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'Cosmic' becomes double global fantasy rugby champion!

We've seen some incredible achievements within rugby so far in 2022. La Rochelle overcoming Leinster to win the Heineken Champions Cup, France winning their first Six Nations Grand Slam since 2010, and the Stormers becoming the first ever team to lift the URC trophy to name just a few.

But one of the most impressive feats has happened here on Superbru as, somehow, the same bru has managed to become global champion in two fantasy rugby games within the same season. Congratulations to Esmé Neethling from South Africa, known as 'Cosmic' on Superbru, who finished both our URC Fantasy game and our Super Rugby Pacific Fantasy game as Number 1 in the world!

After confirming this incredible double global win when finalising the tournaments, we decided to get in touch with Cosmic to congratulate her, and of course ask how on earth she managed it.

As you'd expect, Cosmic is very passionate about fantasy rugby and had plenty of great insight, though admitted to still being quite shocked by her final ranks!

"Being passionate about rugby and thus knowing the game and players obviously helps a lot but I still regularly looks at players' current stats on Superbru and the stats from previous seasons."

"After the lineups are announced, I'll pick my team but I wait as long as possible before saving it completely to check if there are any late changes, injuries or withdrawals, especially with covid this past season."

"I definitely take the weather into consideration, for example I'll rather pick backs and loose forwards as my captain in a game where the weather forecast looks good and there will be more running rugby than there would be if rain is forecast."

Cosmic says selecting one of the back 3 as captain is usually the way go and mentioned home advantage, team form and even referees as other things to consider when making fantasy selections. In terms of transfers, planning ahead is key.

"I use all of my available transfers, even if only to bench a player for next week, because you may not have enough transfers to do what you want to do the following week."

"I try to read as many rugby articles as I can about the upcoming games as well - you never know what info might help you with your picks - for example, a coach might say that a player will play reduced minutes meaning it's better to opt for a similar player from the same team who is likely to play more minutes and therefore have more time to score points"

It's been great to hear that Cosmic is so passionate about rugby and our fantasy games. There's no doubt that she's the bru to beat in next season's fantasy tournaments so hopefully the above provides a little help for the rest of us!

Finally, Cosmic wanted to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to some of the fellow brus she competes with in competitive pools that no doubt pushed her to this achievement: "Rugby Legends, InItForTheLuck, SKONKIES Yellow Cap - well done guys and good luck for the upcoming tournaments!"

Congratulations once again to Cosmic and thank you to everyone else who enjoyed playing our fantasy rugby games this season.
53,208 caps
What an Incredible achievement. Well done Cosmic .
27 Jun 11:35
1,835 cap
Thank you! I'm still celebrating. :) 27 Jun 11:52
3,395 caps
Can't wait for new rugby fantasy competitions to start 2022/2023. If at all possible Jack, please include more fantasy rugby competition:-) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Big congrats to Cosmic. Happy you from SA and leading the pack.... will def be looking for you come Rugby Championship time.
27 Jun 12:12
1,835 cap
Thank you! Yes, looking forward to the Rugby Championship Fantasy - good luck! 27 Jun 12:49
44,560 caps
Goodness.. that is quite an achievement!! Well done!
27 Jun 13:45
1,835 cap
Thank you! :) 27 Jun 14:16
23,287 caps
Cosmic jou Yster!!
27 Jun 14:11
1,835 cap
Dankie, dankie. :) 27 Jun 14:16
28,835 caps
Very well done Cosmic, wow! I am also pretty passionate about the Rugby fantasy , ending pretty well with some pool wins. I would love to play in one off your pools in the next round?. Once again outstanding! 30 Jun 05:01
1,250 cap
I am not a rugby fan, football (soccer) is my game, but seen this on the recent articles and have to congratulate Cosmic on her achievement. To top two fantasy leagues in the same year/season is superb and well done to you Cosmic.
27 Jun 14:13
1,835 cap
Thank you - much appreciated. 27 Jun 14:17
1,250 cap
No problem. Best of luck with future rugby games :) 27 Jun 14:29
1,835 cap
And good luck with your Football games! :) 27 Jun 14:40
1,250 cap
Thanks you Cosmic. Take care. 27 Jun 14:54
7,655 caps
COSMIC!, Cosmic.
27 Jun 14:43
1,835 cap
Thank you. :) 27 Jun 15:01
63,128 caps
Congratulations Cosmic
27 Jun 15:00
1,835 cap
Thank you very much. :) 27 Jun 15:16
26,204 caps
Great to read about a Bru really applying themselves, giving the contests the respect they deserve. I got caught out by more than a few last minute changes. I agree with your flawless logic, I too look at the weather as regards Captaincy (actual Captains are good picks too as they tend to play the full 80) but also for kickers. If only I had checked for 'Card-happy' refs too! I could have put togrther a 23 man squad of 'Sin-binners' by the end of both contests!

