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Cricket World Cup: Round One Predictions!

The 2019 Cricket World Cup has finally arrived! The tournament will begin at the Oval tomorrow morning when hosts England face South Africa in the first of many round-robin group stage games. Ten teams will be battling it out meaning each nation is guaranteed nine CWC games before the top four progress to the semi-finals. England are widely seen as favourites because of their impressive recent ODI form and home advantage but India and Australia are both serious contenders who have the previous CWC winning experience that England lack.

Here at Superbru, we have two games for you to enjoy throughout the tournament. Firstly, you can join our Predictor game to pick the team you believe will win each Cricket World Cup match along with their margin of victory (narrow, comfortable, easy or a thrashing). The parameters for these margins are visible when making your picks and as always in our games, the idea is that you can take on friends in a private pool and see who comes out on top following the final at Lords on July 14th.

The other tournament we have available is our fairly unique Cricket World Cup Daily Fantasy game (you can of course play both)! In the daily fantasy, you select two batsmen, an all-rounder and a bowler for each and every day of CWC action. So, on Thursday you'll be picking the England and South Africa players you expect to star in the tournament opener, but then on each Saturday throughout the tournament you will have a wider selection of players to pick as there will be two matches taking place. Again, you can view all the scoring actions and rules on the game info page.

Let's move on to my thoughts on how things may play out then and here are my picks for each of the six games in 'Round One' - the lack of any actual round structure in a big round-robin format means it can be tricky to stay on top of your Superbru picks so make sure you check back regularly and/or look out for e-mail reminders!

England vs. South Africa

Both England and South Africa will be very strong in this tournament but you'd be brave to go against the hosts in this opening game. There are two things I think the Proteas have in their favour for this tournament - their very strong bowling attack and the fact there is slightly less pressure on them in terms of expectations in comparison to previous World Cups and other teams at this tournament. However, I feel they're short of a batsman or two that can win you a game from an unlikely position or really extend a first innings total in the final overs. In comparison, England have lots of such batsmen with Jos Buttler standing out as the best. I can only see England winning if they're chasing but even if batting first they should have enough. Prediction: England (comfortable)

West Indies vs. Pakistan

A very tough game to call. Both sides can be excellent on their day but they each lack consistency. The West Indies have had good prep for this one by scoring over 400 against New Zealand yesterday and if Pakistan bowl like they did for a lot of their series against England, the Windies will manage a similar total. Pakistan haven't been bad with the bat themselves though, even in those losses against England, so it's with some hesitation that I'm picking West Indies. Gayle, Russell and Holder are just three of their players that can win a game with the bat and since they have so many t20 specialists, they'll also be a good team to back in any game that is expected to have a reduced number of overs. Prediction: West Indies (narrow)

New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka

I think you have to go for New Zealand here. I can see them doing really well in this tournament given the ability and experience possessed by Guptill and Williamson with the bat and Boult with the ball. Sri Lanka will struggle throughout in my opinion and they certainly don't have a squad that can compare with the teams they were selecting in previous World Cups. Looking at their fixture list, they're going to need a very good start in their opening four games to stand any chance as things get very tough very quickly after that. Prediction: New Zealand (easy)

Afghanistan vs. Australia

Afghanistan look very dependent on Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi bowling the spells of their lives in every game of this tournament, but as much as I love watching Khan bowl, I have to agree with the general view that they're going to struggle to compete in the majority of their CWC games. England thrashing them so easily at the Oval a couple of days ago won't have helped confidence and there's every chance Australia will find things as easy in this one. As with all of the games, I'll be reviewing my pick and margin after the toss and if the conditions are right then a thrashing might be on the cards but let's go with easy for now. Prediction: Australia (easy)

South Africa vs. Bangladesh

Bangladesh are another underdog in this tournament but I feel they're more capable of an upset than Sri Lanka or Afghanistan. South Africa should win this game though regardless of their result against England. It sounds as if Dale Steyn is 50/50 for this one with his shoulder injury but I expect Ottis Gibson will be keen to give him a bowl and see what his fitness is like before such a big game against India. Fortunately for the Proteas, they do have plenty of other strong bowling options anyway. Prediction: South Africa (comfortable)

England vs. Pakistan

We have the advantage of a very recent ODI series between these two to go off and the fourth match of that series was even at Trent Bridge! The Superbru result for that ODI would have been a 'narrow' England win as they had just 3 balls remaining but I think the rest of the series proved that things should be more comfortable for England in this game. Prediction: England (comfortable)

Feel free to let me know how your picks compare in the comments and make sure you've invited everyone to your pools in time for England v South Africa! Best of luck to you all in Round One..
22,084 caps
Agree on all except opening game. SA will win with Nguni,Rabada and Tahir bowling England all out under 280.
29 May 11:18
18,030 caps
Pakistan can beat West Indies, they have the playesrs to do so , watchout for upsets,especially from Bangladesh. 29 May 13:19
23 caps
At least you were right about Bangladesh 3 Jun 04:37
529 caps
SA to beat England.
29 May 15:39
8,874 caps
You say you will be reviewing your pick and margin after the toss. but is it not too late for us?
29 May 16:00
11,564 caps
Hey Etrecia, picks can be made/changed right up until the first ball of a match is bowled. So in the case of tomorrow's game between ENG and SA, the start time is 10:30am (local) with the toss to take place around half an hour before that. You will be able to change any predictor and fantasy picks in that half hour window so long as you haven't locked your picks. 29 May 16:05
8,874 caps
Thanks! Much appreciated! 29 May 18:17
29,151 caps
Mmmmm I'll keep that in mind for the next game.... 30 May 12:04
8,874 caps
Another question, on a Saturday when 2 games are played, I assume the individual winners can be picked right up to starting time but the fantasy picks before the first game starts, because the fantasy picks can be made from a longer list of all 4 teams? 31 May 15:56
14,013 caps
England will implode due to infighting and finger pointing, like Holland or France in Football World Cups in the past, unless than can correct things like France in Russia of course. Their IPL players disappointed a bit apart from Bairstow, While Buttler can be great on his good days. Could come down to a dropped catch! The conditions should suit NZ perfectly but the weather could throw the odd spanner in the works for all teams. (They need to watch 'Dodgeball' in order to avoid those spanners!)
29 May 16:13
52 caps
England will win
29 May 18:22
674 caps
SA to beat England !
29 May 18:44
3,146 caps
I fancy a SA win against England, vir seker!
29 May 19:05
18,030 caps
A tough game to predict is Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Martyn, what do you think . 30 May 05:06
183 caps
Sa will win by far
30 May 05:55
103 caps
Will go down to the wire and experience but don't forget BMT... which team will have the more composure.. my guess its England for this one
30 May 06:18
1,111 cap
SA has more then enough batting power to win this game!
Gonna be tight though!!
30 May 08:20
7,785 caps
Why can't I make a pick now. I know I'm a bit late, it's only 11 overs gone. Please
30 May 10:16
49,369 caps
The pick deadline is at the start of the match. With 11 overs already bowled that's more than a 5th of the England innings done already which is quite a significant potential advantage towards making a pick - especially after an early wicket to shape the match somewhat. 30 May 10:20
0 caps
Eng win
30 May 11:10
2,860 caps
SA win
30 May 11:27
29,151 caps
England looking ominous right! 340/350 on the cards
30 May 12:06
29,151 caps
And just as I say that a England wicket goes down
30 May 12:07
23 caps
Where is round two predictions?
3 Jun 09:15
21 caps
Pakistan beat England
4 Jun 00:08
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