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2024 Fantasy Rugby Teams of the Season

This past weekend's URC and Super Rugby Finals signalled the end of the club rugby season on Superbru and what a campaign it has been for fantasy players with games for those tournaments and Premiership Rugby available on the Superbru Rugby app that was new for 2023/24.

It's always interesting to look at which players stood out in terms of fantasy points at the end of a season, particularly when you can compare across the different leagues covered.

Here are the Fantasy Teams of the Season for the United Rugby Championship, Premiership and Super Rugby Pacific in terms of the most points accumulated by players in the set positions within our games. One to bookmark ahead of next season, perhaps...

URC Fantasy Team of The Season 2023/24

👥 Most represented team: Glasgow Warriors (3 players)

🥇 Top scoring player: Elrigh Louw (Bulls, 296 points)

Fantasy Premiership Rugby Team of The Season 2023/24

👥 Most represented team: Northampton Saints/Bristol Bears (5 players each)

🥇 Top scoring player: Fin Smith (Northampton Saints, 274.5 points)

Super Rugby Pacific Fantasy Team of The Season 2024

👥 Most represented team: Blues (4 players)

🥇 Top scoring player: Damian McKenzie (Chiefs, 330 points)

The 'best' fantasy rugby players are of course always subjective depending on your approach and particularly in terms of value for money now that we've introduced a salary cap to our games during this 2023/24 season.

Who were your fantasy MVPs across each tournament?
95,034 caps
Seems 2024 not my year on the picks 😹
25 Jun 13:45
35,374 caps
You got 1 correct! the above. 25 Jun 15:11
95,034 caps
👍 25 Jun 17:31
9,101 caps
You have gone through the process of picking the highest scoring players in each position. Now do me a favour by adding their salary cap values to these players and then see if this team can fit under the salary cap.
26 Jun 02:36
742 caps
Good idea would like to see the results 26 Jun 06:04
52,808 caps
Hey George, interesting point! It's hard to make an exact salary cap argument since the $100m caps in our games are for entire squads and these are just starting XVs, but the value of each of these teams would leave space for a reasonable bench too. Super Rugby stands out as containing more high value players, though. The combined value of each 15 is: URC - 64m, Premiership - 65m, Super Rugby - 76m. 26 Jun 07:52
9,101 caps
here is another interesting point, there are no Leinster players in the URC fantasy team. I am sure it is not their players are not good enough, it is just that their high priced players did not play enough URC games in order to accumulate fantasy points and in order to qualify for the fantasy team. And how many times did i want to pick up a player who was in hot form, but were not able to because i could not manipulate my transfers and stay under the salary cap. One more thing, how were the salary cap values assessed to the players because some players exceed expectations based on their salary cap value while many others underwhelmingly pitiful.
26 Jun 20:30
21,511 caps
27 Jun 14:22
9,101 caps
I have taken out the salary cap values for the players in the team of the season for a full 23 man squad
URC-103m, Premiership-106m, Super Rugby-116m. This shows me that it would be impossible to have a "super star" squad of 23 and stay under the salary cap. I am assuming that the salary cap was introduced to make the competitions more interesting and more challenging, but did it occur to you that maybe you should have done a referendum to see if the people wanted the inclusion of the salary cap. The only competition that has a salary cap is the Premiership, and look where that has gotten them and not to mention several teams getting caught for breaching the salary cap. I think that in going forward a referendum should be done, if the majority of responders say yes to the salary cap, then it stays. If on the other hand the if majority would like to get rid of it, then get rid of it, the people have spoken. Don't you just love Democracy at work.
27 Jun 18:54
308 caps
I like the salary cap personally. Means not everyone has the same players all the time
29 Jun 23:22
161 caps
Keep the salary cap! Vive la difference! \'everyone\' knows who the big players are, But what about the breakthrough guys? The team stalwarts who show up year round etc
1 Jul 06:22
407 caps
1 Jul 17:54
142 caps
Where is Edwil vam Der merwe
20 Jul 12:48