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Superbru 2017: Introductory Videos

We have put together some short videos to introduce the new site, and how to find what you're looking for.

There is one for the Desktop version, and one for Mobile.


Click here for a version with no intro and no sound required.


Click here for a version with no intro and no sound required.

Hopefully these are useful - feel free to pass them on to your pool mates if they can't find what they are looking for!
66,137 caps
Still thinking on this one !!!!
7 Feb 15:31
66,137 caps
Gonna give it a try !!!!!!
7 Feb 15:50
18,776 caps
Yes...bring it on!! I love changes and this looks just fine...!!
7 Feb 20:16
31,284 caps
In todays world (especially IT), change is the only constance.... 8 Feb 14:08
17,250 caps
Looks good and easy :)
8 Feb 07:34
7,949 caps
8 Feb 11:01
37,551 caps
When will it become available?
8 Feb 14:49
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If you visit Super Rugby or NRL, you can switch to the beta version now. The new site will be the default view from the end of this week. 8 Feb 14:56
2,942 caps
nice features
9 Feb 13:42
59,419 caps
How can I see a member's full name on this new version ? I used to be able to click on his name on the leaderboard and I used to see his name when going to Manage applications. Please help this is important. Also posting one small comment takes up a whole page now. Please fix.
10 Feb 14:56
62,815 caps
@Bomber, I've just responded to your support ticket sent less than 15 minutes ago. You should be able to find all the pool member details in your pool's management area. That said, we've still got some cool new stuff coming soon to easily see more info about each of your pool members.

As for your comment regarding "one small comment takes up a whole page", are you perhaps using Internet Explorer 11? We're aware of a reported concern with the banter spacing in that browser and we're still working on getting that resolved.

If you need any further assistance, get in touch with us on support@superbru.com and we'll help you out. 10 Feb 15:05
4,312 caps
Something's not working... when I try to go to my Super Rugby pools, I get a big black screen, with some options, but nothing happens when I click on most, except to go back to the Superbru home page. Please fix asap.
11 Feb 00:13
43,144 caps
Yes I am having the same problem..Can't go anywhere at all.I wish to update my pools but unable to do so... 11 Feb 06:12
65,847 caps
Thanks for reporting this, guys. We can't recreate it this side, which makes it harder for us to pin down. If possible, could you take a screenshot of your screen (or a photo of your screen with your phone), and note the address of the page you're on (copy it out of the browser's address bar) and email both to support@superbru.com? That will help us get to the bottom of it. Thanks! 11 Feb 08:56
65,847 caps
Actually, scratch that! We've found and fixed a potential cause. Let us know if it's persisting. 11 Feb 08:59
2,941 caps
Help. I also only get a big black screen with some options ??? at the top, and nothing happens when I click on them, except that I get a big orange line downwards from the option... 13 Feb 12:17
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@Lucky-Mike, OzzieCheetah managed to solve his concern by decreasing the zoom ratio in his browser. He had the zoom set to 150% which was breaking the display somewhere along the line. Dropping the zoom down to 125% seems to have resolved that for him. Is your browser perhaps zoomed in at the moment which could be causing the same scenario? What happens if you try zooming out in your browser's settings?

