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The impact of COVID-19 on Superbru

As you are already aware, the coronavirus outbreak that has become a global pandemic is having a major impact on sport everywhere. Here at Superbru, our large list of tournaments cover many events all over the globe but a large majority of them are now being suspended or cancelled due to concerns about public health. Today's news that the Premier League (and all other top-level English football) has been suspended until April 3rd at the earliest is a significant example.

How we deal with it

All of our fixtures will be updated to reflect any date/time changes or marked as 'postponed' as soon as any official announcements are received. The situation is of course ever-changing and rescheduled dates for postponed matches are not always immediately known. As a result, you may see some funny fixture times such as some football rounds being pushed back a few months on Superbru with visible fixture dates not being legitimate. Such cases are merely our way of removing the matches from your dashboard so that you aren't receiving reminders etc. and so that they can be rescheduled for their valid dates as and when they are known.

Equally, if any tournaments end up being completely cancelled due to the outbreak and a lack of time to fulfil fixtures, said tournaments will also be closed on Superbru once official. In the majority of cases, the current pool standings would be taken as final in the event of a cancellation. However, if a tournament is cancelled in its very early stages and not enough of the event has been completed to provide valid standings at Superbru (such as the recent Players championship), we will cancel the tournament and consider it null and void.


As many of us have already experienced in the Six Nations, fantasy tournaments can be a little bit more complicated when fixtures are rescheduled/removed. When it comes to managing those tournaments, each of them are different and we will therefore be reviewing each situation we might face individually and striving to be as fair as we think we can be when it comes to editing transfer and team limits.

What are we going to do now!?

You won't be surprised to hear that we're all sports-mad here at Superbru HQ and so like all other brus we are not looking forward to a period of reduced action to watch and fewer picks to make. However, health is of course the priority and we're fortunate that we currently still have a few tournaments running!

If the tournament you play on Superbru is currently suspended, it's always worth considering trying out a new tournament or perhaps even a new sport if you're in need of a pick fix.

Our current most popular tournament, Super Rugby, remains ongoing though matches in Australia are expected to be played behind closed doors soon.

Rapid Rugby begins its first ever season as a unique tournament tomorrow!

The 2020 NRL season only started on Thursday meaning you can get involved in that Rugby League tipping tournament with only a couple of picks missed.

And for those of you who want to keep up some football predicting, Australia's A-League currently still has fixtures.

We wish you all good health and are extremely grateful for your continued support even when there isn't too much on the sporting calendar! The current absence of fixtures simply means there's a heavenly jam-packed schedule full of all of our favourite tournaments on the horizon and we can't wait to enjoy that with you.
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Monkey Tennis?
13 Mar 13:09
24,194 caps
A-ha! I'm in...
16 Mar 14:51
932 caps
Thanks for keeping us posted!
13 Mar 14:57
1,302 cap
It is what it is and let's support where necessary. You guys are on top of your game??
13 Mar 15:21
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Thanks for the brilliant and comprehensive update and for explanation as to what’s happening.
We are all going to miss the action but the welfare and health of the global population is far more important than a mere no cost wager

Thanks for a great app
13 Mar 15:23
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Totally agree with you Caribou

Thanks keep up the great work you Super brus 13 Mar 18:03
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Thanks for your the information, I got Six exact scores but I was not awarded a yellow jersey. What really happened
13 Mar 15:28
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Hi there, if you're referring to our Premier League predictor, the prize available for 6 Exact scores in a single round is a Premier League jersey (if you're the round's top performer). We've been in touch with all recent prize winners but if you think you're eligible and there's been a mistake, please contact support@superbru.com with information on the round you're referring to. 13 Mar 15:41
8,631 caps
I sent a mail on the above subject but no response from your email channel
13 Mar 15:29
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Thank you very much for the update
Looking forward,
13 Mar 15:40
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Thanks jack but I belive. We gone lose all the sport in Europe for the next few weeks and more too come. I am just stressed what we gone do if we dont have superbru or fantasy football. Speak too the wife. I also see a lot off sport in south Africa getting out back for a few weeks .
13 Mar 15:56
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The minute Liverpool hit a wobbly, they cancel the League until Alison gets back from injury.

