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Coming up this month on Superbru: May

Now that April is behind us, we've reached what is always a big month in the sporting calendar as May is set to see trophies (and Yellow Caps) handed out all over the place. Big Superbru tournaments that are set to end this month include the Premier League, Champions League, Super Rugby AU, Super Rugby Aotearoa, Heineken Cup and more.

Fortunately, we have plenty of fresh tournaments for you to get involved in when those do come to an end which should keep us all busy until the fresh seasons roll around again. The most notable big tournament coming up this summer is of course Euro 2020 which begins in June - we've recently made our Predictor and Odds-Based Fantasy tournaments for the Euros live for you to join.

A quick note on cricket - May obviously hasn't got off to the best start with yesterday's understandable news that the IPL has been suspended indefinitely. Those of you playing our predictor and fantasy games will notice that we've pushed back all of the fixtures to arbitrary dates for the moment but we will be updating the schedule and carrying on with both games if and when the IPL can resume.

In more positive news, you may have noticed when logging into our website, or perhaps even while reading this if you've clicked through from social media, that some areas of our site are looking nice and fresh after some updates.

The changes have mainly been made to the 'logged out' areas of our site and have only just gone live today but there’s now some additional little features such as access to the large amount of historic data we have from all sorts of sports and tournaments. By selecting ‘Tournaments’ on the new welcome page, when interested you can look back through various results and league tables from years gone by and the main welcome page is a neat place to look at the upcoming tournaments we have available to play on Superbru.

That leads me nicely on to discussing what's coming up in May...

Friday 14th May: Super Rugby Trans-Tasman Predictor and Fantasy

First up we have what should be a great new tournament as 'Super Rugby Trans-Tasman' is set to be the closest thing to Super Rugby as we knew it before the pandemic. Following this week's finals in the domestic SR tournaments we've seen in Australia and New Zealand, the teams from those respective competitions will be facing off in Trans-Tasman.

5 regular stage rounds, 5 fixtures in each, 0 byes which makes fantasy easier, GSPs up for grabs in the predictor. Lovely stuff. After those 5 rounds, there'll be a final to determine the winner between 1st and 2nd on the table.

Thursday 20 May: PGA Championship

The following week we'll have our next golf picks to make as the PGA Championship takes place on Kiawah Island. Collin Morikawa won this event in 2020 when it eventually took place in August. This year, they're hoping up to 10,000 fans will be able to attend each day of the championship and it will be the second major that has taken place at the Ocean Course. The first was the PGA Championship back in 2012 which was won by Rory McIlroy.

Sunday 30 May: French Open

Due to current restrictions in Paris, the French Open has been pushed back slightly (albeit nowhere near as much as it was last year for the time being) and the main draw is now scheduled to begin on May 30th.

Last year, Rafael Nadal won the men's tournament in the unusual month of October meaning he's now won a ridiculous 13 times at Roland Garros. Nadal won the French Open without dropping a set in 2020 and if he manages to lift the title again this year he will break the record he currently shares with Roger Federer of 20 Grand Slam singles titles.

In the 2020 women's tournament, Iga Swiatek made history by becoming the first ever Polish player to win a Grand Slam singles title. Like Nadal, Swiatek didn't drop a set throughout the tournament.

So there's your lineup for May in terms of new tournaments. Unfortunately, we won't be running a tournament for this year's Giro d'Italia cycling Grand Tour, but this is a decision for 2021 only at this stage, and once we return to a more settled and reliable sporting calendar, we will consider adding it back to the roster. The next cycling tournament we plan to run a game for is the Tour de France in late June.

Finally, a second note on cricket, specifically for those of you playing Test Cricket fantasy - there have been Tests added to the calendar at quite short notice in recent months but we are expecting this week's match between Zimbabwe and Pakistan to be the final round in our current fantasy game. The new Test Cricket fantasy season will then be created and available to join very soon ahead of the matches scheduled for June.

We hope you're all keeping safe and well. Enjoy this month of sport!
939 caps
Where did Sweedey Drivel come from?
5 May 17:15
10,249 caps
Southampton FC. LOL! Kenharv 5 May 17:43
68,726 caps
Covid-19 upset still some superbru tournaments ............. Stay safe
5 May 18:05
21,594 caps
NO GIRO!!?? I'm gutted! Cycling contests are by FAR my favorite sports events on SB. I know its pretty labour intensive adding points for every climb and sprint & top 40s but its SO WORTH IT! Its 3 weeks of INTENSE PICKING HELL!