If you find that the display is still not working properly after zooming out, please get in touch on support@superbru.com and send us a screenshot of what you're seeing displayed for further investigation. 13 Feb 12:24
2,941 caps
Thank you Dawid, mine was set to 125% so put it back 100% - now everything is working properly. Good luck in the tournament 13 Feb 12:51
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Great stuff, glad to hear that you're sorted as well. We'll check up on why the zoom causes trouble there. 13 Feb 12:58
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FYI, we've managed to recreate this issue over at SuperHQ and The General's run a further fix on the page zoom concern. Please let us know if you're having any further trouble with this. 13 Feb 14:14
6,856 caps
Much better!!
12 Feb 14:21
40,201 caps
Am wanting to invite more players to my pool. Where do I go for that? : )
14 Feb 06:38
40,201 caps
Ok guys found it 15 Feb 21:54
61,330 caps
In the past when i started a new pool i had an option to invite all my club members all at once,now for example i started a new pool for AFL and i clicked on send via email,now i have to put in every email address separately,or am i just missing something,keep up the good work though!
15 Feb 05:16
40,201 caps
Your missing something... I just found it too, click the invite icon and it shows you the old invite selection list. 15 Feb 21:56
26,491 caps
I liked to see the unread comments before you open the banter. Now you have to go to the banter to see if anyone left a message. Site looks great, but finding your way around, not so great.
17 Feb 08:14
62,815 caps
@Dewie, we've still got a lot of other useful features which The General and his team are building, which will include handy notification icons in various places. So you'll be notified about new banter in your pools soon. 17 Feb 08:18
26,937 caps
Guys, the new site is OK but unfortunately not overpowering great ;-(((
I am all for change at the right times but 2 major irritations except for looking where to find certain functions: -
1. The professional artwork of the Bru logo now looks like a homeless somebody....PLEASE REVERT BACK TO THE PROFESSIONAL ORIGINAL!!!! That was classy and could be recognised everywhere.
The new one urges me to give it some money like the guys standing @ the robots with that pathetic expression on their faces.......MAJOR MISTAKE TO CHANGE SUCCESSFUL LOGOS!!!!!
2. The working area is spaced to the left of the screen and not nicely centered like the old site; I keep moving my computer to the left to try and centre the working area....PLEASE CORRECT THE SPACING!!!
I suppose we will get used to it BUT the above need urgent attention!
17 Feb 16:18
24,709 caps
I agree with you on point 1. what ever happen to the famous Bru pose. . .he looked like a conqueror ~ victorious. This one with the arms folded, -sigh 21 Feb 09:23
5,638 caps
Awesome - Love the new look - Great !!!!
18 Feb 09:08
48,733 caps
From the outset I was both happy and worried about the upgrade. I was happy to see new features, but worried I wouldn't be able to use them. My Mac is ageing and my tech warned me a year ago the newer OSs would burn out the media something or ruthers. I currently run OS 10.6.8. I can go up slightly, but after that need to buy a new computer. So I can tell you that it's about 80% compatible with my native Safari browser, and I think a little more with Chrome. I am still experimenting, but struggling and have found myself switching back to the old site where I can to get things done. I really can't afford a new computer at the moment so will keep trying to circumvent the problems and let you know what I find in another week or so...Ciao for now.
20 Feb 09:32
62,815 caps
Thanks Cellarman. If you have any problems, please get in touch on support@superbru.com and we'll be able to assist you. 20 Feb 10:33
5,260 caps
Like the new look!
How do you find people/players that you have played with on the new site?
20 Feb 11:33
18,686 caps
It takes too many clicks and scrolls to get the same results as last time.
No bar graph which was visually simple and quickly tells me where I am in relation to the others in my group. After all, isn't this the major purpose of a league. Too much info and graphics that obfuscate the simple concept of what this is all about. menus on the left? ridiculous. No one does this so it becomes difficult to use intuitively. I am no Luddite as I know change will always some. But bad design is the same the world over. Bad. Its as if the people designing were not regular users week in week out. Change happened just for the sake of change. It seems Superbru does much without the input of those of us who use it regularly. The last being no bonus point if not within 15.
20 Feb 15:14
62,815 caps
Thanks Brit47. Sorry to hear that you're not liking the new stuff so far. Rest assured that everything was indeed designed by us who love and play absolutely everything we run. So we'd definitely not intentionally obfuscate the game - that just wouldn't make any sense, would it?

Left side navigation is a pretty big modern trend as it allows for more useful navigation styles and detailed overlay flows to be implemented, amongst various other benefits. There are many examples of such left hand navigation that one could use, and the first that comes to mind is the Rio Olympics site. Not exactly a small-fry operation.