If the Leagues don't recommence, they might have to scrap the season. Relegation/promotion is the major concern for the suits, with courtcases from affected Clubs quite likely. That would have a knock-on effect on the 20/21 season timetable, with perhaps 23 teams insisting on playing in the Prem. Simpler to scrub the season completely.

Leeds and Liverpool to lose out yet again?
13 Mar 15:58
50,423 caps
Good idea. Be priceless to listen to the Liverpool fans whinging - make it all worthwhile !!!! 14 Mar 19:48
28,759 caps
If I survive the virus I'll probably die laughing if they stop the Mickeys winning the league!!
14 Mar 20:24
17,380 caps
Coz Of Virus In Dippers - No 19th title
It won't be their fault. Of course... it never is. 15 Mar 19:13
25,267 caps
We'll just have to "sit it out", hope many people will recover fully and quickly. Older health compromised individuals seem to be the more likely casualties. Hoping for the best.
13 Mar 16:00
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Thanks for the update guys????
13 Mar 16:00
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Take it I don’t need to make any selections for the games scheduled for tonight/tomorrow then seen as we don’t know when these will eventually take place?
13 Mar 16:06
3,297 caps
Awesome platform for all to enjoy thank you. We will wait until this blows over and then come out all guns blazing!
13 Mar 16:15
60,959 caps
Thank for the information Jack.
13 Mar 16:34
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Cheers for the update
13 Mar 16:40
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Awkward to see rugby with no supporters.
Vasbyt not long.
13 Mar 16:41
9,696 caps
It is going to be boring long few weeks.
Thanks for keeping us updated.
13 Mar 16:51
3,815 caps
Thank you for keeping us informed. I think I will be watching replays of games and races, just when I am sure I had perfect picks for all of this weeks round of EPL games.
13 Mar 17:13
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Thanks for keeping us informed Jack... Lets fight the virus
13 Mar 17:31
2,337 caps
thanks for update,but in some ways i am getting bit over hearing about coronavirus
13 Mar 17:46
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Thanks Jack for your timely decision and I look forward to a resumption as soon as we can. Cheers. Seagulls Supporter
13 Mar 17:57
11,751 caps
Thanks for the update Jack.
13 Mar 18:19
64,654 caps
understood and wise
13 Mar 18:23
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Thanks indeed for this update. Still a big fan of Superbru..will be back when my favorite sporting actions resume..
13 Mar 19:07
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The world will be safe and this can't spoil our games . thanks so much .six exact is to much , can you reduce it for us .thanks
13 Mar 19:48
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Let’s stay safe people..... we hope you will be back fully to bless us
13 Mar 19:56
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Gopd dsy we understood fully thanks
13 Mar 20:09
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Thanks Jack for the informative and uplifting post
Yes, for us Sport lovers it is a blow but as you have rightly put it health comes first
All will be well and we will be back soon
13 Mar 20:17
1,154 cap
We believe in the future of mankind and Superbru helps us keep interested
13 Mar 20:20
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F### the ANC
13 Mar 20:27
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Thanks for an update this Coronavirus is killing our people, family and friends let us unite and fight this Corona
13 Mar 20:56
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Thanks for an update this Coronavirus is killing our people, family and friends let us unite and fight this Corona
13 Mar 20:56
2,511 caps
Thanks for the update, health comes first! End the tournament, we will play next year., no results this year.
13 Mar 21:22
8,441 caps
Thanks for the update
13 Mar 21:50
355 caps
Great idea, Iet's all be safe??you guys have a great weekend and always stay safe.
13 Mar 21:57
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Super Update SuperBru Aussie Government says ban gatherings of 500+ people and then PM says he is going to an NRL; game this weekend. Leadership SCOMO??? 13 Mar 22:46
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Add a comment 13 Mar 23:47
