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2022 World Cup: Semi-Final Predictions

It was a bit of a nightmare for us Superbru players, but the World Cup quarter-finals certainly weren't short of drama. Like many I managed just 1/4 although rather than picking France it was the Netherlands/Argentina penalty shootout that I correctly predicted - thanks Wout Weghorst!

We're left with two intriguing semi-finals that each have a favourite on paper but since Croatia and Morocco have made it this far, there's no doubt that they are capable of going further still. Here are my thoughts on each semi-final to compare with your own.

Argentina vs. Croatia

After very few of us game them a chance against Brazil, Croatia proved everyone wrong once again with a really strong performance. In addition to their midfield three being typically excellent, full backs Josip Juranovic and Borna Sosa were really good while goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic continues to shine in this tournament. If we have another penalty shootout in this game (which is fairly possible given how often Croatia take matches to extra time), it could be quite a long one with him and Emiliano Martinez between the posts!

I think I'm going with Argentina though as despite losing their way at the end of normal time against the Dutch, they looked strong for large parts of that match and responded well in both extra time and the shootout when they could easily have lost momentum given the circumstances. Messi's form also can't be ignored - him and his team are showing the fight and willingness to do whatever it takes to finally get their hands on that trophy. Argentina 2-1 Croatia

France vs. Morocco

France obviously proved me wrong against England even though the Three Lions were unlucky to not at least reach extra time. I thought Antoine Griezmann was outstanding throughout and he may well need to be again in this game if France are to break down the best defence in the tournament.

Even with some key defenders missing in that quarter-final against Portugal, Morocco were so well organised yet again and fully deserved their win. That said, can they really pull this off if Saiss is now out as well? They are of course underdogs anyway but I'll be checking the team news as I just wonder if Saiss missing would be one key man too many and Morocco just run out of steam slightly here. It's hard to see France not scoring and then they may well manage another once the Moroccans have to chase the game?

I'd love to see Morocco reach the final so I'll keep picking against them so that they can keep proving me wrong. France 2-0 Morocco

Best of luck with your own semi-final predictions!

699 caps
Hopefully Morocco can win against France. #teammorocco
13 Dec 09:25
289 caps
Croatia 3 - 0 Argentina
13 Dec 10:05
289 caps
Morroco 15 -0 France
13 Dec 10:06
699 caps
I don’t think Morocco will get 15 goals when they’re against France
13 Dec 10:40
33,455 caps
I had Morocco as dark horses from the start. I was sat next to 3 Morocco fans on the plane to Qatar, they were VERY confident. Their record since bringing back the old manager has been amazing, similar to Argentina's in fact with only 2 or 3 defeats in about FORTY matches! I also put 3 Moroccans in my FIFA XI Fantasy team so can field a full 11 using the 5 transfers. But all that defending must be hitting their tired legs by now?
13 Dec 13:21
9 caps
Argentina 2-1
13 Dec 16:55
9 caps
France 2.maroco 0
13 Dec 18:25
1,735 cap
Argies easy win
13 Dec 20:04
85,207 caps
Have it exact 3-0. Now France for the win.
13 Dec 22:58
13,993 caps
14 Dec 00:43
931 caps
What does everyone think the score would be for the France Morocco game? My head says France, my hart says Morocco... Thoughts?
14 Dec 04:44
5,888 caps
france 3, morocco 0. 14 Dec 15:15
1,735 cap
France 2-0
14 Dec 18:31
325 caps
France to win with 2-0
14 Dec 21:41
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14 Dec 22:09
699 caps
Shame for Morocco I really wanted them in the finals and it was an upset for one of my family members because they’re Moroccan
15 Dec 08:05
64 caps
That’s sad it would have been nice to see some underdog win the World Cup
18 Dec 19:58