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that the new site in it's current state is not final. There's still some more cool stuff to come which The General and his team are working on, including the pool performance graph that you're looking for. So hopefully the new site will grow on you over time as you get used to the new flow with more easily accessible useful game data.

If y 20 Feb 15:31
24,709 caps
My feedback on the changes. It's nice that you want to keep up with new trends, but for some of us it will take time getting used to. I appreciate the hard work that you do, Thank You. I personally prefer the old version. I like some of the new features - extra pools.
It's just a bit harder to get to what I want to see. Too many links to click on. Before everything was in one place. I haven't monitored my data usage based on the new site yet, I hope it's stays the same. Prepaid data bundles in SA is not cheap.
One error I picked up, when you're looking at Pools, and you click prize pools, look at a certain one, click back . . .it does not take you back, but to the start where it shows All pools. Using Safari browser on iPad.
21 Feb 09:44
29,302 caps
Absolutely hating the new setup. When joining a pool you cannot see how many are already in the pool, making picks in the new version is crazy. Why change something that worked perfectly?
21 Feb 14:20
62,815 caps
@Kelli's Team, how are you finding things after a few more days to get used to it all? Anything that we can help with? 27 Feb 11:04
4,831 caps
No good as I can't see all members of my pool will stick with old version
22 Feb 04:25
62,815 caps
@budgee59, how are you finding things after a few more days to get used to it all? Anything that we can help with? 27 Feb 11:05
61,330 caps
How many superrugby pools may one join,they say only 10 but iam in 12 at the moment?Keep up the good work!
22 Feb 05:26
62,815 caps
@TRANSVAAL, the standard is 10 pools, but I see you're playing in the SuperSport and All Out Rugby pools. Those two pools don't count against your pool limit. So all is in order. 27 Feb 11:06
61,330 caps
Thanx Dawid 28 Feb 06:20
42,439 caps
If it ain't broke why fix it... sorry guys totally underwhelmed by yr so called improvements in lay out
22 Feb 08:15
62,815 caps
@Mark, sorry to hear that the new stuff just hasn't hit the spot for you. Anything specific that you're not liking or that you feel we could improve upon? Please don't hesitate to get in touch on support@superbru.com and we'll assist where possible. 27 Feb 11:03
19,948 caps
Not impressed by the new layout. The old layout worked much better. One example is that in the old layout, you could see who a fellow player supports thanks to the little jersey icon next to his name in the leaderboard. Now you only see his profile picture.
23 Feb 07:51
62,815 caps
@Prowler, thanks for the feedback. We thought it'd be nice to see other users' profile pictures there to make the game more social as you build your friendships with your fellow brus. We'll keep your comments in mind regarding the team allegiance flags, but for now, try clicking a player's name on the leaderboard and you should see a cool new overlay to see who he/she supports and some other useful info. 27 Feb 11:01
1,151 cap
I want the graph back please!!
23 Feb 11:56
62,815 caps
@Bernie, the graph's back on the pool Matches page and packed with a cool new feature. Try clicking on someone else's name or score on the graph and you should see an awesome head to head comparison of your picks and performance compared to the other bru's picks. We hope you like that. 27 Feb 10:58
7,951 caps
Not a fan of the new layout.

Picking for Rugby:

