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Braai to celebrate the Boks' big game against France

We are teaming up with SPAR this November to support the Braai Therapy campaign.

A braai is the ultimate therapy to end a good or bad week. Braaing is therapeutic whether you are commiserating or celebrating. It’s a time to enjoy family and friends and good food under our beautiful African skies. It is intrinsically built into our culture. It's proudly South African.

So what better opportunity than to get your mates together, unanimously agree that the Springboks were robbed against England, light the braai and watch South Africa take on France on Saturday?

Stand a chance to WIN 1 of 375 Weber braais and a grand prize of 2 x R25 000 SPAR Vouchers.

Buy any of SPAR's BUTCHERY or BRAAI Items, swipe your SPAR Rewards Card, SMS your store name with the words BRAAI THERAPY to 32576 and you’re entered!

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T&Cs Apply. Excludes Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KZN & Lowveld.
1,663 cap
We were so robed by that ref agains England its just not true, i hope that ref loose his ref licence
7 Nov 04:03
40,871 caps
Why EXCLUED Eastern Cape and some others ???
7 Nov 04:45
21,763 caps
Bloody good question!!
We braai much more than the Valies....DAMN!! 7 Nov 17:14
17,695 caps
Why -> Excludes Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KZN & Lowveld. 7 Nov 19:26
31,557 caps
So which region is actually legible for the competition " blank stare"
8 Nov 13:14
204 caps
Because, GENERAAL, you braai... but us Valies, we thank the saturday gods for giving us Rugby by sacrificing the meat of a dead animal on a fire, and then cooking the meat to a moist perfection. And the gods acknowledge our sacrifice everytime that the meat gets turned, it sizzles "Stranssssky".

That's why. 10 Nov 10:09
9,924 caps
We can blame the ref all we want, but the Springboks should have had a lead of 20 points at that point in the game, but we could not finish and constantly knocked on, not even mentioning Marx.
7 Nov 08:47
21,763 caps
Same old....same old performance; our skill levels are way behind most of the top rugby countries....especially when we get excited!!!! 7 Nov 17:17
16,506 caps
That is true Hoffies, we did not took our oppurtunities , we should took the three points where the ref gave us chance for three points . 8 Nov 05:10
3,961 caps
True Hoffies
7 Nov 12:06
2,626 caps
why is there 3de ref
7 Nov 17:29
2,648 caps
Sandy take a chill pill man France gonna get their arse's kicked by SA
8 Nov 03:16
402 caps
France on main menu for the braai tonight, why some places excluded?
10 Nov 07:47
3,508 caps
Hoffies>> Too true, I sometimes wonder why so many of our Super Rugby and Springbok players do not have basic ball skills. Then I think of the year I spent in New Zealand in 1978. I dated a girl , her brother played hooker for the then Crusaders RFC. He never got to play for Canterbury. During the summer he HAD to play one of 2 sports. Either water polo or basketball, Why? To improve ball handling skills. He was a School Teacher who coached rugby, he encouraged the boys he coached to play one of the summer sports. No wonder the AB's are a 100 miles ahead of the rest of the rugby world.
10 Nov 08:05
42,843 caps
Spar is divided into regions and each has its own Head Office The only regions involved in this competition are North Rand and South Rand. Since the two regions are close to each other in Gauteng they work together. These 2 regions cover Gauteng, Limpopo, North West, Botswana and certain parts of the Northern Cape. The only way to get a competition sponsored nationally will be to contact the national head office in Pinetown.
10 Nov 14:50
Ons gaan nou braai lekker wors
3 Feb 11:23
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