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Thanks for info.chit happens nothing superbru can do about it. Dave
13 Mar 23:30
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Update, reminder, and any information necessary we are expecting
14 Mar 00:09
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MLS part of the postponed matches due to COVID19. Thanks pal mate! 19 Mar 09:20
49,642 caps
I can see 2 flies crawling up the wall if anyone's interested? No shortage of players here in Oz. No player welfare concerns, endless rounds, running day and night, all venues open to the public, and no sponsorship concerns. Tournament favourite is the Blue-arsed Fly. Can help in setting up the tournament if you like.?
14 Mar 00:17
20,902 caps
You been 'swatting' up then Dan? 14 Mar 04:06
17,380 caps
My money is on the Spanish Fly! 14 Mar 04:56
49,642 caps
Oh we have a couple of comedians! I make a simple offer of help and you guys try and turn it into a joke factory! For your information Red, Spanish Fly will be serving out a 14 day isolation period, and based on average game time, will probably miss the first 20,160 games, based on 30 second average game time, with 30 second intervals. Not sure of the average life span of the Fly, but that's got to put a dent in the final standings. 14 Mar 11:49
24,508 caps
Is drug testing in place for the flies 14 Mar 20:05
43,339 caps
I'd much prefer superbru had Outer Mongolian camel racing predictor tournament... Giddy up 15 Mar 08:30
17,380 caps
This just in:
The Spanish fly has died from a drug overdose.
He will now be known as the Spanish flew. 15 Mar 19:16
1,545 cap
Good on you guys. Keep up the good work & do whatever you think is best.
14 Mar 03:32
678 caps
Tx for the update Jack
14 Mar 06:13
49,642 caps
BREAKING NEWS: NZ PM has just announced everyone entering NZ from tomorrow will have to serve a 14 day isolation period. This has already led to the ODI series between Aus and NZ, being postponed, with NZ players returning home tonight. This will also have flow-on affects for the NRL with the Warriors having played in Newcastle today, forcing the ARL and NRL to hold a meeting tonight to decide on the future of the tournament, after previously saying it would continue to closed stadiums. The affects on Super Rugby will be devastating, unless an exception is made.
14 Mar 07:40
2,891 caps
It will be a rough couple of weeks, some of us live for soccer.
14 Mar 10:21
3,191 caps
Very scary indeed!
14 Mar 10:41
9,430 caps
14 Mar 12:38
Rugby1234 I’m not a doctor but even I know that you can’t catch cancer from physical contact...
14 Mar 12:56
1,990 cap
thanks jack for keeping us posted.thanks for a great app
14 Mar 15:11
564 caps
Are tomorrow's games still on?
14 Mar 15:40
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Hi there I,am a rugby fanatic the next few weeks / month's will be some of boring. I will spend my time at the beach while it is still somer in Durban
14 Mar 16:02
1,822 cap
Hi superbru that we can du nating we can only pray to God it's part of his plan for us pray for the familys ho lost "n love one.??????Gerrit Smith from Cape town/Atlantis. ??????
14 Mar 16:15
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How does the cancelled game affect my potential GSP?
14 Mar 22:15
13,416 caps
with afl starting this week I wonder how many rounds they get in before it is shut down ?
15 Mar 01:26
24,508 caps
I betting one round or maybe half, but guess sensible thing to just postpone the start. 15 Mar 10:01
13,416 caps
is it true that round 1 of afl games to be played with no fans.
15 Mar 01:45
422 caps
Will the cancelled game count as a incorrect and stop Gs points?
15 Mar 06:28
13,667 caps
Now comes a boring time
15 Mar 06:35
380 caps
Does this week Highlanders cancelled game stop my GSP points?
15 Mar 09:14
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Add a comment
15 Mar 11:24
2,740 caps
Thanks guys and maybe it is best for all concerned. Gives me time to recover from all the bad refereeing decisions over this last weekend. Only two referees worth their salt i.e. Rasta and Paul Williams who seem to know the rules and apply it. What a circus yet nobody is held to account ! 15 Mar 11:27
2,740 caps
Add a comment 15 Mar 15:39
57,966 caps
What happens to picks already made and matches postponed? Will you have to make new picks once games are played even if it is months later? And especially if picks were locked.
15 Mar 13:15
1,341 cap
It is so annoying
15 Mar 15:27
34,456 caps