The team comparison for previous games is confusing and it isn't easy to see what the winning margins were for either team.
When you actually pick the margin, for the score, it sometimes starts at the highest value for the home team, meaning that you have to scroll all the way down to the other end of the list. Sometimes on the Android app, it locks the list and I can't scroll it at all.
24 Feb 18:18
62,815 caps
@refitman, sorry to head that you're not enjoying the new stuff. We're aware of some isolated display issues on the app on some devices. We've addressed many of these over the course of the past weekend. Please try closing the app and restart it, and if you're having any further trouble, please get in touch on support@superbru.com so that we can effectively assist you. 27 Feb 10:55
26,491 caps
Guys, I know it is hard work to develop a new site, but every one who commented in the pools I play, agree that Beta is frustrating. Why change if the new product is worse?
25 Feb 08:39
62,815 caps
@Dewie. Thanks for the feedback. Anything specific that you're finding frustrating or that's not working as it should? Please feel free to get in touch on support@superbru.com and we'll help. 27 Feb 10:49
13,631 caps
Get the app ready for Apple please
26 Feb 08:02
62,815 caps
@Karate, the app is available in the Apple store. Are you having trouble finding it? 27 Feb 10:47
6,032 caps
26 Feb 08:48
22,950 caps
This new version sucks.
26 Feb 15:28
62,815 caps
@Koos Bluebull, anything that you're having trouble with? If you're looking for something specific, try having a look at the videos above or get in touch with us on support@superbru.com and we'll help you. 27 Feb 10:46
436 caps
I Clicked On two jerseys not knowing what I was Doing R Ioane Blues that I wnt to cancel
the second jercsey was I Dagg The crusaders I also Wan to Cancel I dont have money to buy them Please Cancel them
27 Feb 07:51
62,815 caps
@BAZZA, our fantasy game doesn't have a monetary system - just weekly transfer limits. Try clicking on the little cross (x) icon on a pending transfer to cancel it. If you need any further help, please get in touch on support@superbru.com. 27 Feb 10:44
2,595 caps
Sorry guys, love superbru but this format is horrendous. think you may lose a lot of long time devotees
27 Feb 10:26
62,815 caps
@Dominator, sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the new style site. Anything in particular that you're struggling with? Have you had a look at the videos above to guide you through the new stuff? Feel free to get in touch on support@superbru.com and I'll help you to find your way around the new site. 27 Feb 10:42
25,390 caps
Lots of complaining and not a lot of compliments :( I think The General and his team have done a superb job and I hate to think how many sleepless nights went into putting this together!! I wasn't a fan of the new site and kept switching back to the old version (centre top of screen for those who may have not noticed) BUT the more I play around and fiddle with things the more I am starting to like the new setup... There are a few things which can be improved or brought back and I'm sure they are being worked on. Instead of complaining my fellow Bru's rather use the "Feedback" button (top right) and tell them what you would like to see or have.
27 Feb 19:16
40,300 caps
New site k@k and kept switching back to the old version .
23 Mar 19:33
62,815 caps
Thanks Jakes. Like Lobby suggested above, please get in touch with us on the feedback form or at support@superbru.com and let us know if there's anything that's not working for you or that you'd like to have on the new site so that Superbru can be cool for you. 24 Mar 05:31
20,550 caps
Been using the new look interface for about a 6 weeks now. I only pick on my PC, the iPhone is just for checking. Like many of the above Feb posters I initially found it a pain and still flick to the old site for 4 or 5 of my 15 or 16 current tournaments. I miss seeing the horizontal pools bar with any yellow caps and place changes visible. I assume the increase to 10 pools necessitated the vertical switch. Recently I've adapted better thru 'on the job' training & practice, I think the slight change over hassle is offset by 3 more pools. So well done there. However there are still issues though. 1. I stopped getting some email pick confirmations, despite boxes still being ticked. This is really annoying when I've recorded games and can't go in without seeing the results. 2. In Fantasy games the bigger pools it gives totals but won't show picks. 3. In Fantasy smaller pools results need to show placings for easier pick comparisons. Cheers & Thanks.
7 Apr 15:44
10,155 caps
Good day, On the new site i am pool captain and I need to see if all players picked before the round starts. In the old site I could go to manage and then pics. Then it will give me all the games and who picked. how can I do this must I go to the old site to see this
21 Apr 07:29
62,815 caps
We've still got a new pick status tool in the pipeline for the new site. For now, the pick status tool is still available on the old site, or you can also see whether or not your poolmates have picked on the pool's Matches page (on the new site). 21 Apr 08:33
1,592 cap
when come lastest results
7 Aug 10:38