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Champions League knockout stages begin tonight

We've reached the business end of the 2022/23 Champions League season as the eagerly anticipated knockout stages begin tonight with Milan hosting Tottenham and PSG facing Bayern Munich.

This year's Round of 16 draw is a good one with all of the ties expected to be competitive, and that means we're set for a lot of entertainment when it comes to both watching the ties and making score predictions on Superbru.

Not too late to join in

Even if you weren't involved in our Champions League Predictor for the group stage, you're still able to join our game if you wish to and you can create a pool that starts with the knockout stages.

By joining our tournament and then heading to the start a pool page, you can select the Round of 16 first legs as your starting round and then take on friends by predicting every tie between now and the final in Istanbul on June 10th.

Here's a look at the first leg fixtures for the Round of 16.

Superbru Insights available for the knockouts

Like last year, Superbru Premium users will be provided with Insights for the remainder of this season's Champions League Predictor, meaning a match preview and team news for each game will be available at the tap of a button on the picks pages.

If you're already a Premium user, you may well have already noticed this if you've made your picks. If you're yet to upgrade, you can do so by clicking here. In addition to gaining useful information about each match such as how Scott Parker's Brugge reign has been going since he was appointed a few weeks ago, you receive a totally ad-free Superbru experience on our both our site and app.

Superbru Insights are also currently available in our Premier League Predictor, F1 Predictor, Heineken Champions Cup Predictor (knockout stages), Six Nations Predictor, Super Rugby Pacific Predictor and United Rugby Championship Predictor.

Good luck with your picks for Milan v Tottenham and PSG v Bayern this evening. We hope you enjoy the matches!
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Please refresh my account and and a
14 Feb 21:24
12,938 caps
Please refresh all my accounts and memory, ie Predictor, knockout, squad selection and all other football competitions that I was a participant of.
I had been out of most if not all of the action since I was hospitalized with a Stroke.
I am doing well and I feel good to go again on my journey with the beautiful game.
Please help me to get re started.
Thank you kindly.
Dennis G
14 Feb 21:36
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Looking forward to your favorable and positive response soonest.
Thank you.
Kind Regards
Dennis G Moonsamy (Denny G).
14 Feb 21:39
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