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2024 Six Nations: Round 3 Predictions

Round 2 yielded some big green arrows for me, and I'm now on the verge of the top 10% on the global leaderboard.

It's mostly about the margins this weekend, but could there be an upset at Murrayfield?

Ireland v Wales

Ireland seem to have the measure of everyone at the moment, and they look comfortably the best team in the tournament.

I can't see Wales causing them too many troubles, given their limited attack that we've seen so far, coupled with Ireland's habit of soaking up pressure through their defence.

I'm expecting another business-like performance with 4 tries for the bonus point and another step towards back-to-back Grand Slams. Ireland by 18

Scotland v England

This is the only pick that will divide the community this weekend, with Scotland slight favourites to beat England at Murrayfield. The hosts have had the measure of England in recent meetings, and Scotland's superior attacking game is expected to prove the difference.

England's attack remains poor, and we haven't seen any of the fire and brimstone that we saw towards the end of the World Cup, so the sensible approach is to back a home win. But I'll be watching at my local rugby club and I can't be secretly hoping for a Scotland win for the sake of my Superbru. England by 2

France v Italy

This is unlikely to be anything other than a home win for France, but it might be closer than some people expect. Italy almost caused a huge upset in this fixture last season, and they might just fancy their chances against an out-of-sorts French side.

The hosts have looked rudderless without Antoine Dupont, and if Italy can exert some sustained pressure, France may well capitulate. I'm not brave enough to predict that, but I'm certainly not predicting a blowout win. France by 13
You know that Scotland are winning!!!!
22 Feb 17:34
33,345 caps
I did not. 22 Feb 21:27
1,661 cap
well they did 26 Feb 09:41
33,345 caps
I do now. 26 Feb 12:45
1,295 cap
Isn't Ireland winning?
28 Feb 08:02
33,345 caps
wot! lol! 28 Feb 12:16
19,496 caps
England vs Scotland will be a close game. Hard to call.
23 Feb 01:08
328 caps
Trust me guys Scotland by 6.
23 Feb 07:02
30,047 caps
The Scots have had Englands measure for a while now. Its not going to change this time.
24 Feb 02:39
3,814 caps
Your right Gunslinger this is a tough one to pick. I am taking Scotland by 4.
24 Feb 03:45
19,496 caps
I changed my pick to Scotland. Will I regret it? 24 Feb 04:58
Love seeing the Welsh fans in Dublin …. Ireland by 20
24 Feb 10:50
1,661 cap
England prediction was bad. Scots were always winning that!
25 Feb 13:07
1,661 cap
France will win by more than 13
25 Feb 13:08
33,345 caps
Wrong! 25 Feb 17:32
1,661 cap
they scored 13 at least haha 26 Feb 09:41
33,345 caps
Still wrong. LOL! 26 Feb 12:47
And Wales will beat them this weekend ! They have capitulated - it's what happens when your leader walks off to "win a gold medal at the Olympics"- they lost it psychologically.
26 Feb 15:59
33,345 caps
NOT this weekend. 28 Feb 12:17