Please reconsider.
6 May 02:43
19,030 caps
Clearly, you are a masochist Paul! Intense picking hell indeed. But yeah, I agree that the cycling events are an opportunity for diligent, analytical brus to shine; and as such the Giro will be sorely missed by many. The cycling tournaments are too difficult for me, but I always devour your lengthy round-by-round analysis. I get to watch the horror movie unfold from the comfort of my living room! 6 May 06:22
20,542 caps
100% agree !
6 May 06:57
1,827 cap
Argghhh - NO GIRO!!! Whats going on??
6 May 04:15
4,098 caps
no giro, total bummer, cycling by far the best superbru game !! 8 May 09:09
27,665 caps
Very much agree with the above comments re Giro. Plus, cycling's one of the very few 'truly international' sport we have on SB, with riders (incl top contenders) from all continents. giro over mls/mlr any day of the week for me - i mean if it's an either/or type of situation for you guys- and am a footy guy!
6 May 04:28
42,162 caps
No Giro - definately unacceptable. Perhaps you can explain why not??? Hell, you guys do T20 in Pakistan, etc - why not continue with the Giro. Does this mean there will also be no Tour de France and Volta??????? 7 May 10:45
61,644 caps
Hi Jack, Hutch and all the other hard workers at SuperBru. Please can I request an additional feature on SuperBru.
Please could you create a page very similair to the Captaincies page, but you first select your club. You would then get a page like the Captaincies page where it shows you your position in your pool in each competition that you are playing in :
Club Name
Australian Rules - 1/8
La Liga - 12/15
English Premier League - 15/34
Rainbow Cup - 2/36
This way at a glance you could get a complete wrap of your standing in every tournament for your club
Please please please
6 May 05:43
19,030 caps
Agreed Bomber, that’s a great idea. I have often wished for a simple way to know my current position in all the pools run by a Club. Currently one must go to each tournament individually. I expect that we might have to wait until the Superbru software is completely rewritten, which is probably not on the agenda right now, and might be years away?

Another feature that I wish was a part of the Superbru experience, is Global logs that encompass all the tournaments held in the year. There are complications regarding fairness in this endeavor. Coming Global 1st in the Premier League Predictor (38 rounds of 10 predictions against perhaps 100 000 brus) is a lot harder than winning a Golf tournament (4 rounds of 4 predictions against 5000 brus). Also, Points would perhaps need to be awarded to any bru in the top 25% of the relevant leaderboard; and therefore the current Club points allocation has too few tiers to work well. Another aspect to consider, is that not many brus have the time to 6 May 06:14
19,030 caps
... truncated, oops! Not many brus have the time to enter all the tournaments, making it impossible to compete on an equal footing with those brus (like myself) that enter nearly every event. Perhaps a separate table of ‘average position’ would work well? I have no knowledge of software engineering or the costs attached, so perhaps my desires (as usual) exceed the budget. Law of Diminishing Returns, etcetera, etcetera... 6 May 06:32
27,104 caps
Thanks Eric, Angus - this kind of feedback is great. The kind of 'Club overview' page Eric has described with a display of your rank in each pool is definitely something we'll look at when we next update Clubs. Merging leaderboards to form an 'overall Club points total' type feature is also something we've discussed, Angus, but as you say it gets quite complicated with different scoring systems in different sports etc.! 6 May 08:54
19,030 caps
Thanks for the quick response, Jack! Great to once again receive confirmation that our expressed views are digested. Regarding the Global Overall Leaderboard, I’m confident that the mathematically minded among us could devise an algorithm/system that could fairly equate each tournament’s relative difficulty to win; and therefore devise a Points allocation to suit. Perhaps brus of a competent mind that read this comment might add their thoughts hereunder? If nothing else, the exercise will interesting/absorbing/scintillating, depending on one’s bent! 6 May 09:52
21,594 caps
I created an Excel spreadsheet a few years back.I took my 'ConstiPICKation' club's end of 2018 results, plus the 'active' pool positions and wrote various formulae to change the current points system from 25 to 6 (pools were about 55-80) to a 'Linear or Empirical Proportional' system for 10 (1st) to 1 (10th). Just to see if it changed our Medal Points Table rankings much. I also created a 'Difficulty Tariff System' based on the number of picks required throughout each contest. So Golf got you far less points than EPL or Super Rugby Full Fantasies. It also acted as a 'Vetting' test for 2019 members.

I then combined the two so as to see who really were the best 'Like for Like' pickers based on how often they got things right. I did it as a 'fun' way to practice my Excel skills but it confirmed my suspicions about who had real talent and who was just a bit lucky. BTW 'The Professor' came out top but came 3rd officially (105 Medal pts). While end of 2018 leader & eventual winner 'Leigh' 7 May 13:18
21,594 caps
Truncated....eventual Winner Leigh (122 Medal Points) dropped to 10th. I dropped from 4th to 8th, while SB's Jack (Barton) was a late mid-year joiner and had his points scaled up to come 4th, as he entered the more difficult contests and was doing well as at Dec 31st 2018!

