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2022 World Cup: Quarter-Final Predictions

Like many others, I managed 6/8 in the Round of 16 as I wasn't brave enough to predict penalties for either of the shootouts.

We're left with some really interesting quarter-finals and I expect at least two of them to be very close so there could well be another shootout or two in this round.

Here are my Quarter-Final picks for our World Cup Predictor. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

Croatia vs. Brazil

This is likely to be the most one-sided quarter-final as Brazil look full of energy, flair and quality whereas Croatia don't, really. I'm not sure how Croatia will manage a goal given their performances so far and Brazil's strong defence, while at the other end I think we've seen enough quality from Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Richarlison and Raphinha to suggest they'll be able to score at least a couple despite Croatia also being fairly defensively sound. Croatia 0-2 Brazil

Netherlands vs. Argentina

This is an incredibly tough pick between two sides that have looked really sharp in the moments where their strengths have shined through but also quite beatable at times meaning it really is a case of who can show up on the night with so much at stake. The Netherlands were very good tactically against the USA (I'm still annoyed I told everyone Dumfries is a good Odds-based Fantasy pick and then failed to pick him myself) and I think they might go with a similar approach here because Argentina's full backs aren't the best but the South Americans have been strong defensively overall and it's very hard to pick against Messi proving the difference once again.

I'm not sure there'll be a winner in normal time though and since I'm struggling to decide who will come out on top, I think I'm going with penalties, especially since I have a lot of ground to make up in most of my pools. I'd be interested to hear how you all see the game going as my main feeling is just that I'm excited to watch it! Netherlands 1-1 Argentina

Morocco vs. Portugal

Despite a few salty comments from the Spanish players suggesting otherwise, I thought Morocco fully deserved to progress in that Round of 16 tie as they were so well organised and were then clearly much better at penalties, but this will be a far tougher test. Portugal were excellent against Switzerland with Goncalo Ramos in attack alongside Felix and Fernandes and I think you have to go with them to win this quarter-final because they just look full of goals. Lots has been made about Ronaldo but he could yet end up with a World Cup trophy to his name (while playing a huge part from the bench) based on what we've seen. Morocco 1-3 Portugal

England vs. France

The big one to finish with for us English fans and though I'm biased, I honestly think England can win. That's not because I'm just following my heart - I've doubted us plenty of times in the past and also don't think we'll win the whole thing even if we do indeed progress - but because while there's obviously a fair chance that France will come out on top, this is a huge opportunity for the Three Lions to test a new-look French midfield that is yet to be properly tested in this tournament in my opinion.

Pre-tournament I had France as my flops which is probably already unfair because they've looked much better than I expected but this is where the concerns over whether or not Rabiot and Tchouameni are good enough to replace Pogba and Kante really come into play. England's midfield has looked strong so far, with Jude Bellingham obviously a particular highlight, so I think they can win the battle in the middle of the park and have a real go at France. Mbappe is a huge concern and he may well score a hat-trick while Rabiot makes me look silly but England have been clinical in attack themselves and I feel they might just do it. England 2-1 France

Best of luck with your own quarter-final predictions!

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Don't think Portugal will put 3 goals past Morocco. I suspect they will win but with a smaller margin. 1-0 probably. England doesn't have it to beat France. France 3-1 and then there's Argentina. They will win 2-0. Brazil obvious choice. However Perisic is a real danger.
8 Dec 18:58
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I have Brazil, Netherlands in a tie, Portugal and France. Morocco could pull an upset as this tournament has been wild and unpredictable. Hoping for at least one upset!
8 Dec 20:53
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from the time when the world cup was held in mexico in 1986 up to the time it was held in russia in 2018, there has been at least one quarter final that has gone to a penalty shootout. the quarter finals that may go to a penalty shootout in this world cup are either the netherlands vs argentina game or the england vs france game.
8 Dec 23:44
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Semifinalists will be Brazil, Argentina , Portugal and France
9 Dec 07:09
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England will beat France and advance to meet Argentina in the final.
9 Dec 07:14
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Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal & England through to the Semi Finals!!!!!!
9 Dec 07:55
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Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia
Argentina 1 - 2 Netherlands
England 2 - 3 France
Portugal 3 - 0 Morocco
9 Dec 13:34
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Brazil 4-1 Croatia
Netherlands 2-1 Argentina
England 2-0 France
Portugal 1-1 Morocco , Portugal wins penalty shootout.
9 Dec 14:00
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Netherlands 9- 0 argentina
9 Dec 16:37
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brazil will only win the world cup again when they produce players like ronaldinho, rivaldo, ronaldo, cafu, roberto carlos and cafu again. this current generation is not good enough to do that. the world cup will remain in europe for a very long time.
9 Dec 18:02
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Congratulations to Croatia can't believe the bet Mighty Brazil with Penalty shootout. They could win the whole thing.
9 Dec 21:22
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world cup history can be created today if both games today do not produce winners after extra time and both games end up getting decided by penalty shoots. this would be the first time ever that all quarter finals got decided by penalty shoot outs.
10 Dec 07:20
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1 from 4
10 Dec 21:27
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Wow I didn't get 1 pick right. Oh well it's been fun anyway.
10 Dec 21:42
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11 Dec 08:49
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All wrong predictions 😀
11 Dec 22:36
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Worst prediction none of them get near to there.
12 Dec 13:44
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11 Jan 07:29