Congrats Esme but you need to join far more pools, you are hiding your picking light under a bushel.
27 Jun 17:34
1,835 cap
Thank you so much - yes, my process may seem long and tedious to some, but I love every minute of it. In the end we can only try to cover as much bases as possible and then lady luck takes over. :) 28 Jun 09:53
27,228 caps
Gongrats Cosmic well done
27 Jun 17:54
1,835 cap
Thank you. :) 28 Jun 09:53
69,520 caps
This achievement is a masterpiece of COSMIC proportions. Super. Geluk Esme.
27 Jun 19:30
1,835 cap
:) Baie dankie! 28 Jun 09:54
571 caps
28 Jun 01:35
1,835 cap
Thank you! :) 28 Jun 09:54
8,121 caps
Well done cosmic , I managed to win my pools.in these competitions which I am delighted with but you are world class xx
28 Jun 01:52
1,835 cap
Thank you. And congrats on your winnings. x 28 Jun 09:56
36,849 caps
Glad Jack reached out to the very aptly named Cosmic 'cause 2 big wins in the same week, we're almost in bot territory here! Massively impressive, very well done Cosmic
28 Jun 02:49
1,835 cap
Thank you, much appreciated. :) 28 Jun 09:56
27,664 caps
Well done Cosmic. Are you in the transfer Market?
28 Jun 10:57
1,835 cap
Thank you! lol 28 Jun 11:11
70,190 caps
I am tempted to say - go and get a life Cosmic - but the truth is we all do the same thing and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. So, yes, I will also get a life but it has to include Fantasy Rugby !!! That double is an achievement that I doubt will be repeated - and you deserve all the congratulations that you have received. I also congratulate you - an exceptional achievement !!!
28 Jun 14:55
1,835 cap
Thank you very much. :) And good luck with the upcoming tournaments. 28 Jun 18:20
54,964 caps
Maybe its the Cosmic stars!! Well done.
PS: A fews years back i was a super rugby global champion and know the effort/luck it takes.
28 Jun 21:39
1,835 cap
Thank you. Yes, I still can't believe it... maybe the stars did align! ;) 29 Jun 07:03
Congrats COSMIC on the results achieved. Being behind a double fantasy champion makes my second place in the Super Rugby Pacif less bitter ??
29 Jun 09:56
1,835 cap
Oh that was so close! Could have gone either way. Congratulations. See you again next year. ;) And thank you for the congrats message. 29 Jun 10:17
45,364 caps
Wow,you go down as a legend!...one aawesome effort,admire your work!!
30 Jun 07:40
1,835 cap
Thank you! :) 30 Jun 07:48
49,609 caps
Legendary!!!! Well done Cosmic! EPIC!!
7 Jul 09:42
1,835 cap
Thank you very much. :)
8 Jul 07:14
48,174 caps
offcourse not letting out all the secrets, or the golden secret Esme being on IPS, ;-) well played Esme !!
10 Jul 07:51
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27 Jul 18:01
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