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A tribute to e-ace

We were deeply saddened to hear that the most-capped player in Superbru history, Warren Cassidy, passed away last week. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends, and particularly his brother, Greg, who introduced him to Superbru and was thoughtful enough to share the sad news with us.

e-ace, as Warren was known in Superbru, was an absolute institution in the game, and will be greatly missed.

An epic career

e-ace joined Superbru on the 24th of May, 2006. At the time, Superbru had around 7,000 players, having just graduated from its early years as my hobby to a proper business venture that we were incubating at Nevado.

Warren's first pool was run by his brother in FIFA World Cup 2006. Over the next 13 years, he went on to amass a phenomenal 57,340 caps in 600 Superbru tournaments. That's 3,806 more than me, and I invented Superbru!

He ended his career a full 1,016 caps ahead of Mike Mitchell, who now carries the torch of being the most-capped living Superbru player.

e-ace played Superbru quietly, with no fuss: for someone who played more than anyone else, we heard surprisingly little from him. He just cracked on with it. He made his last pick on July 24th in the NRL, correctly picking the Raiders to beat the Panthers.

To Greg and the family, from the whole Superbru community, we're so sorry for your loss. Warren will never be forgotten.

Big love from HQ.

54,318 caps
Rest in peace great man. It is weird that someone can feel like family, but you never even met him. We played together in a massive 1800+ pools, and he will always be remembered for the humble way he conducted himself. You will surely be missed...
30 Jul 11:00
41,587 caps
30 Jul 12:52
21,166 caps
Played in Warrens pools since I joined way back. Agree with you OB!!
Family Bru. RIP 2 Aug 08:59
49,008 caps
RIP WARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Jul 11:04
4,812 caps
Very sad! Rest in peace Warren.
30 Jul 11:10
9,361 caps
Rest easy legend.
30 Jul 11:24
14,146 caps
Always very sad...my condolences.
30 Jul 11:30
47,693 caps
Very sad index. Condolences to all family and friends.RIP××
30 Jul 11:39
52,882 caps
Rest in peace Warren, all the best to family and friends.
30 Jul 11:44
28,460 caps
RIP e-ace !! Forever Number 1 .
30 Jul 11:49
54,410 caps
Rest in peace, Warren. You will be missed my dear friend. Condolences to Greg, Janine and family.
30 Jul 12:01
43,464 caps
Very sad news indeed. Rest in peace E-Ace.
30 Jul 12:01
38,414 caps
Very sad news, may his soul rest in eternal peace 30 Jul 12:16
49,753 caps
R I P - Legend
30 Jul 13:07
49,100 caps
Superbru Legend RIP
30 Jul 13:32
40,667 caps
A sad loss. Condolences to the family and friends.
30 Jul 13:37
12,339 caps
RIP Warren. You're a legend!
30 Jul 13:53
44,093 caps
R.I.P Legend
30 Jul 14:06
51,909 caps
Warren was a definate to play in all the pools I played in. Always there to join and to invite. What a privilege to take part in something that meant so much for both of us. Even never met he feels part of my life for being part of my Superbru. RIP!
30 Jul 14:49
1,995 cap
Did't know the man. But must have been an legend. Much condolences to those close. Xx
30 Jul 15:17
4,660 caps
You have played your last game my friend.....time to rest....
30 Jul 15:19
6,045 caps
Very Sad... RIP
30 Jul 15:23
14,497 caps
Taken far too early - RIP Warren.
30 Jul 16:03
47,275 caps
RIP Warren
30 Jul 16:22
21,368 caps
RIP Warren
30 Jul 16:26
9,843 caps
Very sorry to hear this sad news. Nice tribute from The General.
30 Jul 16:28
15,631 caps
That's a classy post
30 Jul 16:32
399 caps
Such sad news ..sending heart felt condolences to his bro and family from all the lads at predo league
30 Jul 17:12
49,351 caps
RIP condolences to family and friends
30 Jul 17:29
755 caps
May his soul Rest In Peace
30 Jul 18:41
1,141 cap
My condolences... May he Rest in eternal peace.
30 Jul 18:48
53,459 caps
:'( so sorry. RIP e-ace. Condolences to his family and loved ones.
30 Jul 19:17
14,075 caps
Sad news to Superbru fam, RIP Warren
30 Jul 19:27
2,068 caps
Good memories of you Warren. May you rest in peace. Condolences to Greg and family.
30 Jul 19:44
16,520 caps
Rest in Peace Superbru No 1. You set the bar very high