Superbru could easily pre-set how many Medal points each contest was worth before the start. Perhaps factor in the Global player count too as an extra multiplier? So beating 200k over a 6 week FIFA World Cup was worth about the same as beating 30k over a 38 week Eng Premier League. But then again the same 'hardcore' few thousand might rise to the top no matter if its 10k or 300k playing? 7 May 13:51
4,244 caps
It would be really good if there was a EURO Fantasy game - not just the Odds game..
6 May 07:30
17,671 caps
I agree. I miss picking defenders and midfielders as they are really speculative as goalscorers. 6 May 10:41
44,978 caps
Have to agree
Cycling is one of my favorites on Superbru so will miss the Giro this year
6 May 08:46
51,285 caps
Another one for the Giro. Last years covid bubbles meant not a lot of crossover in talent between the 3 tournaments, and the Giro had a completely different field to the others, and what talent in unearthed. The accumulation of knowledge from one tournament to the other in the big 3 tournaments is essential for future success in your tipping, so cutting off the Giro is like cutting off a limb in your body of knowledge. (Apart from that Nibali is set to ride, and let's face it, probably his last).
6 May 10:44
17,671 caps
With this being the last cricket test in the current competition I am tempted to pick the following players and bench as follows; Ali/Ali, Alam/Ahmed, Ali/Ashraf and Ali/Afridi. A genuine A team.
6 May 10:56
185 caps
6 May 13:16
21,594 caps
I've been searching for alternative Cycling Fantasies but you either need to pay (but could win prize money) or are overly complicated to appeal to very dedicated cycling nuts. The main drawback is that you don't get the DAILY PICKS option that makes the Superbru version so special. Instead you pick 8 or 9 riders within a budget (so most are no-hoper support guys) before it starts and that's it. If they crash out then tough titty. Some let you make a few subs over the three weeks but at a points cost.

What makes the SB Cycling contests so much more fun is that are like 21 separate contests, so it's FAR more thrilling. Plus you get the added 'chess-play' of changing Jersey wearers too!

I might do the free 'Velogames Italy 2021' one, seeing as there isn't an official Giro endorsed one. What I'd like is one like the free official EFL footy fantasy with private leagues so I could invite SB players to join before THIS Saturday's start. I'll keep looking & report back.
6 May 20:04
21,594 caps
Just found a promising one!


Free and the ability to set up private leagues!

Still checking it out. Might call my Private League 'SUPERBRU EXILES' !!

Who is interested? Need to be quick though.

6 May 20:19
21,594 caps
OK I've registered (pretty straight forward) and set up a Private League 'SUPERBRU EXILES' just for The Giro as a one-off. No way will it replace SB if they are running a contest in future. Its a bit of SB publicity too I suppose!

Site link https://fantasygame.velon.cc/team

If you want to join my PRIVATE LEAGUE here is the CODE: X0V1RD3K. Yet to explore the rules or points as I'm in such a hurry to get the word out. So we all go in a bit blind.

I'll send a BLOG to those in my 4TOP200/2% Club. Even if I only get 5 or 6 of us it will be fun, plus there are other leagues to join plus the overall Global contest. It will be a good test to see if our SB gained expertise translates to success in other site's contests? It does feel a bit like an 'Extra-marital affair' though.

Stage starts: THIS SATURDAY MAY 8TH AT 1pm (BST/GMT +1).
Telegraph Sport liveblog: None
Live: Eurosport1 12.50-4.30pm, S4C 2-4.30pm (I think S4C is a FREE to air Welsh Language channel)
Highlights: Eurosport1 8-9pm, S
6 May 21:40
21,594 caps
Wow THIRTEEN joiners alrready with about 20 hours to go! Thanks. 7 May 15:34
44,485 caps
I'm in. Thanks JP 8 May 02:52
4,098 caps
am in, late to party but had given up hope would be league to join. Thanks for sorting this now to see how it works :)

8 May 09:23
21,594 caps
Thanks guys! We now have TWENTY SIX in the SUPERBRU EXILES Private League "Let battle commence!" The 1st stage just started 30 mins ago. A very short 8km flat Time Trial. Very tricky to pick a winner but my 8 is loaded with TT talent for plenty of Top40s.

The points are quite similar to Dawid K's SB system. He is actually in our pool btw! Gone for Ganna as he is Italian, probably the only decent local with a chance to win a Stage - possibly Formolo, Ulissi & Ciccone but Italian cycling is in poor shape if an injured Nibali (now 36) is their best GC hope. Brit Simon Yates for me this year. Love the way he talks, like a burst of machine-gun fire!

Big doubts over Bernal (GC - INEOS) & Evenepoel (All-Rounder Decueninck QS) & Groenewegen (Sprinter - Jumbo Visma). All have had injuries and/or long lay-offs. Some riders are bad picks as they will be support guys (like Masnada) but if the No.1s falter some can get promoted. Kiwi George Bennett gets to be the No.1 GC hope!
8 May 12:40
6,182 caps
Thank you
20 May 09:33
478 caps
Can you set a default pick if you forget to put your tips in?
21 May 14:01
21,594 caps
Hi Erika. You carry over your 8 if you forget to make two changes. We only have a week to go and our Go WALES!! is up to GLOBAL 9th! The points are quite different, hardly any instage points compared to Top 10 Stage points. Stage Winner 120 pts but Stage KOM or Sprint top points getter only 25.

Not a patch on the Superbru more 'Intricately handmade' version. You can't even see others picks!
24 May 19:22