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2022 World Cup: Bronze Final and Final Prediction

After the two semi-finals went as most of us expected, we're set for a brilliant World Cup final this weekend which I'm very excited for.

On Superbru, that match and the tricky Bronze final represent two final opportunities to pick up some points and improve your pool rankings in our Predictor.

Here are my thoughts on each game, feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Croatia vs. Morocco

The Bronze final always feels slightly unnecessary and it's often hard to predict too since the motivation for both teams clearly isn't quite as great as it was in the semi-finals. After the goalless draw we saw between these two in Round 1 which was far from a classic, I think this is a difficult pick as Morocco will have all of the support but Croatia will likely be less hampered by injuries and perhaps even fatigue in general given the sheer emotion involved in Morocco's historic campaign.

It's a tough pick but I think I'm going to back Morocco because I'd like to see them win and even in defeat against France they showed some attacking flair which might just earn them 3rd place in front of their incredible supporters. Whatever the result, what a campaign it has been for them. Croatia 1-2 Morocco

Argentina vs. France

Right then. You know it should be a good final when you've genuinely no idea who to pick.

There's a great narrative guaranteed as we'll either finally see Lionel Messi lift the World Cup or we'll see France become only the 3rd ever team to win it back-to-back. Which is more likely? I think Argentina, just. I've been concerned throughout this tournament that the sheer amount of pressure on delivering this trophy at Messi's final attempt might prove too much but Argentina just seem to be absolutely determined to do whatever it takes and so while the rest of the team do an incredible amount of off the ball running to regain possession, the great man has certainly been making it worth their while once he gets the ball by delivering absolutely incredible performances throughout this tournament at the age of 35.

France will be their toughest test yet, though. I was guilty of predicting that they'd implode but I've been so impressed with their front four, particularly Griezmann, and their centre backs were also impressive on Wednesday against Morocco. It's very hard to pick a winner but if I'm looking for one area that might just decide it, I do wonder if France looking weak defensively down their left hand side may just mean Messi proves decisive. Theo Hernandez and Kylian Mbappe will of course trouble Argentina down that same flank when attacking but it comes with risk and even if Deschamps changes things up to reduce that risk, does that mean they'll then be less of a force going forward?

I think if Argentina lineup similarly to how they did against Croatia with a number of strong central midfielders ready to drop and defend against Griezmann, they might just take it. Argentina 2-1 France

Best of luck with your own final predictions and enjoy the action!

1,730 cap
Come on da argies!
16 Dec 08:55
33,226 caps
Thanks for all your insight Jack throughout this very unpredictable contest. I was lucky enough to actually go to 6 games out there (I have friends teaching there) and seeing the teams close up hasn't helped at all! If only they had heeded my shouted advise though. "Take it down the line Jack!" To Grealish vs Senegal, "Give it to Lamptey!!" (To the whole Ghana team vs Korea) being two examples where it did actually work.

Two things. I think the French goal has lead a 'charmed life' throughout this World Cup and they can count themselves VERY lucky to be in the Final, so Argentina for me but maybe after Pens. Secondly, will the Bronze play-off see coaches reward lesser used squad players with some game time? But both are very small nations for whom coming Global 3rd will be a BIG deal compared to when established countries play with their noses put out of joint, like England in Russia, and lose.Who else hates the way players childishly rip off their silver or play-off 'finalist' medal
16 Dec 13:36
33,226 caps
Typical, I get it almost bang on when it mattered diddly squat. 19 Dec 01:23
29,771 caps
Backing La Albiceleste / La Seleccion (Argentinian National Football Team)
16 Dec 13:37
84,911 caps
Argentina definitely with Messi golden feet boot.
16 Dec 15:34
72,832 caps
Yes agreed : ) however I have to back Croatia for third! Messi Messi Messi.............. 16 Dec 17:34
1,097 cap
Morocco to winn 2-1

Agentina vs France 1-1
16 Dec 17:50
20,663 caps
Lots of penalty drama
17 Dec 02:58
17,594 caps
France to win the Cup/
17 Dec 09:11
596 caps
How many points are available in superbru for the final?
17 Dec 15:53
643 caps
Thanks jack for all of the predictions it was fun doing all of this and hope to see you in the next four or three years I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year sending love to your family and friends
17 Dec 16:04
1,730 cap
Another exact right
17 Dec 17:05
2,031 caps
I had Morocco winning at first but when I had woken up this morning, I changed my pick from 1-2 Morocco to 2-1 Croatia to win! Call it a Gut feeling and it paid off.
17 Dec 17:11
104 caps
18 Dec 14:08
63 caps
Argentina 2 France 1
18 Dec 14:40
1,790 cap
France 2 Argentina 1
18 Dec 14:47
18 caps
18 Dec 15:23
18 caps
18 Dec 15:24
1,730 cap
18 Dec 16:30
9 caps
Argentina wil beat France 2_0
18 Dec 16:38
104 caps
What a World Cup
So happy I got to watch 5 games and saw how beautiful this game is and how it brings people together
Qatar has been a wonderful host
18 Dec 18:17
5,882 caps
i now can't wait for uefa champions league action to start in 2 months time. can't the clock move very fast so that the games start this tuesday?
18 Dec 19:54
60 caps
What a World Cup the game was super close today good game
18 Dec 19:56
1,730 cap
18 Dec 22:29
84,911 caps
Champions of the world. 19 Dec 05:41
72,832 caps
19 Dec 18:45
3,993 caps
What an awesome World Cup this was my first time watching and now a fan for life. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
20 Dec 02:30
Magic Messi!
21 Dec 20:23
2,803 caps
Go ronaldo
24 Dec 13:21
72,832 caps
Ha Ha Ha, so there are still rolling ronnie fans even after he was crushed by magic Messi. Good Luck........ 24 Dec 15:09
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31 Dec 12:47
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Sexy ass u are james
2 Jan 17:18