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Champions League: Semi-Final 2nd Legs Predictions

In terms of drama and entertainment levels, the first legs of these ties were about as different as it's possible to get at this stage of the tournament.

I'm expecting similar this week, with Madrid v City set to be an absolute cracker on Wednesday. It could be fun in Villarreal as well though if the hosts somehow manage the first goal! Here are my picks for the 2nd legs.

Villarreal (0) vs. (2) Liverpool

Villarreal weren't even close to getting the goal I optimistically predicted they'd score at Anfield and though the fact it's 'only' 0-2 means they still have a slight chance of turning this around, I'd be absolutely amazed if they do. Liverpool were extremely comfortable at home and I don't really see how Villarreal are going to be able to surprise them with an attacking gameplan in this second leg without getting absolutely torn apart. Prediction: Villarreal 0-2 Liverpool

Real Madrid (3) vs. (4) Manchester City

What an absolute treat the first leg of this match was. You have to hand it to Real Madrid, they've given us incredible entertainment in every single knockout round in this campaign and I can't wait for this match.

I've seen a few people saying that there's big potential for Guardiola to 'overthink' this second leg but I don't think he will. Footage of him on the touchline in that first leg suggested he was more aware than anyone of the fact that City should have won by 3 or 4 goals in Manchester so I think they can setup in a similar way here and hope to be more clinical this time around (they did still score 4 anyway!).

Real Madrid will surely need to improve defensively but they do seem to just keep getting away with it this season thanks to Benzema being absolutely ruthless in front of goal. Personally, I think the logical pick is for some of that fortune to run out here with City likely to progress as the better team. Cancelo being back available is significant and it sounds like Walker may also be fit - either would obviously be a considerable upgrade on Fernandinho having to fill in on that side in the first leg which played into Vinicius Jr's hands. Prediction: Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City

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Looks like UEFA got the Final they always wanted, with teams from two different countries to guarantee max TV viewership. With more than a LITTLE help from a certain schizo ref in Madrid.
5 May 02:33
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Sheikhs club out, what a great day
5 May 09:09
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I feel sorry for man city losse against madrid
5 May 11:08
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why? they were too cocky near the end
5 May 12:21