30 Jul 19:47
43,081 caps
This is incredibly sad news. Warren was a fantastic player and was a fantastic competitor and knowledgeable on all sports.
RIP Warren. And my thoughts are with all your friends and family. You will be missed.
30 Jul 19:52
46,456 caps
Rest in peace Warren. My condolences to his family and those in the Superbru community who knew him.
30 Jul 19:55
43,609 caps
30 Jul 20:28
33,939 caps
now i know i will meet him warren someday never knew i was in a legends pool.my hart to his family
30 Jul 22:27
16,095 caps
30 Jul 23:38
50,052 caps
Sad Sad news, ive been playing in his pools for ever and he in mine. We never met, but he felt like family. RIP E-Ace, you will be missed by all MMWC and Tainter club members and by all Superbru members around the world.
31 Jul 00:19
32,282 caps
Rest in peace champion.
31 Jul 02:40
51,181 caps
RIP Warren
31 Jul 04:17
53,774 caps
RIP - You will be missed Warren
31 Jul 04:52
3,136 caps
31 Jul 05:12
21,337 caps
I support the sentiment of all my fellow "Brusters". I pray that God will comfort his family during this difficult time.
31 Jul 05:54
29,925 caps
We will surely miss him in all our pools :(
May God help his whole family out in this difficult time
31 Jul 06:16
24,380 caps
31 Jul 06:37
24,288 caps
Rest easy Warren. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
31 Jul 07:34
48,276 caps
Sundowners in the Bru community tonight will be dedicated to Warren who has weighed anchor, crossed the bar and sailed out, free of earthly bonds to the endless horizons of everlasting peace. God speed him on his last great journey. RIP to a legend and friend from all The Spec-Tackler's members and sincerest condolences, strength and courage to all those close to him.
31 Jul 07:50
47,677 caps
Very sad.I have lost count the number of times I finished below you in a pool and can count on one hand the times I finished above you.RIP my friend.
31 Jul 07:56
29,604 caps
31 Jul 08:13
1,366 cap
31 Jul 09:20
36,020 caps
RIP my superbru Friend!!!
31 Jul 10:28
30,892 caps
31 Jul 11:26
19,907 caps
Clearly a great tipster.Rest in Peace mate
31 Jul 12:28
651 caps
RIP Brutha
31 Jul 14:05
29,430 caps
Condolences to family.
31 Jul 14:12
26,349 caps
Didn't know about you until I read this post just now... but I bet they still have Superbru wherever you are, so there you go (lol)... sincere condolences to the family and friends... RIP WC
31 Jul 16:32
44,978 caps
My sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP Warren. You put the SUPER in Superbru.
31 Jul 17:44
40,780 caps
RIP Champ:-(
1 Aug 05:40
53,524 caps
Go well, Warren. Getting those picks right all the way to the end. You'll always be a Superbru legend.
1 Aug 07:00
8,981 caps
rest in peace brother.
1 Aug 11:39
25,337 caps
RIP "e-ace" Warren. Our sincere sympathies are with you Greg and to all the family
1 Aug 12:57
15,885 caps
Rest in Peace Warren!
1 Aug 18:07
353 caps
RIP e-ace, sad to see you go mate! Not to worry we will all join you soon buddy!
1 Aug 22:03
7,700 caps
RIP, Warren Cassidy. Sympathy to Family & Friends.
2 Aug 02:58
30,131 caps
Clearly an expert picker
May yr sporting knowledge be appreciated upstairs.
2 Aug 08:30
5,691 caps
R.I.P Legend!!!!!
2 Aug 11:53
14,710 caps
Rest in Peace Warren. Condolences to Greg, and to the rest of his family and friends.
2 Aug 13:00
46,862 caps
RIP Warren
2 Aug 16:11
9,848 caps
RIP .... Super Star
2 Aug 16:16
49,738 caps
Condolences to the Warren family, friends and his Superbru mates. RIP Legend 57,340 caps says it all
2 Aug 20:51
34,403 caps
So sad to hear that e-ace has gone. He was a mamba, especially with the cricket. What a legend. Condolences to Greg and the family. Rest in peace bru.
3 Aug 17:50
49,433 caps
4 Aug 05:13
6,758 caps
4 Aug 13:00
9,825 caps
5 Aug 07:20
36,588 caps
Condolences to Warren and his family & friends and of course to Superbru's
5 Aug 13:44
513 caps
RIP Warren??
5 Aug 18:05
15,174 caps
6 Aug 13:39
15,504 caps
very sad news
7 Aug 13:19
36,227 caps
RIP! Condolences during this sad time!
7 Aug 21:00
18 caps
RIP e-ace
8 Aug 10:24
2,061 caps
RIP Warren
8 Aug 14:24
735 caps
Rip master
8 Aug 16:48
1,208 cap
Rip warren
14 Aug 17:22
2,259 caps
Rip warren
15 Aug 07:16
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