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Champions League and Europa League Group Stage draws made

Both the Champions League and Europa League group stage draws took place last week as the top clubs from around Europe found out who they'll be taking on in the early stages of this season's major tournaments.

Now that those draws have taken place and fixtures have been confirmed, we have some tournaments available for you to join on Superbru. Like last season, we have a Champions League Predictor game and a Champions League Odds-based Fantasy tournament live while there's also already a Europa League Predictor ready and live for you as well as we have included the group stages of that competition for the first time.

Champions League

This season's Champions League group stage draw includes some monster ties as the 'Pot 2' teams were as strong, if not stronger than those in 'Pot 1'. Manchester City and PSG are both in Group A, Group B looks an absolute belter with Atletico, Liverpool, Porto and Milan all together while other notable group pairings include Bayern v Barcelona, Inter v Real Madrid and Chelsea v Juventus.

Europa League

Due to UEFA introducing the new Europa Conference League this season (a kind of 3rd tier beneath the Champions League and Europa League), the format of the Europa League has now changed and the group stage consists of 32 teams rather than 48.

Because of this, we are including the group stages of the Europa League in our Predictor game for the first time having previously begun with the knockout Round of 32. The new format means the group stage will consist of 16 matches per round (just like the Champions League) but then ahead of the Round of 16 there will be an additional knockout round where the group stage runners-up face the third-ranked teams from the Champions League group stage.

This year's draw is an interesting one with Leverkusen, Betis and Celtic together in Group G, Napoli set to face Leicester in Group C and we can expect plenty of atmosphere in Group E where Lazio, Lokomotiv, Marseille and Galatasaray will face one another.

The Champions League begins in 2 weeks with the Europa League set to start the following day. You can join all of these tournaments now to begin setting up your pools and inviting mates so that you're all set for kick-off.
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Man U got such a soft group (G) but Lille's looks easiest of all. Chelsea's group looks average but as you wrote Jack City & Liverpool won't have it their own way but should still progress. I see Spoz were in the THIRD TIER Europa Dopa Conference! I guess they will want out soon seeing as they somehow top the EPL after three dour 1-0 wins after 3 rounds.
31 Aug 21:27
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United have located the G-Spot! Ecstasy to follow... 1 Sep 16:20
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Will the knock-out games pre-round of 16 matches between the second place Europa League and the third place Champions League be part of our competitions? If so, which competition will they be part of?
1 Sep 10:06
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Hey Cameron, yes, they'll be part of the Europa League tournament as it's a 'play-offs' round for a place in the Europa League Round of 16. 1 Sep 10:21
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Here is the official explanation. Blatantly biassed towards the 'Big Boys'.

The introduction of the UEFA Europa Conference League means several significant alterations for the UEFA Europa League.

The? group stage will be reduced from 48 to 32 teams – eight groups of four. The eight group winners progress automatically to the round of 16.

There will be additional knockout round play-offs prior to the round of 16; these will be between the eight UEFA Europa League group runners-up and the eight third-ranked teams of the UEFA Champions League groups.

Matches will continue to be played on Thursday (other than the final), now alongside UEFA Europa Conference League games. The matches of the two competitions will in principle be equally split between the two time slots: 18:45 CET (no longer 18:55) and 21:00 CET.
Who will be in the group stage?

12 automatic qualifiers
*10 UEFA Europa League play-off winners
**10 sides transferring from the UEFA Champions League play-offs and 1 Sep 13:48
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Group B. Surely group of death
4 Sep 16:14
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Nahh group G
12 Sep 07:55