Great info thank you. As a captain of a comp, its refreshing that the overall organisers are on the ball (pun intended). For those looking for a pic fix, AFL is due to start this week. Thrown in the Deepend is my comp... the more the merrier.
16 Mar 01:47
6,399 caps
We are realy appreciate for your inform
16 Mar 03:28
162 caps
16 Mar 04:16
67,062 caps
16 Mar 09:49
10,622 caps
I would like to know why one player in the Fantacy pool received three "Auto replacements" and nobody else did ? One of the replacpents was for a Jaguare player yet the other two were for players that were rested. The three auto replaced players scored over 40 points for this player and resulted in him retaining second place in the pool and me 3rd. Very strange indeed ???
16 Mar 10:01
17,380 caps
Hey dugardy! Auto replacements occur if your 1st pick does not play AND your substitute in that position does play. Perhaps your subs also did not play? 16 Mar 10:49
10,622 caps
Thanks for the info, but there are no subs in Fantacy super rugby and I noticed that at least four of us picked the Jaguare lock and got a 0, but this one guy got the the Reds no 8 Mitchell as a replacement for the same lock and he scored 12,5 points. ( he was my other lock) Furthermore Nasirini who was rested and I had to drop from my squad (losing a transfer) was replaced by Noche on his same squad (notche was my transfer for Nasirini by the way). What pisses me off is that I drop to third and this guy goes to second and should be at least five points behind me. The third auto was Lumampe for Moroni (funnily enough also my transfer switch before the game) 16 Mar 18:58
17,380 caps
You have four loose-forwards in your squad, and select three in your starting line-up. The other one is your sub. I also had Naisarani on my bench. I didn't transfer him out because the Rebels are at home to the Sunwolves next. Took a chance that my three starters would remain fit. 16 Mar 21:38
63,706 caps
@dugardy you're welcome to contact us on support@superbru.com if you need any assistance or clarification regarding this. 17 Mar 06:39
10,622 caps
Ok I get it now, thanks for the information, was unaware of this, so then it was was played to the guy who got the three auto transfers ???????????????? 17 Mar 10:50
20 caps
Thank you Super Bru for the update and let's hope we can all get to doing what we love best and start picking again thanks for the brilliant concept of Super Bru
17 Mar 02:44
3,532 caps
Thanks for the update but I hope if any season is cancelled it's not gon affect the prizes to be awarded to a pools top performers?
17 Mar 06:10
5,230 caps
Hi Everyone hope all of you are surviving the no sport whatsoever situation and that hopefully this virus can be kicked in the butt. I just want to raise a question regarding this matches called off etc...I play Fantasy sport and my question is towards the Super rugby fantasy. I transfer and pick my players by who is playing who and also the following weeks fixtures. I wait for starting lineups and don't just pick randomly. I also believe most people on superbru uses the same tactic, but then games get started and suddenly mid round games get cxd and so forth. Players that can be substituted in fantasy gets done etc and points gets sorted and we are done...... But how fair is that? non of the Bru's could see that coming and so my question and also and idea is the following:
Starting lineups gets posted by all teams so we know who would have played and who would not have that is easy but when a game gets cxd why can't you (Superbru) use an average to give the player a fantasy point? as
17 Mar 08:07
4,472 caps
Hi, all praises to the Almighty , he is most forgiving-most merciful- soon this pandemic
will over, & fans globally will be relieved, lets spare a thought & prayer for those not with us anymore. To the General u kept us fans all glued up with superbru- a big thank you for updating us, lets hope we see some action in April& Liverpool lift the EPL.
19 Mar 12:56
67,062 caps
Superbru very quite now......
21 Mar 17:05
40,454 caps
I hope Premium Members will keep their subscriptions in place to keep supporting Superbru.

What is going on is, although horribly serious, temporary and I am sure the Superbru Team will be back in full force soon.

I will continue to show support.
22 Mar 09:45
32,620 caps
I really hope SuperBru survives. Players have to remember to check in daily and click an as. If the ads aren't clicked, the advertisers get no benefit and without happy advertisers, the business will go bust. Stay safe and healthy people
25 Mar 18:29