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Cricket World Cup: Round Eight Predictions!

Round Seven of the Cricket World Cup has been one of the most surprising so far at Superbru, not just because of Sri Lanka's shock win over England, but also the scare that Afghanistan gave India that resulted in just a narrow victory for the favourites. I didn't pick Sri Lanka as you know, but my Pakistan pick coming off against South Africa means this round has been okay for me so far. I'm hoping for Bangladesh to defend their total of 262 'comfortably' against Afghanistan today.

Looking ahead to Round Eight then and each of these games should be great! It doesn't get much bigger than England v Australia tomorrow, especially now that there's a little pressure on England to make sure of their top four spot. Here are my picks.

England vs. Australia

It may just be my heart overruling my head but I still feel that England will beat Australia at Lord's despite their slips so far in this tournament. The Aussies appear to be coming strong at the right time meaning they have a real chance at yet another World Cup title (they've come a long way since England scored 481 against them last year), but the hosts' batting lineup is still far longer than theirs. I'm backing Archer or Woakes to make an early breakthrough against Finch or Warner and if they can get Smith before the halfway stage as well then it looks as though the rest of the batting order may struggle to do enough. Prediction: England (comfortable)

New Zealand vs. Pakistan

This is a very tough pick so I'd welcome your thoughts in the comments! A little bit like Australia, I'm unsure how much New Zealand have when (or if!) we finally get a match where Kane Williamson doesn't score runs. Pakistan are a side you never really feel comfortable picking because of their inconsistency and dreadful fielding but I'm very tempted to side with them again in this one. Surely Williamson can't score yet another century? I'll be waiting to see how things are looking after the toss but for now let's be brave. Prediction: Pakistan (comfortable)

West Indies vs. India

I'm fairly sure everyone other than Kiwis were cheering Brathwaite on to seal the game for the Windies against New Zealand on Saturday after such a fantastic century. Despite the fact I picked NZ, it would have been great to see such an incredible chase come off given that they looked dead and buried in the middle overs but they now face India and I can't see them winning. Afghanistan had a great chance to be the first side to beat India - you won't see the openers removed so quickly very often - and I expect Rohit Sharma to bounce back in this one and help his team to victory. India's fielding and the captaincy of Virat Kohli shouldn't be overlooked either, their intensity is excellent and the pressure they can create when an opponent is chasing is very impressive. Prediction: India (easy)

Best of luck to all in Round 8!
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I'm with you on Pakistan, but think it will be narrow. However I think Australia will beat England as England's confidence were dented in Sri Lanka game. India but not easy. Rather comfortable
24 Jun 18:32
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Your dreaming, it’s over for pakistan 24 Jun 22:23
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Redmarkoz yep I got NZ comfortable. 25 Jun 00:02
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Waiting to see who bat first 26 Jun 09:50
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England and Aus ????
24 Jun 19:31
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I have both Australia and NZ and you were interesting in hearing people's thoughts on the latter match. Due to my habit of locking early to gauge community stats I can tell you that 90% are currently backing NZ so if you persist with Pakistan you'll either make an impressive leap up the table (particularly if you get the right margin) or take an embarrassing tumble.
25 Jun 05:00
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I think Pakistan will win and Australia will win comfortably
25 Jun 08:45
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I've changed my Australia prediction this morning for England. Not so sure anymore... (sigh)
25 Jun 12:02
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Never listen to the so called experts I always say, but never practice, changed my pick to England then my fantasy pick from Warner to Root, ouch
25 Jun 14:54
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Team 1 Team 2 Winner Margin Ground Match Date
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 61 runs Wellington Jan 6, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 8 wickets Nelson Jan 9, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 183 runs Dunedin Jan 13, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 5 wickets Hamilton Jan 16, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 15 runs Wellington Jan 19, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan New Zealand 47 runs Abu Dhabi Nov 7, 2018
New Zealand Pakistan Pakistan 6 wickets Abu Dhabi Nov 9, 2018

You were saying Jack?
25 Jun 22:02
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Top 5 were all in NZ though.
26 Jun 00:27
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Similar pitch conditions to UK. Although force of gravity seems to be stronger going by the number of dropped catches! Yet Pak still beat SA last time. Oh and NZ made the Final last time. Not helped by dodgy light conditions caused by louvred MCG stands design no one seemed to mention. But what do I know? I picked Eng to beat Aus. 26 Jun 01:08
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I wasn't thinking in terms of similar pitches but home advantage in terms of fans. The crowd will be mostly supporting Pakistan. Have still picked a comfortable NZ win though. 26 Jun 03:11
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Reckoned the crowd will be behind Pakistan (lots of Pakistanis) but it just occurred to me after the last result that the English in the crowd will likely support NZ as that would make qualification a bit more likely for their team after the last result. 26 Jun 03:16
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well well well well well!!!! Pakistan had lost 11 ODIs straight when they won against England (firm favorites at that time :) )
Pakistan usually win against NZ in World Cups.... But...
NZ have got a good team this time around....They got lucky against India.....They have not been tested in this World Cup... Have not played against Australia, England (yet to play) and India (Rained off).....Have a history of doing well earlier on and then going down towards the end of tournaments (1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011).... Recent form and attitude is one thing that strongly supports their chances.

I think two factors will be decisive:
1. Toss!!! Pakistan bat first they have a 90% chance of winning (assuming traditional pitch at venue). 50-50 if they lose the toss.

2. Fakhar Zaman

Lets see!! I am not claiming anything 26 Jun 07:43
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Those stats mean nothing. It’s a new day. I’m sure England were thinking the same thing... and look what happened to them.
25 Jun 22:12
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I picked Australia (Comfortable), Pakistan (Narrow) & India (Comfortable).
25 Jun 22:31
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Ditto! 27 Jun 06:40
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Are the Pakistan bowlers fired up and doing everything right or is the pitch not playing cricket with NZ?? Whoever is watching the match on the telly please.
26 Jun 12:58
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NZ defending 237 ( thanks to Neesham 97 N.O ) ~ Pak could cruise this one , NZ need multiple wickets in 1st 20 overs ~ fails again Guptill & Munro .....maybe a fatal error not playing Southee & Sodhi . Can't see NZ making the Final >>> Aust v India is my prediction 26 Jun 15:02
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Hold that Taxi ! ~ NZ breakthrew getting Imam at 19/1 26 Jun 15:03
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172/3 after 38 overs ~~ req 66 off 72 ..... Pak should win t his now 26 Jun 17:36
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13 off 18 ~~ Babar Azam on 99 26 Jun 18:11
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PAKISTAN win with 5 balls remaining = narrow 26 Jun 18:27
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34 off 42 required ~~~ hope NZ learns something from this , new openers & different bowlers needed ......still cant see them beating a settled AUS lineup next match !
26 Jun 17:57
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-second comment from the top- wrong. Its not over for pakistan
26 Jun 18:39
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