins: Italy
3. Top scorer: Lukaku, but not Jordan
4. Dark horse: Ukraine (is they're can be a winner group, sure to be until semifinal)
5. Flop: England (very likely to eliminated at 16th stage)
10 Jun 19:09
30,027 caps
Hope: Italy
Dark horse: Netherlands
Flop: England
Top Scorer: Robert Lewandowski
10 Jun 23:03
2,500 caps
Winner: Slovakia
Hope: Slovakia
Dark horse: Slovakia
Flop: Every Other Team
Top Scorer:Juraj Kucka
11 Jun 00:54
41,384 caps
Winner: Chuck Norris
Hope: A long shot team that I have put R1000 on.
Dark horse: A black Ferarri?
Flop: Bafana Bafana. They are so bad they can even flop in a tournament they are not playing in.
Top Scorer: The Lone Wolf
11 Jun 05:59
1,140 cap
Dark Horse:Austria
Top scorer: Harry kane
11 Jun 07:35
51 caps
Winner: Portugal
Hope: England
Top Scorer: Harry Kane
Dark Horse: Italy
Flop: Spain
11 Jun 12:03
57 caps
Predicted winner:Portugal
Top scorer:ronaldo
Dark horse:France
11 Jun 14:12
42,452 caps
Win Czech Rep
Hope Wales
Scorer Immobile
Dark Horse England

Flop Denmark
12 Jun 01:55
53 caps
Winner: Germany
Hope: Portugal
Top scorer: Benzema
Dark horse: Italy
Flop: portugal
12 Jun 03:50
8,051 caps
Winner: France
Hope : Portugal
Top scorer : Griezman
Dark horse:Italy
Flop : Spain
12 Jun 15:33
1,725 cap
1. Predicted Winner : Netherlands
2. Team I hope wins: Sweden
3. Top Scorer: Kylian Mbappe
Dark horse: Germany
Flop: England
13 Jun 21:11
3,477 caps
Dark Horse: Italy
Flop: Germany
19 Jun 18:52
1,816 cap
??Spain Top Scorer Cristiano Ronaldo.
20 Jun 15:34